once I very first heard around American plums ns was fascinated. A aboriginal plum tree that develops thickets and produces substantial amounts of little delicious plums!, I had actually to suffer them. It to be years prior to I uncovered a was standing of American plums cultivation in the wild. Gnarly tiny trees cultivation together in a thicket along a stream, lock were spanned in bright white blossoms. I have due to the fact that grown out numerous seedlings every year and planted as numerous as I have actually time for. The American plum (prunus Americana) is a varieties worthy that the attention of aboriginal plant gardeners, wildlife enthusiasts, homesteaders, and also even commercial orchardists


American Plum grown native seed at age 3!

The Species: Prunus Americana is simply one that several types of aboriginal plums. Castle are incredibly adaptable having a native variety that stretches throughout the Northeast, the Southeast, and also over through the prairies as much as North Dakota. They appear to pardon just about any soil. I have seen them flourishing in heavy clay, dried gravelly soils, and also in flood plains. I have read that they can reach heights that 35 feet, however this has not to be my observation at all. Every time i have uncovered a was standing in the wild, it has actually never been more than 12 feet tall (I live in upstate NY, so perhaps climate theatre a factor in determining size).

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American plums are thicket forming. The trees send out runners v sprouts popping increase as much away as 10 feet native the basic of the trunk.

The trees can be thorny. This varies considerably between individuals, but most perform have short sharp spurs.

Growth: American plums struggle the door running. Lock seem come explode the first couple of years until flowering begins. I have actually grown American plums from seed that reached 8 feet with branches their very first year. Typically they grow somewhere between 2 and also 5 feet the an initial year. As soon as they begin flowering and fruiting, development slows method down and lots of tiny branches and root suckers develop.

The root suckers can be very prolific. In yards, castle are controlled by mowing. However, on the edge of a garden bed they have the right to be complicated to deal with.

Disease and Pests: There room so numerous pests and also diseases of domesticated plums. Somehow, the American plum shows up to it is in resistant come virtually all of them. Black color knot is a fungus the destroys europe plums in mine area. Ns don’t recognize if American plum is immune, but it appears to be incredibly resistant. I have actually never heard of a case of black knot in prunus Americana (let me understand if girlfriend have).


Like every fruit trees, deer love to eat American plum trees" buds and leaves, while voles like to chew the young bark in the winter. Safeguard your trees v tubes, cages, wraps, or fences.

Flowering and Pollination: This commonly occurs roughly age 3. The flower really room the finest smelling blossoms i have ever experienced. They room white, 5 petaled, and abundant. Many civilization report see American plums flower however not fruit. This is one of two people from frost damage or a lack of pollination. Lock flower early, just before apples here, so in part years the chop is lost from a late frost. Pollination is tricky in the wild. Part stands look choose several trees, yet they room really one tree with plenty of root suckers approximately it. There need to be at the very least two various trees nearby by because that pollination come occur.


Propagation: I thrive A. Plum native seed, others can have suffer with cuttings or digging up source suckers. Farming them from seed is not hard but there space a few important things to keep in mind. The seeds should go with a cold moist period of a few months before they will certainly sprout. You have the right to store the seeds in a bag through moist sand in the refrigerator or you can store them outside. If you store them outside, be aware that rodents will eat castle if they have actually access. Plum seeds have a little almond prefer kernel in ~ the shell. Many small critters will perform anything they have the right to to eat them. I save my plum seeds exterior by burying buckets in the ground. Ns make tiny holes in the bucket to enable drainage and also fill the bucket through a mix of damp sand and also seed.

In the spring, the seeds will most likely be sprouting. Plant them around a half inch deep and cover through a slim mulch.Sometimes plums will get in a dual dormancy and also not sprout till the adhering to spring. This deserve to be frustrating and also is somewhat mysterious. Planting seed from a cold setting into a warmth soil too quickly can often create this double dormancy, however sometimes that happens because that no apparent reason. Ns wait until the seeds space actually sprouted prior to I tree them. I try to plant American plum seed in the same nursery bed every year due to the fact that I will certainly usually have actually two year old seeds sprouting.

that is also worth noting that American plums make very good rootstocks for domesticated plums and also peaches. I have grafted several varieties top top A. Plum rootstocks. Suckers are easily managed by mowing the grass about grafted trees. The rootstocks space vigorous, precocious, and adaptable to a wide variety of soil conditions.

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American plums have been crossed with Japanese plums to create plenty of outstanding ranges that room commercially available. The most renowned of this is the Toka plum.