B.o.c. Shoe is one of the many reliable shoes brands. So ns considered and also found the peak 15 ideal B.o.c shoes Reviews come refer if you space finding a pair.

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If you are interested in B.o.c shoes, at that allude you are more than likely going to evaluate the architecture on mine list. B.O.C shoes have actually the totality of the detail and also quality attributes that you would autumn in love v them.

So, the BOC brand was at first delivered through the possibility that they would speak to a really surprising type of group; they are intended to offer the client what they require as far as usefulness while likewise being sufficiently stylish to it is in worn in a wide selection of situations. This overview is plan to it is in the go-to for the individuals searching for the ideal B.o.c. Reviews.

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Top 15 ideal BOC shoes Reviews 2021B.o.c Shoes the person who lives Guide: determinants to consider When purchase BOC Shoe?

What are The finest BOC shoes Reviews?

In the wake up of doing many research, i finally found out a perform of 10 finest B.o.c shoes reviews portions. Friend can consider this list if you discover trouble in choosing.

Best Overall: B.o.cBorn ide Aime Women’s Clog

”B.o.c. Born ide Aime Women’s Clog is comfortable and also casual.”

Best Boots: B.o.c. Women’s, Virginia tall Boots

“I think the B.o.c. Virginia tall Boots will certainly make friend personality and stylish.”

Best for Work:B.o.c. Womens – Alicudi Boots

“These Alicudi Boots are wonderful pair the booties that room super comfy and super stylish through fringe detail.”

Best for hoe Support:B.o.c. Women’s, Celosia Boot

“Honestly, B.o.c. Women’s Celosia boots is a pair the comfortable, trendy, and stylish short ankle boots”

Best for Men:B.o.c. – Mens – Kirby

“These slip-on shoes space stylish, well-designed, and supremely comfortable. They room extremely perfect for walks follow me the river’s edge.”

Best Clogs: B.o.c. Women Peggy Tooled animal leather Clogs

“These clogs room so cute and also supportive and have a comfy style that never looked for this reason great.”

Best Sandals:B.o.c. Ladies Charel Thong Sandals

Overall castle durable, simple to wear, and you will certainly not have the ability to imagine your pilgrimage without them.”

Best because that Women:B.o.c. – Womens – Pawel

“The BOC Pawel has a beautifully designed style with the ropes which are tightly hugged to defense on your feet.”

Best because that High Arch:B.o.c. Women’s Schirra

“B.o.c. Schirra has a strange design, center height, brings comfort and also mobility for the feet.”

Best for Nurses:B.o.c. Women’s, Kesia Sandal

“Indeed, Kesia Sandal is a fun and also affordable pair of walking sandals. They room comfortable and great fit.”

Best for large Feet:B.o.c. Women’s Sequin

“These cute slip-on sandals space extremely suitable for summer. They room so convenient and also fit together expected.”

Best for flat Feet:B.o.c. Women’s, Suree Loafer

“These slip-on shoes from B.o.c are very casual and also easy come mix v a most dresses.”

Best for Arch Support:B.o.c. – Womens – Chyna II

“These sandals have great arch support, that enables you to stand on her feet all-day long.”

Best because that Standing all Day:B.o.c. Women’s, Harwick Bootie

“B.o.c. Women’s Harwick Bootie is awesome and super comfortable for daily wear.”

Best because that Budget:B.o.c. Women’s, Alisha Sandal

“These Alisha sandals are pretty comfortable and suitable for everyday wear”

Best BOC shoes Reviews – comparison Chart

The following table will summarize the 15 ideal B.o.c shoes reviews’ specifications the I will certainly review. You deserve to take a look at this table for the simplicity of settling on a choice:

