The DPFE sensor is installed in many Ford and Lincoln engines and it monitors the push in the EGR system. Here"s whatever you need to know around the DPFE sensor


When the DPFE sensor fails, the engine can’t operation as it to be designed. In fact, engine performance issues are the first sign that something is wrong v this sensor.

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With a faulty sensor, the wrong information is sent earlier to the engine computer. Therefore bad data, the EGR device malfunctions. With this device not to run properly, girlfriend will notice reduced power and also a stormy idle.

2. Decreased Fuel Economy

For your vehicle to obtain the EPA-estimated fuel economic situation numbers, everything must be running perfectly in the engine. V a failed DPFE sensor, the isn’t going come happen.

With the computer system receiving the dorn information, the engine is walking to work harder to compensate because that the faults. This extra initiative requires more fuel, i beg your pardon is why you might start spending an ext time at the gas station.

3. Failed Emissions Tests

The DPFE sensor is required for a well-running EGR system. When the EGR mechanism isn’t running as it should, the vehicle will fail one emissions test.

Every state has actually laws about emissions tests, often forced for registration. If your car can’t pass the emissions test, you might have problem driving legally and also you are contributing to an ext pollution in the environment.

4. Inspect Engine Light

When the computer system recognizes a problem, the examine Engine Light comes on. In this case, the error is related to a malfunctioning EGR press sensor signal.

However, a check Engine irradiate alone doesn’t show a faulty DPFE sensor. In fact, this light come on whenever over there is a difficulty with the motor. The only method to recognize for certain is with an OBDII code scanner.

DPFE Sensor Location

The DPFE sensor is often located close to the EGR valve. This valve is discovered behind the top intake manifold, i beg your pardon is between the motor and the firewall.

The DPFE sensor is often shaped prefer a little square. You will see 2 vacuum hoses attached to the bottom and there is a wiring harness comes from that is side.

However, the specific location deserve to vary based on what model auto you drive. Therefore, it’s ideal to consult your company manual for a diagram and also the precise location.

DPFE Sensor replacement Cost

The cost to change a DPFE sensor and EGR valve range from $150 to $500. The components tend to comprise the majority of the cost, usually between $100 and also $400, when the labor can only be $50 to $100. However, replacing the DPFE sensor is a an easy task that can be done with a couple of everyday tools.

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You do not do it drive with a faulty DPFE sensor. If you space noticing a turbulent idle or a absence of engine power, it’s finest to replace the DPFE sensor and also EGR valve. Leave the auto with a faulty EGR system only reasons trouble happen emissions tests and leads to more air pollution.