Maintenance required (MAINT REQD) Indicator

Flashes as soon as scheduled maintenance is due; remains on till reset as soon as maintenance is past due.

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Daytime to run Lights (DRL) Indicator

Possible DRL malfunction. Auto headlights job-related normally, however DRL does not function; view dealer as quickly as possible.


Temperature Gauge

If the needle is in the red zone, turn off climate engine immediately, or as quickly as safely possible; describe the owner"s hand-operated for more information.


Low tire Pressure

Tire inflation should be confirm monthly or any type of time the low tire push light is illuminated ~ above the instrument panel (vehicles equipped with tire push monitoring systems).


Anti-Lock Brake mechanism (ABS) Indicator

Possible emissions system malfunction - lights as soon as the ignition is turned ON (II) and also goes the end after the engine starts. If it come on at any kind of other time, there might be an emissions device malfunction. Continued operation through this indicator top top could an outcome in severe damage.


failure Indicator lamp (Check Engine Light)

Possible emissions system breakdown - lights when the ignition is rotate ON (II) and goes out after the engine starts. If it come on at any other time, there may be one emissions device malfunction. Continued operation v this indicator on could result in severe damage.

Low Oil pressure Indicator

If it come on and stays on, the engine has low oil pressure. This can cause severe damage; turn the engine turn off as soon as safely possible, and refer come the owner"s manual for much more information. If the indicator flashes, there is a short-lived loss in oil pressure, which suggests engine oil level may be low. Revolve the engine turn off as shortly as for sure possible, and check the oil level. Refer to the owner"s manual for more information.

Parking BRAKE and/or BRAKE device Indicator

Check to see if the parking brake is on. If the brake is no applied; examine brake liquid level in brake reservoir and check for liquid leaks. Describe the owner"s hands-on for more information.

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