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The tongue piercing is among the many alluring types of piercings since it’s it hides in plain sight. Every time friend talk, smile or laugh, her piercing will certainly make an appearance, but at other times, girlfriend won’t also know the there.

No wonder it’s currently the 2nd most popular piercing amongst women particularly in the period group 18 – 25. If you’re in search of a distinctive piercing to provide you a bold and also cool look, this might be simply the one for you.

Here’s what you should know about the tongue piercing.

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What is the Tongue Piercing?

The tongue piercing has actually a long history in power and spiritual practices of some societies such together the Mesoamericans and the Aztecs, do it one of the oldest piercings around.

However, tongue piercings as a kind of self-expression and also jewelry emerged in the 1980’s. It was popularized in the 90’s through Jim Ward, founder that the very first professional human body piercing studio in the U.S.A.

So, what provides this piercing so different to others?

The tongue piercing, unlike other piercings is a perforation not of the skin but of a muscular organ inside the mouth. If you’re a beginner, the classic piercing is the most suitable option however if you an experienced ‘piercee’ looking for something different, there are number of variations you have the right to opt for. Let’s have a look in ~ the different species of tongue piercings out there!

Tongue Piercing Types

Midline Tongue Piercing


The tongue piercing is just one of the least painful piercings (usually ranked 3-4 ~ above the ache scale) however the level of pains actually depends on the person. Ache is subjective and everyone’s ache threshold is different.

However, it would be safe to say the yes, you will most likely feel a little sting however it won’t be a lot much more than that. Many world claim the it ache a lot much less than they meant so shot not to problem too much. It’s actually during the healing phase that you will feel more pain.

Luckily, tongues heal amazingly fast yet following the gold rules the aftercare will aid it heal even faster. With appropriate care, healing will take around 1-4 weeks. Below are part aftercare advice to assist speed increase the process and avoid complications.

Rinse your mouth the end after every enjoy the meal – execute this utilizing an alcohol-free antibacterial or antimicrobial mouth rinse for about one minute after ~ every meal.Wash your hands thoroughly prior to touching her piercing – this is an essential to minimization bacteria and also the threat of obtaining an infection.Replace your toothbrush consistently – don’t use the very same toothbrush for extended periods of time ~ you gain your piercing done due to the fact that it can be a breeding ground because that bacteria.Clean the piercing twice a job – rinse twice a day v saline to help the piercingheal faster and to additional reduce the possibility of gaining an infection.Avoid spicy foods and hot drink – it will be difficult to eat particular food or drink warm beverages for a couple of days after you gain your piercing done. Avoid these for the first couple of days as they deserve to irritate your piercing and also interfere through the healing process.Avoid playing with the jewel – try to minimization movement and leave her piercing alone as much as movement. Nothing keep emotional your jewel or moving it approximately with your tongue as activity will interfere v the healing.Make certain the ends of her jewelry are tightly fitted on – the last point you’d desire is for her jewelry come get loose and end up in her stomach. Tighten the end so there won’t be any kind of chance of you choking on your jewelry.

With appropriate aftercare your piercing must heal in no time in ~ all. Save an eye open for signs of infection and also if girlfriend experience any redness, pus oozing native the piercing, fever, ache or tenderness, obtain medical assist immediately.

Pros and also Cons the Tongue Piercing

If you’re having trouble figuring the end whether this is the ideal piercing for you, weighing the pros and cons might aid you come decide.


Tongue piercings heal quicker than many other piercings.They are simple to hide – nobody will notification it uneven you show it off.It looks stylish yet subtle.There are plenty of variations that the piercing to choose from.


There is a high threat for jewelry rejection and also migration.There is a risk of swallowing the jewel if it gets loose.The mouth is house to numerous different species of bacteria so there is a greater risk that infection.It can pose serious health and wellness risks.

Tongue Piercing an interpretation

While some believe that having actually a tongue piercing renders for an amplified sexual experience, in reality, tongue piercings doesn’t include much to oral pleasure for both the wearer and also the receiver. This misconception is additionally why periodically there’s a stigma bordering the tongue piercing.

Because the tongue piercing began as a religious practice, that historical connection for many tribes and people was associated to the spiritual and also the holy. For the Aztecs and also Mayan’s, tongue piercings had a an ext gruesome meaning. They were done as a blood sacrifice come the Gods.

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Today, tongue piercings are largely seen together a type of self-expression, closely linked with the reputation of gift risky and courageous so if friend really want one, there’s no factor why friend shouldn’t acquire it.