Best Boc pair of shoes ReviewsIt’s best forGenderDimensionWeightMaterial
B.o.c. Born ide Aime Women’s ClogBest OverallWomensNot specified14.4 OuncesFull-grain leather and also rubber
B.o.c. Women’s, Virginia high Boots Best BootsWomens10 x 15 x 6 inches2 poundsFaux leather upper and also synthetic
B.o.c. Womens – Alicudi BootsBest because that WorkWomensNot specified10.4 OuncesFabric and also rubber
B.o.c. Women’s, Celosia BootBest for heel SupportWomens10 x 15 x 6 inches2 poundsFaux leather and synthetic
B.o.c. Men’s Eric chocolate 11.5 M USBest because that MenMens10 x 15 x 6 inches3 poundsLeather and synthetic
B.o.c. Females Peggy Tooled animal leather ClogsBest ClogsWomens10 x 15 x 6 inches2 poundsSynthetic leather and also rubber
B.O.C. Females Charel Thong Sandals Best SandalsWomens12.7 x 7.4 x 4.3 inches7 OuncesFaux leather and also synthetic
B.o.c. – Womens – PawelBest because that WomenWomens12.8 x 7.2 x 4.3 inches1.3 poundsRubber
B.o.c. Women’s SchirraBest for High ArchWomens10 x 15 x 6 inches2 poundsLeather and synthetic
B.o.c. Women’s, Kesia SandalBest because that NursesWomens12.7 x 7.3 x 4.3 inches1.5 poundsLeather and rubber
B.o.c. Women’s Sequin Best for vast FeetWomensNot specified12 OuncesPolyurethane and also rubber
B.o.c. Women’s, Suree LoaferBest for flat FeetWomens10 x 15 x 6 inches2 poundsFull-grain leather and also synthetic
B.o.c. – Womens – Chyna IIBest because that Arch SupportWomens13.6 x 9.1 x 4.2 inches1.7 poundsPolyurethane nubuck and rubber
B.o.c. Women’s, Harwick BootieBest for Standing every DayWomens10 x 15 x 6 inches2 poundsSuede leather and rubber
B.o.c. Women’s, Alisha SandalBest for BudgetWomens10 x 15 x 6 inches2 poundsPolyurethane and synthetic

Top 15 ideal BOC shoes Reviews 2021

Now, it’s time to emphasis on details. I will certainly review more carefully around each product’s specifications, pros and also cons for you come consider.

Best Overall: B.o.c. Born principle Aime Women’s Clog

Key features

Full-grain leather and lightweight rubber man-made outsoleAdjustable buckle closure because that fitSoft lining for all-day wearRound toe and also molded heelLightly cushioned footbed optimize comfort


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Product specs

Dimension5 x 5 x 5 inches
Weight12 oz
MaterialLeather and rubber
Colors2 options

Born concept Aime Women’s Clog is comfy and also casual. This clogs through soft lining will carry you all-day comfort. If you discover a comfortable and also durable pair that clogs, Born ide Aime Women’s Clog is exactly what you to be looking for.

The clogs attribute a leather upper lightweight rubber synthetic outsole to lug a clog silhouette. Plus, the clogs with round toes and also soft lining carry all-day comfort. An flexible buckle closure enables you to adjust fit.

Besides, a lightly cushioned footbed supplies optimal comfort. Finally, the molded heels lug firm procedures when you wear this clogs.

exceptionally durable and also well-made pair of shoes Super comfortable and also flexible great for dress shoes or casual undertake Clog style is wonderful fit and also true come size an ideal for civilization who have actually the plantar fasciitis


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Product specs

Dimension10 x 15 x 6 inches
Weight2 lbs
MaterialFaux leather & Synthetic
Colors2 options

When you have a party tonight, if you’d prefer to be who makes a beautiful impression in this party, i think that B.o.c. Virginia high Boots will certainly make girlfriend personality and also stylish.

Virginia’s knee-high boots save things comfortable, with a artificial leather design and also elastic elasticity friend can readjust to fit your feet a tiny better. In addition, the next of the boot has a functional zipper, you deserve to pull up and also down if friend like.

Synthetic lining and also padded footbed produce a smooth and firm feeling to the feet, you can move conveniently without fear of too much rubbing on your feet.


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Product specs

Package dimensions13.2 x 12 x 4.5 inches
Package weight2.95 lbs
MaterialFabric & Rubber
Colors3 options

These Alicudi Boots are an excellent pair of supervisor comfy and super stylish booties with fringe detail. I deserve to wear these occupational boots much more than six hours a day v no pain, no uncomfort.

The Alicudi Boots are built by fabric upper v suede tassel detail, steel shank, and also lightweight rubber outsole. The boots can be mixed with dresses, skirts, and under jeans quickly with a heel height of 3 inches.

