In enhancement to being an extremely young itself, The Oratory the Ss. Gregory & Augustine is an especially blessed v a great many young family members whose children provide us with a joy and vibrancy that is among our greatest treasures. Educating lock in the faith and also the practice of piety is the 2nd highest priority of ours community.

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To this end, we have reestablished the Confraternity that Christian doctrine (CCD) to assist in the Catholic education and also formation that the whole parish, and particularly the kids of The Oratory the Ss. Gregory & Augustine.

CCD it is registered Form

The Confraternity itself to be an association developed in Rome in 1562 through Pope St. Pius V and Pope St. Pius X was among its many enthusiastic supporters. In 1905, that mandated the facility of CCD in every Catholic parish in the world. In the more modern-day usage, CCD is the religious teaching program of the Catholic Church. This classes room taught to college age youngsters to discover the straightforward doctrines of their faith.

Sunday college

Although CCD Sunday institutions were originally collection up for youngsters attending publicly schools, in ours time the decrease of solid teaching and also formation even in Catholic schools method that religious education have to seek come combat the religious ignorance and sometimes religious illiteracy every too typical today.

Growth in the knowledge and appreciation the the Catholic confidence is a job we all share, and which proceeds throughout ours lifetime. Together the main educators of your children, parents are morally forced to make certain that their children are provided with a foundation of organized Catholic religious instruction. The Oratory has developed its Sunday School regimen to help assist the parental in this vital task.

The Oratory CCD Sunday college is made possible through the dedication the volunteer teachers that prepare the students for the Sacraments, and provide spiritual instruction plan to supplement the instruction provided by the parental at home. The CCD Sunday School regimen is organized and supervised by Jake and Terri Fowler.

Classes satisfy on Sundays from 10:10-11:10 AM.

Registration occurs during the month the August. Enrollment is open up to students in very first Grade v High School. Classes start on the an initial Sunday in October and also finish in the spring. That is normally required for those that wish to obtain the Sacraments of very first Confession, Confirmation, and first Holy Communion in ~ Ss. Gregory & Augustine. Various other arrangements call for the approval the the Rector.

The Oratory of Ss. Gregory & Augustine follows the Archdiocese that St. Luigi Safe atmosphere Program (Protecting god’s Children). The regimen is designed to aid protect the youth, elderly, and also vulnerable adults of our parish as they get involved in tasks within ours community. This process also gives a layer of protection versus the possibility of false accusations for those adults who are associated in our countless ministries.

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Schedules because that workshops at other parishes and organizations deserve to be uncovered on the Prevent and also Protect website.

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For extr information concerned reporting cases of suspected abuse, you re welcome refer to:

Archdiocese the St. Louis

Prevent and also Protect STL

Sandra PriceExecutive DirectorOffice of child & Youth Protection(314) 792-7271sandraprice

Missouri department of society ServicesChildren’s division Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline1-800-392-3738

Missouri department of heather & senior ServicesAdult Abuse and Neglect Hotline1-800-392-0210

I beseech the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of the Incarnate Word and Mother that the Church, to support with her an effective intercession the catechetical work of the whole Church in ~ every level, in ~ this time, once she is called to a new effort of evangelization. Might the irradiate of the true Faith complimentary humanity indigenous the ignorance and slavery of sin in bespeak to lead it come the only freedom worthy the the name, the of life in Jesus Christ under the accuse of the divine Spirit here below and in the Kingdom the Heaven, in the fullness the the blessed vision that God, confront to face.