There space many an excellent questions that we are compelled to study throughout ours lives, one of those questions, is the AUTO vs. On function for our fan setting on ours thermostat.What execute the features also mean, which setup should i use, why?Here at Halo home Watch plenty of of our clients in Southwest Florida (Bonita Springs, Estero, Marco Island) are from all over the country and also even the world, but they usually share one point in common, they all hail from a cooler climate.This is important since as we will discuss, climate matters, and will affect the an option we make. What we execute up phibìc is not the same as below in Naples, Bonita Springs, or Marco Island.

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What is thedifference between On and also Auto on a thermostat?

Air conditioners have two responsibilities, cooling and dehumidifying. The component of the AC that cools is changed by an altering the temperature setup on her thermostat, while wait circulation is controlled by setting the fan to AUTO or ON.

Knowing what setup to usage is crucial to having your HVAC to run at peak performance. Therefore, come properly set our thermostat we require to know what these setups mean.

AUTO– method that the fan just turns on when your device is heating or cooling air. When the thermostat get the preferred temperature, the blower fan will certainly shut turn off until following cycle.

ON– means that the blower fan is continuously running, turn air even when your HVAC is no longer heating or cooling.

What space the benefits of setting my fan to ON?

For many snowbirds increase north, utilizing the ON setting can carry out some an excellent benefits.The 2 most important benefits are:


Temperature Uniformity– continuously circulating air transparent the house is fantastic for maintaining uniform temperature across the whole house.This is great for multi-storied wood-framed residences which are frequently found up north. (Nothing is worse 보다 someone elevating the temperature ~ above the ground floor due to the fact that they room freezing while upstairs you space melting away.)

Reducing Airborne Pollutants and also Allergens –Those who experience from allergies might also an alert differences when the pan is set to ON.The wait filter only works once the blower fan is on and the filter is what help remove all of the pollutants and also allergens in the air so the we can breathe easy.

Still, leave the thermostat in ~ the ON setup will come v its drawbacks.

What are the negatives of setup my fan to ON?

Clogged air Filter –Since the fan is constantly to run it’s going come grab more dust in a shorter amount of time. This will need you to readjust your air filter more frequently 보다 normal.

Increased Repair and also Maintenance –Leaving the fan running constantly will also increase the risk of it break down and requiring maintenance.

Increased electrical Bill leaving your pan on 24/7 has the potential to increase your electric bill all over from $40 – $80 a month ~ above average.

Recirculates Humid Air By running the pan after the coil warms up, the waiting does not have a chance to condense and also the humid air is put right earlier into the home.

The critical of these worries being specifically problematic in climates with high level of humidity favor Southwest Florida (Bonita Springs, Estero, Marco Island, and Naples). We will talk about this later on in greater depth.

What is the main benefit of setting my pan to AUTO?

The AUTO setup on a thermostat as we discussed, method that the fan just turns on as soon as your device is heating or cooling the air in the home.This permits the humidity from the wait to condensation on the cold evaporator coil and eventually drainpipe out the condensate line.(To learn simply how essential keeping her condensate line clean and unclogged is, watch our blog onHow to Clean my Condensate Line?

When the pan is continually running, especially when the AC is no much longer cooling and the coil is still warm, it does not offer the humidity a possibility to drain. This reasons the humidity to evaporate again just to be pushed back throughout the home, leaving your family members as humid together it was prior to and more susceptible come mold!

While over there are number of benefits to setup the pan to AUTO, its capacity to reduced the humidity in a home is its many important.

Should I collection my thermostat to AUTO or ON?

Humidity vs. Temperature Uniformity

Florida has the highest possible levels the humidity of any kind of state in the U.S.In fact, southwest Florida has nine months out of the year whereby the mean relative humidity is over 55%, which also unfortunately happens to it is in the starting point for mold growth!

Most the the homes in southwest Florida are solitary story and also made indigenous concrete instead of wood-frame.Houses do from concrete have a higher thermal suggest unlike wood-frame houses. This way that they preserve their temperature better than the homes much more commonly watched up north.

Thus, temperature energy is a much lower problem than handling humidity.

Furthermore, 66% that the citizens in Bonita Springs, Estero, Marco Island, or naples are right here only seasonally. Currently reducing allergy or temperature uniformity may not matter when you space gone but preventing mold definitely still will!

Know your Homeowner’s insurance allowance Policy

Most homeowner’s insurance policies will deny insurance claims for mold problems related come humidity, even more so in a climate known to it is in excessively humid.For example, insurance claims are an ext likely to be rejected if mold is resulted in by neglected house maintenance, permanent exposure come humidity, or repeated water leaks and also seepage.Take an hour or two to testimonial the language of your policy, especially as it concerns water damage. Look because that mold exclusions or limitations. Call your certified dealer if the wording is unclear. (click here to discover more)

Caring because that Your residence When You space Away

Therefore, leaving the fan setup at ON deserve to be incredibly dangerous for seasonal homeowners.As we discussed it keeps turn moisture-laden air earlier into the home without giving it a chance to cool into condensation and drain with the condensate line. This means that the humidity will persist, and also that humidity have the right to lead to mold and that mold can cause unspeakable damages to her home.

Some would argue that you should constantly leave her fan setting on AUTO in this climate also when you are present as the negatives considerably overshadow any type of positives a homeowner have the right to gain.Therefore, if you room a seasonal homeowner, a snowbird, us recommend the following:

It is recommended in Southwest Florida to constantly leave your fan setting on AUTO to protect your house when you are away.

Closing Thoughts

At Halo house Watch most of our clients space seasonal and also we always recommend the they use a detailed end the season exit checklist to avoid forgetting anything on their method out the door, this consists of their fan setting!We administer a comprehensive checklist to every brand-new client, which have the right to be downloaded here.

Remember, if you usage a house Watch professional to inspect your home while you are away, part of their examine should it is in to individually review the relative humidity in the house with a hygrometer and also review the operability of your thermostat.A great interview question when considering a house Watch company is to ask them even if it is the fan setup matters and what they recommend.

Setting your pan to AUTO is just one of the finest things you can do to alleviate humidity in your home, however it is not the just step.To learn much more about things you deserve to do to alleviate humidity in her home examine out this article.

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