takes a look at the sugar contents in some renowned packaged foodstuffs -- and also the results might surprise you.

When you check out the brand on foods items in her supermarket, it"s no surprised that you find plenty of street in assets like cake mix, ice cream cream, jelly, cookies, and soda. Yet it deserve to be downright shocking to view 12 grams of street in bottled pasta sauce or barbecue sauce -- and also even more so to discover 50 grams of street in a healthy-sounding bottled tea!

To help you ferret out which commodities are surprisingly high in sugar, I undertook a mission in the aisles that my neighborhood market. End the course of numerous days, v my analysis glasses close at hand, i examined hundreds of nutrition details labels to check out the sugar contents in foods.

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One thing’s for sure: Just since there’s a nutrition-oriented statement on the package (like "contains totality grain," "excellent source of calcium," "fat-free," "100% juice" or "25% much less sugar") doesn’t typical it doesn’t contain a shocking lot of sugar. And also just since the brand name or product name sounds like it’s good for load loss (Weight Watchers, skinny Cow, etc.), don’t assume the food is lower in sugar.

So how much precisely is a gram of sugar? One teaspoon of granulated sugar equals 4 grams of sugar. To put it one more way, 16 grams of street in a product is equal to around 4 teaspoons the granulated sugar.

Keep in mind, though, the the grams of sugar provided on the nutrition information label has natural street from fruit (fructose) and also milk (lactose) also as included sweeteners like refined sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. It is why the label on a carton of continual low-fat milk says there"s 13 grams of sugar per cup. And that’s why the grams the sugar per serving in Raisin Bran (or any cereal v raisins or various other dried fruit) seem suddenly high.

Further, many beverages the boast of gift 100% juice use juice concentrate to achieve their sweet flavor. This is additionally reflected in the grams the sugar provided on the label.

Touring the supermarket, I uncovered sugar shockers in 14 food categories. Here are few of the foods I uncovered to be surprisingly high in sugar.

1. Canned or Packaged Fruit

You don’t really intend to uncover lots of street in individual packages the fruit, even if the package says "in light syrup," like the diced peaches or pears, or "made with actual fruit" prefer the Fruit Chillers Sorbet.

DelMonte Fruit Chillers Frozen Fruit Sorbet: 1 little individual cup = 26 grams sugar, 190 caloriesDole diced peaches in light syrup: 1 small serving cup = 18 grams sugar, 80 caloriesDelMonte diced pears or mandarin oranges in light syrup: 1 tiny serving cup = 17 grams sugar, 70 calories

2. Pudding & Pudding Cups

This heat of assets is designed with youngsters in mind. Yet, a snack load of pudding can include 20 grams or much more of sugar to your child’s enjoy the meal or snack. You"ll discover some sugar-free pudding choices on the supermarket shelf as well.

Kraft Handi-Snacks Fat totally free Vanilla Pudding: 1 snack load = 15 grams sugar, 90 calories

3. Snack Cakes & Pies

Obviously, the timeless snack cakes, the Twinkie or the Hostess cupcake, are going to be foodstuffs high in street (19 and also 22 grams, respectively). However would you guess that snack pies, or a offer of Ho Hos or Ding Dongs, actually score much greater in sugar content?

Hostess Ho Hos: 3 cakes = 42 grams sugar, 370 caloriesStore-brand fruit pies (apple, cherry): 1 snack pie (4.5 ounces) = 36 grams sugar, 480 caloriesHostess Ding Dongs: 2 cakes = 36 grams sugar, 360 caloriesLittle Debbie Swiss Rolls: 2 cakes (61 g) = 27 grams sugar, 270 caloriesPop Tart, chocolate Fudge: 1 pastry = 20 grams sugar, 200 caloriesPop Tart, Frosted Blueberry: 1 pastry = 18 grams, 200 calories

4. Muffin Mixes

Sugar is the first ingredient provided in Fiber One’s muffin mix. A muffin’s worth of mix contains 15 grams that sugar.

Fiber One Muffin Mix, apple Cinnamon: 1/4 cup mix (as packaged) = 15 grams sugar, 130 calories

5. Prepared Muffins

Serving size of packaged muffins vary quite a bit, but even the the smallest ones may contain an ext than 15 grams that sugar.

Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate Chip Muffins: 1 muffin (4 ounces) = 32 grams sugar, 420 caloriesOtis Spunkmeyer Wild Blueberry or Banana Nut: 1 muffin (4 ounces) = 30 grams sugar, 360-420 caloriesWeight Watchers Blueberry Muffins or double Chocolate Muffins: 1 muffin (2.2 ounces) = 18-21 grams sugar, 180-190 caloriesLittle Debbie cacao Chip Muffins or Cranberry & Orange: 1 muffin (1.9 ounces) = 17 grams sugar, 210 caloriesLittle Debbie Blueberry: 1 muffin (1.9 ounces) =16 grams sugar, 190 calories

6. Cereal Bars & Healthy-Sounding Cookies

Quaker Oatmeal come Go, Brown street Cinnamon: 1 bar = 19 grams sugar, 220 caloriesNewton’s Minis, strawberry "baked through 100% whole grain": 1 parcel = 15 grams sugar, 130 caloriesBack come Nature Mini classic Crème Cookies: (1 pouch = 14 grams sugar, 170 caloriesNatureValleyStrawberry (or Vanilla) Yogurt Granola Bars: 1 bar = 13 grams sugar, 140 caloriesQuaker Chewy Dipps coco Chip Granola Bars: 1 bar = 13 grams sugar, 140 caloriesNutri-Grain grain Bars (all flavors): 1 bar = 12 grams sugar, 130 calories

7. Instant warm Cereal

Instant Cream the Wheat, apologize ‘n Cinnamon: 1 envelope = 16 grams sugar, 130 caloriesInstant Cream the Wheat, Cinnamon Swirl: 14 grams sugar, 130 caloriesQuaker immediate Oatmeal Dinosaur Eggs (made with whole-grain oats): 1 envelope = 14 grams sugar, 190 caloriesQuaker prompt Oatmeal, Cinnamon Roll: 1 envelope = 13 grams sugar, 160 calories:Quaker immediate Oatmeal, strawberries & Cream or Peaches & Cream: 1 envelope = 12 grams sugar, 130 calories

8. Breakfast Cereal

No shock the the common "high-sugar" cereals americans know and love -- favor Froot Loops or Reese’s Puffs, Trix or Cap’n Crunch -- contain about 12 grams the sugar. For this reason here, I"ve just detailed healthier-sounding cereals that turned the end to be together high in sugar as the notoriously sweet ones.

Kellogg’s Cracklin’ Oat Bran: 3/4 cup = 15 grams sugar, 200 caloriesQuaker Oatmeal Squares: 1 cup = 13 grams sugar, 210 caloriesFrosted Mini-Wheats (all the different flavors room pretty much the same): 1.8 ounces = 12 grams sugar, 180 caloriesSpecial K Fruit & Yogurt: 3/4 cup = 11 grams sugar, 120 calories

9. Bottled Spaghetti Sauce

Some types of bottled spaghetti sauce have double or triple the grams of street as other types. Here are a couple of of the products that I discovered had almost as much sugar as a granola bar or Pop-Tart.

Newman’s own Tomato & Basil: 1/2 cup = 12 grams sugar, 90 caloriesBertolli Vineyard Marinara: 1/2 cup = 12 grams sugar, 80 caloriesPrego new Mushroom Italian Sauce: 1/2 cup = 11 grams sugar, 90 caloriesPrego 3-Cheese: 1/2 cup = 11 grams sugar, 80 calories

10. Barbecue Sauce

Sweet infant Ray’s honey Barbecue Sauce: 2 tablespoons = 15 grams sugar, 70 caloriesKC Masterpiece: 2 tablespoons = 12-13 grams sugar, 60 caloriesCattlemen’s honey or Smokehouse: 2 tablespoons = 12 grams sugar, 60-70 calories

11. Beverages

Just 8 ounces the Langers Grape Juice Plus to add 36 grams of sugar to your day-to-day total. Granted, the sugar comes from juice concentrate. But that is still quite a shock as soon as you"re analysis the label. What would certainly a juice reduced in sugar contain? Welch’s irradiate Grape Juice Beverage bring it under to 12 grams that sugar and 50 calories every 8-ounce offer by utilizing Splenda and also acesulfame potassium.