Plus, this boots room regular, not too wide, so i purchased 1/2 dimension bigger. The oot opened measures roughly 10.25″ roughly so that you deserve to wear lock easily and quickly.


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Product specs

Dimension10 x 15 x 6 inches
Weight2 lbs
MaterialFaux leather & Synthetic
Colors4 options

Honestly, B.o.c. Women’s Celosia boots is a pair that comfortable, trendy, and stylish quick ankle boots. You can quickly update your everyday style through these Celosia Boots.

B.o.c. Women’s Celosia Boots function faux leather uppers and also soft micro-suede lining. They are easy on and also off based upon zipper closure at the heel. The outsole is make from synthetic.

Inside, easy cushioned insoles and steel shank occupational together and offer included stability. Additionally, this boots with stacked block heels and the heel height of 1.75 inches, this is great for people who want higher heels.


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Product specs

Package dimensions14 x 8 x 4.7 inches
Weight3.15 lbs
MaterialLeather & Rubber

These slip-on shoes room stylish, well-designed, and also supremely comfortable. They space exactly best for men and also extremely suitable for walks along the river’s edge.

Men’s slip-on shoes come from every manner the brands and designers, in every sorts of another’s silhouettes and materials. Part are an ext suited because that wearing shirts and also khaki, jeans, casual pants, or T-shirts and shorts. You’re always dynamic, youthful, and also sport v this concept.

A sport-inspired loafer is designed full-grain animal leather material, in addition to the delicate and also sharp seam. Besides, a lightweight outsole create durability and smoothness for men’s feet.

Product specs

Dimension10 x 15 x 6 inches
Weight2 lbs
MaterialSynthetic leather & Rubber

These clogs space so cute and also supportive and also have a comfy layout that never looked for this reason great. They also help me with included height, that provides me watch taller and definitely comfortable.

These B.o.c. Women Peggy Tooled leather Clogs are constructed by fabricated leather upper with smooth man-made lining and man-made man-made outsole. Besides, the straps space adorned by delicate perforations.

They are broad in front. Inside space lightly cushioned footbeds with contoured heels, the offer twin comfort to your feet. Overall, ns think this is really a good purchase.

Product specs

Dimension12.7 x 7.4 x 4.3 inches
Weight7 oz
MaterialFaux leather & Synthetic
Colors2 options

Do girlfriend have any kind of choices for yourself in this rainy season yet? I’ll give you 1 option from B.o.c. Brand i beg your pardon is B.o.c ladies Charel Thong Sandals. That would certainly be an important item in the girl’s wardrobe v a simple design.

The rubber soles help your feet come to be smooth and also comfortable, and feel great on the foot. Subtle perforations adorn the straps, as well as give accent for this item. The side buckle provides it basic to attach and also remove, come ensure your feet are protected all times.

You can take it to take trip everywhere, they space quite little and convenient for her trip.

Product specs

Dimension12.8 x 7.2 x 4.3 inches
Weight1.3 lbs
Colors5 options

If friend love the simplicity, nature, and also comfort for her feet, thus the BOC Pawel is the finest option because that you. It’s the finest B.o.c. Shoe for females and suitable for both work and also school if you regularly need to move.

The single shoe architecture is designed through a super soft and light material. Also, the hoe shoe is enough around 03 inches high, you’ll feel quite smooth and comfortable. This high will have you stride much more confidently, and also not have lower earlier pain.

Additionally, these Pawel sandals have actually a zip closure system behind the heel, girlfriend can easily pull it increase or down once necessary. That protects your feet indigenous the harmful results behind it. In addition, that price is reasonable compared to that functionality and the longevity of the shoe.

Product specifications

Dimension10 x 15 x 6 inches
Weight2 lbs
MaterialLeather & Synthetic

If you an energetic girl, friend are constantly confidential all action of the way. Therefore B.o.c. Women’s Schirra is likewise the best selection for girls especially girls v high arch. It has a strange design, moderate height, bring comfort and also mobility because that the feet.

It has a harmonious and also delicate blend of sandals and high heels. Rather of a little heel that creates a “floating” emotion like numerous other high-heel shoes, this fashion item gives a solid and also safe canoe through the single from hoe to toe, do it easier for ladies to walk.

