FORGET learning A cupla focal, these are the words you should know before coming come Ireland.

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1. Gowl

An annoying person. You will most most likely come throughout many a gowl on publicly transport, for this reason this will certainly be comfortable to have. Ye GOW-EL ye!


2. Beour

A good looking woman. Advantageous when you discover yourself in a shitty regional nightclub, single, and also the national anthem playing.

3. Ride

Perhaps the one that reasons the most confusion. Drive in Ireland does NOT average sitting in a car, or hopping increase on a pony. It method hopping increase on a person, or the you think they are attractive enough to be hopped increase on.

It way sex. SEX.


4. Geebag

A not-so-nice person. Basically, a bag of women genitals. Pleasant. That can likewise be used to define something that’s not ideal.

5. Whisht

Shut the hell up. Prepare to usage this in the cinema, top top the bus, basically all over you encounter people.


6. Banjaxed

Broken, in bits. Bob the Builder, have the right to he settle it? No, it’s banjaxed.


7. Scarlet

Embarrassed, walking red, mortified end something. Most typically used in a sentence, scarlet because that YOU.


8. Mank

Insufferably gross. You have the right to use this to define food, the state that something, or maybe an object of clothes your ex’s new partner is proudly mirroring off.

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9. Gobshite

A gobby shite, aka a bit of a thick. Alternative this through gowl and geebag and also you’re sure to do friends.

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10. Jar

If someone asks if you’re heading for a jar, nothing be confused. A seasoned simply way a beer, and also a = at the very least six.

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11. Eejit

Usually prefaced v feckin, one eejit is just one of the many exasperated the idiots. Like, the sort of idiot that you simply can’t even carry yourself to insult anymore.

Source: urban Dictionary

12. Savage

In the States, he’s a rapper. Here, it way something excellent. Prefer Savage the rapper, that is probably a savage musician.


Source: Wikimedia

13. Dose

No, Illinois. Friend can’t contact your industry dose. It method a headwrecker. Uneven this is a market complete of headwreckers, then, continue.

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