Flavored Milk

Nesquick Fat cost-free Chocolate Milk: 16 ounces = 54 grams sugar, 300 caloriesNesquick Strawberry Milk Shake: 13.5 ounce party = 46 grams sugar, 340 calories

Juice and also Fruit Drinks

Minute Maid Lemonade, 12% Lemon Juice all Natural: 8 ounces = 29 grams sugar, 110 caloriesSimply Lemonade (or Limeade): 8 ounces = 29 grams sugar, 120 caloriesV8 combination Vegetable Fruit 100% juice, Peach Mango or Acai mixed Berry: 8 ounces = 26 grams sugar, 110-120 caloriesAn "organics" keep brand the fruit punch v no sugar added (100% juice): 1 bag = 25 grams sugar, 100 caloriesCapriSun 25% less Sugar, Wild Cherry: 1 pouch = 18 grams sugar, 70 calories

Bottled Tea and similar Drinks

SoBe energy or Elixir: 16 ounces = 52-54 grams sugar, 200-220 caloriesSnapple Iced Tea, Peach, Lemon, or Raspberry: 16 ounces = 46-50 grams sugar, 200 caloriesArizonaIced Tea: 16 ounces = 48 grams sugar, 180 calories

Vitamin and also Energy Drinks

Glaceau Vitamin Water: 20 ounce bottle = 32 grams sugar, 125 caloriesGatorade carry It, bright On, or it is in Tough: 16 ounces = 28 grams sugar, 100 calories

Instant Cocoa

You"d most likely expect warm cocoa mix to have actually cocoa, or probably powdered milk, highest on its perform of ingredients. But for Swiss miss Mocha Cappuccino and Marshmallow flavors, the very first and second ingredients room sugar and corn syrup, with cocoa noted as the fourth ingredient.

Swiss miss Mocha Cappuccino or Marshmallow flavors: 1 envelope made with 6 ounces water = 19 grams sugar, 120 calories

12. Yogurt

To enjoy yogurt there is no the included sugar, do your very own flavored yogurt beginning with level yogurt. Or, to buy the light yogurts that use alternative sweeteners.

Yoplait original 99% fat free, Lemon Burst: 6 ounces = 31 grams sugar, 180 caloriesYoplait special & Creamy Yogurt, Strawberry: 6 ounces = 28 grams sugar, 180 caloriesYoplait original 99% fat free, Boysenberry: 6 ounces = 27 grams sugar, 170 calories

13. Frozen Breakfast Foods

You wouldn’t mean to find frozen breakfast assets that function savory items prefer sausage and cheese to be foodstuffs that are an especially high in sugar. And also yet the brand-new Jimmy Dean breakfast entrees save on computer 16 and also 21 grams that sugar per serving.

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Entrees, Sausage & CheeseCroissant with diced apples and also hash browns: 1 entrée = 21 grams sugar, 560 calorie (the sugar appears to mostly be indigenous the sweetened diced apples)Eggo Cinnamon Toast Waffles: 3 waffles (each with 4 mini waffle pieces) = 17 grams sugar, 300 caloriesJimmy Dean Breakfast Entrees, Scrambled Eggs with Sausage & Cheese through diced apples and hash browns: 1 entrée = 16 grams sugar, 390 caloriesEggo French Toaster sticks Cinnamon: 2 pieces = 15 grams sugar, 230 calories

14. Frozen Desserts

Weight Watchers Mint coco Chip ice Cream cup (and various other flavors): 1 small cup = 22 grams sugar, 140 caloriesWeight Watchers English Toffee Crunch: 2 bars = 20 grams sugar, 220 caloriesSkinny Cow Low-fat ice cream Cream Cone (different flavors): 1 cone = 19 grams sugar, 150 caloriesWeight Watchers Giant chocolate Fudge Bar: 1 bar = 16 grams sugar, 110 caloriesWeight Watchers large Cookies & Cream Bar: 1 bar = 15 grams sugar, 140 caloriesSkinny Cow Low-fat Fudge Bar: 13 grams sugar, 100 calories


Nutrition info labels.

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Elaine Magee, MPH, RD, is the "Recipe Doctor" because that the WeightLoss Clinic and also the author of numerous publications on nutrition and also health. Heropinions and also conclusions are her own.