Schirra has actually 03 characteristic colour such together navy, black and white. It’s an ideal for one office environment, go around and you can additionally combine any type of of her outfits. Don’t think too much, ns think it’s an indispensable items in your collection.

Product specs

Dimension12.7 x 7.3 x 4.3 inches
Weight1.5 lbs
MaterialLeather & Rubber
Colors4 options

Indeed, Kesia Sandal is a fun and affordable pair of walking sandals. They room comfortable and also fit. You deserve to walk approximately with these sandals without rubbing your toes.

The animal leather upper and rubber sole occupational together to produce firm steps. Plus, the adjustable buckle straps boost the stability and hold your feet well. Especial, the insole has engraved floral patterns on it, that is so great.

Inside, a molded cushioned footbed which is 1 customs thick offers a soft and also comfortable feeling as soon as you undertake Kesia Sandal. Generally, these sandals room cute, comfy and also you can wear every day on your feet,

Product specs

Dimension11.3 x 6.5 x 4.5 inches
Weight12 oz
MaterialPolyurethane & Rubber
Colors4 options

These cute slip-on sandals room extremely suitable for summer. They room so convenient and fit as expected. Actually, they are flipflops however special than various other normal level flip flops.

B.o.c Sequin has enough arch support but they don’t have to cradle her arch. They function intricate knot architecture on the upper and nice contoured footbed. The single is sturdy and durable.

Inside, over there are artificial lining and insoles to bring more soft and comfortable. These upper and lower reversal flops fit my super large feet, so ns am really happy v them.

Product specs

Dimension10 x 15 x 6 inches
Weight2 lbs
MaterialLeather & Rubber
Colors9 options

These slip-on pair of shoes from B.o.c are very casual and easy to mix v a many dresses. Especially, world who room finding a pair that shoes because that your flat feet, B.o.c. Is precisely your ideal, it without doubt is best for flat feet.

The full-grain leather top is so soft the is stretchable. The thing that makes me love lock is lock don’t show my toes prefer some other flats. They additionally don’t slip when I wear them.

Moreover, this Suree Loafers also have a cushioned bottom to administer a little of arch support. They attribute a stole shank to offer an ext stability while a V vamp brings a flexible fit. Inside is a removable cushioned footbed come optimize comfort.

Product specs

Dimension13.6 x 9.1 x 4.2 inches
Weight1.7 lbs
MaterialNubuck & Rubber
Colors2 options

These sandals look therefore stylish with suitable extra height and super comfortable. Plus, these sandals have good arch support, that permits you to stand on your feet all-day long.

My an initial impression about these Chyna II Sandals is they tho fit consummately. The upper is made of polyurethane nubuck and the wedge is make of rubber which is wrapped by cork. They space solidly merged and hug your feet perfectly.

These sandals attribute EVA Cushioned footbeds for enhancing comfort. The Chyna II that B.o.c. Is great for occupational or hanging out v friends because of that is attractive look. Castle are basic to mix v jeans, dresses, or skirts, all space fine.

Product specs

Dimension10 x 15 x 6 inches
Weight2 lbs
MaterialSuede animal leather & Rubber
Colors2 options

B.o.c. Women’s Harwick Bootie is awesome and super comfortable for daily wear. Not only that, but they space also really stylish and cute v both two color options.

The top is make of suede leather with micro-suede lining inside. Moc toe stitching information makes B.o.c. Women’s Harwick Bootie is therefore cool and also awesome.

Inside is a removable contoured footbed, lock are carefully cushioned and also support your feet. They offer sufficient support and comfort because that days that you have to walk a lot.

Product specs

Dimension10 x 15 x 6 inches
Weight2 lbs
MaterialPolyurethane & Synthetic
Colors3 options

These Alisha sandals space pretty comfortable and perfect for daily wear. Lock are really suitable for summer and you have the right to wear castle with any type of kind the dress.

The uppers are made that faux leather v an open up toe while the PU outsole is therefore durable and has sufficient traction. Inside, the EVA foam cushioned footbed is extremely comfortable through smooth lining.

I also love the simple slip-on entry with multiple straps that room so soft and not stormy edges the irritate. B.o.c. Women’s Alisha Sandal without doubt brings effortless format for day-to-day wear through its cute look.

