There are all kinds of garden myths, but one the the strangest is absolutely the one that argues if you put out cornmeal, it will certainly make ants explode.

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According to this city legend, once ants eat dried cornmeal, the will expand in contact with the liquids in their digestive system, developing so lot pressure the they explode! A variant of the legend insurance claims that ants die rather from flatulence. And also yet another insists the it’s not cornmeal the you have to feed ants if you desire to kill them, however grits… or a mix of cornmeal and grits.

Obviously, this is all nonsense. Execute you really think that the ants will begin exploding choose firecrackers since they ate something? In fact, cornmeal and grits do wonderful ant foods.

Commercial ant baits are often made the a mix the cornmeal and boron.

It’s straightforward to know where this legend come from. Advertisement ant bait is often consisted of largely of cornmeal… no that cornmeal kills ants, but since they love it! It’s no the meal the kills them, however the insecticide the the producer mixed right into it.

Worker ants can not eat ant bait (i.e. Cornmeal) because it’s a solid and they deserve to only eat liquids. The queen ant too just eats liquids. So over there is no hazard they’ll eat the cornmeal bait themselves, then dice of explosions or farting ~ above their method back come the nest. Instead, they bring the poisoned meal earlier to your nest’s larvae and also they can consume solids. They chew the up, partly digest it, climate regurgitate the sweetened liquid that outcomes from your digestion. This is the liquid the employees eat and also that they feed to the queen.

If the larvae ate poisoned bait, one include a weakly toxic product (usually boric acid is used), something the won’t kill them outright, and the queen eats it, she’ll it is in poisoned small by small and will ultimately die. But only if the cornmeal consists of a toxin.

It’s no the cornmeal that kills ant colonies, however the toxic product that is included into it. If friend simply use cornmeal come the soil, as per the urban legend, you won’t be death the ants, you will do it be feeding them.

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