I. What is a supporting sentence?

A sustaining sentence is a sentence with details that supports a key idea or claim. Supporting sentences provide a reader details to know a key idea, or evidence to present why a claim is true or correct. Friend will discover supporting sentences in the middle of a i – after the topic sentence, and before a break up sentence or transition.

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II. Examples of a supporting sentence

Example 1

Let’s think about the complying with main idea:

Modern automobiles room powered by combustion engines.

A writer who desires to define this idea to readers have to support it v information. The following supporting sentences have the right to be used:

a) A combustion engine is one engine that burns fuel to develop power.b) The combustion engine changed horses due to the fact that they are more powerful and easier to maintain.c) burning engines permit us to travel quickly and safely in the comfort of our very own cars and also trucks.

Each of this sentences support the main idea by providing the reader info or context to aid understand the writer’s focus. Note that a writer would certainly not usage all 3 of these sustaining sentences together. Picking the best supporting sentence counts on what the writer is make the efforts to accomplish in the paragraph.

Example 2

Here is a insurance claim made through a writer:

Schools must start later in the day.

This is a claim that demands to be sustained by facts (or possibly opinions) in order to convince the reader to expropriate the claim. Here are some feasible supporting sentences:

a) research studies have presented that teens need more sleep 보다 both younger children and also adults because their rapidly changing bodies need much more time relaxing in order to develop properly.b) By beginning later, institution busses can avoid the web traffic of sirloin hour, which conserves time and reduces the likelihood of accidents.c) beginning later will offer students time to eat a healthy breakfast, which has actually been proven to enhance school performance.

These sustaining sentences every give proof that help the leader agree with the writer’s claim. Again, a writer would certainly not use all 3 of these sustaining sentences together. Picking the ideal supporting sentence relies on what the writer is trying to attain in the paragraph.

III. Parts of a supporting sentence

The information in a sustaining sentence depends on the type of assistance needed. Supporting sentences will encompass one of the adhering to as their main parts:

Descriptions or detailsFactsExamples

No matter what sort of sustaining sentence you find, girlfriend will watch that the main part of the sentence will be descriptions/details, facts, or examples. In ar IV, (below) we will look at each of these varieties in an ext detail.

IV. Types of supporting sentences

a. Providing helpful details

This type of sustaining sentence is provided when the writer desires to describe a key idea in much more detail. It might be the the idea is facility or brand-new to the reader. That may also be offered when the writer desires to include sensory explanation to a piece.

Example 1

Antarctica is a dangerous and lonely place. It is the coldest and also driest continent ~ above the planet. The is far away indigenous hospitals and also food supplies. Unpredictable weather can cause sudden blizzards which have the right to trap people beneath several feet of snow in a issue of hours.

The an initial sentence is a topic sentence. Note how the next three supporting sentences each provide details to aid the reader understand why Antarctica is a dangerous and lonely place.

b. Presenting facts or evidence

Example 2

High furustos corn syrup is poor for your health. It has been attached to the excessive weight epidemic, mostly since of its use in soft drinks. The is likewise digested by your body much more quickly than natural sugars, and puts a incredible strain on her liver. Spend high amounts of high furustos corn syrup can also cause inflammation the the intestines, diabetes, and also heart disease.

In this paragraph, the an initial sentence cases that high furustos corn syrup is negative for you. The next three sentences are supporting sentence – castle each provide facts to assistance the writer’s claim.

c. Giving examples

Example 3

American society truly is a melting pot of societies from about the world. As groups of people immigrate below they bring with them bits of their house culture, i m sorry are embraced by Americans and also made part of American life. An evident example is the amazing variety of ethnic foodstuffs that americans enjoy. Pasta dishes native Italy, salsa native Mexico, and also sushi indigenous Japan have all become component of America’s dining culture. An additional example is the sports and games us play. Martial arts native Asia are currently a big part of American culture; soccer (football) has come indigenous England and western Europe to be another component of American culture. Also the board gamings we enjoy, like chess and Parcheesi, arrived in America from India. Look about at every the wonderful things that american enjoy, and you will discover that numerous of castle were brought here by immigrants from about the world.

In this example, the writer claims that American culture is made up of social elements from roughly the world. The sustaining sentences the follow every give instances of these social elements so the the reader can see what the writer is trying come express.


V. How to compose a supporting sentence

Remember, the topic sentence is what you space trying to express, and the supporting sentences space there to be certain that the reader understands your message. So, sustaining sentences count on her topic.

The kind of sustaining sentence you use will likewise depend on the form of essay you are writing. A narrative or descriptive essay, because that instance, would use supporting sentences that describe and give details. An argumentative or persuasive essay would count on using use supporting sentences to give facts or evidence. An expository essay would must use lot of of sustaining sentences that carry out examples. No issue what type of essay you space writing, save in mental the following tips:

a. Do sure relations are clear

Make sure the connection in between the supporting sentence and also the topic sentence is clear. Using transition phrases to begin your supporting sentences can make this connection clear.


Many nations are do the efforts to uncover ways to use fewer fossil fuels. The biggest reason for this is due to the fact that of their rising prices. Another important reason is due to the fact that of the environmental damage that is resulted in from burning fossil fuels.

b. Only offer the audience info they need

You require to take into consideration how lot your reader knows (or doesn’t know) around your topic so the you can carry out useful sustaining sentences. For instance, imagine you room writing one essay around the cardiovascular system. If your audience is made up of young college student in grades 1-5, friend will want to incorporate supporting sentence that explain that the heart and also lungs space the main organs. However, if your audience is made up of students in high school, castle would currently know this basic information; your sustaining sentences may want to explain the different kinds the veins and also arteries, or existing facts about how the lungs record oxygen native the air and release carbon dioxide. On the various other hand, you would certainly not want to incorporate extra information about the digestive system or the brain. Adding extra information can only confused the reader or odor them native the point you room trying to make.

c. Include ideas that develop on each other

Use your supporting sentences with each other to construct towards larger ideas. Her sentences can support not just the key idea, but also each other. In the complying with example, see exactly how each supporting sentence explains the one before it. Using sustaining sentences in this method helps lug your leader to understand more complex ideas and also unifies your essay right into one cohesive work.

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Burning fossil fuel causes global warming. This is due to the fact that when coal and also oil space burned, they release gasses such together carbon dioxide, methane, and ozone. These gasses are huge (at the very least for molecules!), and also fill our atmosphere. As a result, warm from the planet cannot discover its means as quickly into space. Instead, it ‘collides’ v these molecules and also is the heat energy is absorbed. As a result, our skies space filled with heated gasses, which raise the typical temperature of our world.