B.o.c Shoes the person who lives Guide: determinants to consider When purchase BOC Shoe?



Cushioning is the main attribute to administer comfort. There are plenty of kinds that cushioning such together EVA, PU, memory foam,… The most important thing the you should mind is your shock absorb ability. A pair of shoes with an excellent shock absorb will assist to alleviate the pressure on your joints and avoid foot-related ailments.

B.o.c. Usually give your designs cushioned insoles. That method the shoes have actually an extra class of cushioning and offer much more comfort to the underfoot.


A pair of shoes through an “un-ergonomic” shape will not lug you comfort. You need to choose shoes through contoured footbeds the hug her feet entirely. A contoured footbed offers enough support whereby you require it, which enables you to wear shoes and stand for long periods.


Support can be arch support, heel support, ankle support… Those supports can assist to minimize foot fatigue and bring important stability. Assistance is far-reaching in case you will certainly be standing or wade for hrs on end.


Nobody wants a pair of shoes that space not durable and able to break down after making use of a couple of months. The components determine how long lasting a pair of pair of shoes include:


Quality is the main element that decides whether the shoes are sturdy or not. When you are looking in ~ B.o.c shoes, emphasis on that is stitching and the sole is merged with the upper. Make sure shoes have no glue stains, no apparent holes, and also no lapses in stitching.


Material is the 2nd aspect that decides the shoes durability. Natural materials such as leather and suede have high durability and also are able to be used for years. Canvas product is also durable, and rubber soles.

Other materials such together mesh, synthetic, or fabricated leathers are rather lightweight, quickly frayed, and not as hard-wearing as natural materials.


B.o.c footwear is well known for its limitless versatility. Most of castle are suitable for summer v open-toe and also quite breezy. Loafers are ideal for work, while sandals are far better for casual strolls.

Generally, all my over recommendations are suitable for work and hanging out, look an excellent with plenty of kinds of clothes, quickly mĩ with any form of outfit. If you are after versatility and finding shoes to stay in all associations, these items are definitely good for you.


The price and value of architecture are one of the most far-reaching viewpoints for buyers. Based upon factors such as comfort, materials, durability, construction. Then you have the right to think around them comparable to the expense of the item, simply as comparative items

That being said, value tends to it is in abstract. What is far-ranging for one individual might not be as far-reaching for an additional person. Take into consideration what is generally essential to you, and also if you don’t choose the item, don’t hesitate to return or profession it.

Frequently inquiry Questions

Who provides B.o.c. Shoes?

B.o.c. Is a side project company of the Born brand. This discloses their promise to quality and also top that the heat craftsmanship. Born is a notable brand that has actually transformed the world of design! This doesn’t readjust in their brand-new line.

What walk B.o.c. Was standing for?

The abbreviation B.o.c. Represents Born 0 Concept; the was named that essentially in light of just how they actually room a brand do from the very first Born brand.

What kind of footwear go this brand specialization in?

They facility the totality of their vitality around the comfort and also quality components of footwear. Therefore, friend will have the alternative to uncover styles that give the most elevated levels of comfort.

Can you waterproof B.o.c. Footwear?

Unquestionably! Contingent ~ above your desired materials the design is do of, friend can completely discover an effective waterproofing solution!

Would any type of of these designs work-related well together nursing shoes?

Obviously! The degree of comfort that these are known for permits them come be used handily in ~ a education position. With that in mind, the most significant thing to focus on would be whether the commodities really goes v the uniform and the garments regulation that the working environment.

Where space B.o.c. Shoes made?

B.o.c. Shoes space made in factory which are situated in China, Vietnam and also Mexico. The country of origin is normally displayed on item packaging or printed inside each shoe.

My top Picks

It is an essential to establish what you room glancing in a shoe prior to you acquire it. Realize what highlights are basic to you prior to you work out on her choice. Try not come squander your cash on something the is not the correct fit.

Personally, i recommend you buy B.o.cBorn ide Aime Women’s ClogandB.o.c. Females Charel Thong Sandals. Both of lock are simple to wear and also look great with numerous styles. Lock are additionally suitable because that both work and hanging out.

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Thanks because that spending time and also reading mine reviews. Ns hope my referrals are helpful for girlfriend and help you find out the finest B.o.c. Shoes.