It take away a diamond to irradiate up a women’s heart. So what walk CTTW mean in diamond jewellery? If girlfriend have ever been diamond shopping, girlfriend probably obtained a bit perplexed with this terminology.

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It’s a simple yet far-reaching measure of the diamond’s weight. Just read on and find out exactly what CTTW is and why you need it.

What is CTTW?

In case you haven’t heard of the four “C’s” that diamonds, they room Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. These are the basic factors come look out for when buying diamond pieces.Whether friend are selecting an engagement diamond ring for your sweetheart or buying you yourself a lavish diamond neckpiece, you need to watch out for these factors. The most necessary of castle is Carat. It is often denoted ~ above jewellery as “ct” and “cttw”. But they are not the same. So what is the relationship with 4 C’s and CTTW?

WHAT does CTTW stand FOR?

In the context of diamond jewellery, CTTW stands for “carat complete weight” (or “total carats weight”). The term describes the amount of the weights of every diamonds present in a item of jewellery. If someone states this ring is 1/4 CTW, it method that the amount of all the diamonds totaling come a weight of 0.25 carats.


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One demands to understand an initial that the load of diamonds are provided in carats. They space usually not denoted by milligrams or grams.One carat is the identical of 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams. Lock are likewise synonymous through 100 ‘points’ in the suggest system. The carat points mechanism goes favor this¼ carat = 25 points½ carat = 50 points1 carat = 100 pointsThe carat weight is provided to signify the weight of a solitary diamond stone.

The complete weight (TW.) describes the an unified weight of a number of smaller diamonds on a ring. So you might have a 1 carat (ctw.) center diamond surrounded by .75cts. Total weight (ctTW.) of side diamonds.The abbreviation “CTTW” and also ‘CTW’ can often be viewed on diamond jewellery labels, but many civilization don’t recognize what these letters mean. Let’s check out what CTTW stand for and look more closely in ~ how necessary this abbreviation is.

An instance of Diamond CTTW

As an example, intend that you have actually a ring through one center diamond i beg your pardon is an installed that weighs 1 carat and also two smaller sized diamonds the 0.5 carats each. The total carat load of this piece of jewellery will certainly be the sum of the individual weights the its stones or 2 carats. Thus, it will certainly be marked as 2 cttw top top the jewellery.


CTTW help you recognize the full weight of all the merged diamonds ~ above the jewellery. This is similar to understanding the rock weight ~ above jewellery encrusted with numerous gemstones. This weight does not encompass the load on the metal.

WHY IS IT referred to as A ct weight?

Carat comes from the word “carob”. In old times, they essential a combined measure come weigh valuable stones. Because each carob seed weighed the same, castle were excellent for weighing purposes. Carat weight is provided rather 보다 grams or kilograms since diamonds are various from the normal jewellery.

Different diamonds have various sizes because that the exact same carat weight. So that is about how lot it physically weighs quite than the viewed size. Diamonds undergo a many cutting and polishing to be the shiny, brilliance crystals we love. The original rock loses lot of its material in this process. The carat load is assigned come the polished reduced diamond to signify its value.

What is CTTW?

Diamond purchasing is a whole brand-new ball game. If friend don’t recognize the rules, you may be paying more than you desire to. The thing around diamonds is the its size matters.


The larger the diamond, the an ext precious it is. Thus the bigger persons will cost you bigger bucks 보다 the smaller sized ones. This is because large diamonds room rare. Likewise as diamonds acquire larger, there are opportunities of defects and also inclusions which can bring down that lustre. This leads to an ext rejection rates of large diamonds throughout mining. All diamonds have actually defects but when it’s a little diamond, it’s not as visible. These can be neglected, and it doesn’t affect the sparkle. The instance is different with larger diamonds.

Also, the price that a diamond, like the rare pink diamonds is no the exact same as a white diamond of the exact same quality and carats. Exclusivity is additionally a big factor here.

The CTW number can be an extremely useful because it permits you come compare different pieces that jewellery. It help you number out not only which contains much more diamond (in regards to weight) but also which is a much better deal.

For example, if you division the price because that each item of jewellery you are considering through its complete carat weight, friend will view which one is cheaper per carat. A ring that attributes larger stones can cost much more per carat than one more that has many smaller diamonds.


Another reason for why two pieces of jewellery might have different prices per carat is the top quality of your diamonds. A ring featuring stones that lesser clarity and a lower colour class will many likely expense less per carat than an additional ring with diamonds of the exact same size but of much better quality.So if girlfriend are prepared for the compromise, you deserve to buy a reduced quality diamond that the very same carat at a lower price. But because it’s a precious rock and a note of eternity, us recommend you clear up for a an excellent quality diamond in ~ the cost of part carats.


Let united state assume you discovered a quite pair that stud earrings you like. Every diamond on it can weigh approximately 1/2 carat. If there are 4 stone in full on the earring the cttw is 2 carats.

Choosing amongst several pieces of diamond jewellery, make sure you understand the factors behind the what influence the price every carat. It might be as result of the dimension of the diamonds, your quality, or other else.


Did you recognize that diamond price increase tremendously with the carat weight? We uncovered this instance that will totally blow your mind!

A 0.50 carat ring diamonds that H color(excellent diamonds through a faint yellow hue) VS2 diamond(very small inclusions) native Blue Nile is priced at $1,243. But a 1.00 carat diamond through the specific specifications expenses $5,453. The carat load is simply the double by the price blew four times.

This is why engagement rings with a big solitaire room far much more expensive 보다 ones with countless smaller diamonds.

This is where you should start come look smaller sized diamond sets in the ar of one large stone. Below as every individual diamond is the a smaller carat, they cost less. The complete figure then may fit well within her budget.So the next time you check out a bride rocking a diamond necklace through tiny diamonds, know that her single large rock is far an ext valuable 보다 that one.


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The abbreviation ct is a shortened method to create carat. That denotes the load of a solitary diamond or gemstone and is often uncovered on the product specifications given on the jewellery. The abbreviation ct tw or ctw signifies carat complete weight. This is supplied to express the complete weight of many diamonds or gemstones used in a item of jewellery.

Don’t do the wrong of compare carat and also karat(of gold). They space entirely different measures and also can litter you off sometimes. Carat is a specifically diamond or gemstone measure of weight. Karat in gold isn’t a measure of weight precisely. Yellow is alloyed with elements like copper to make it an ext sturdier. The karat shows how much copper is present in the gold jewellery. 18K gold will have much more of alloying elements than 22 K. 24K denotes pure gold without alloys.


Carat is a measure up to express the in its entirety weight of a diamond or gemstone. Diamond carat is one of the 4Cs the diamonds used to identify the as whole quality and also value the the stone.

Since carat is among the leading terms offered when marketing gemstones, it’s important to know the difference between carat weight and size. Not all 1-carat stones space equal.


A 1-carat diamond will look dramatically different in dimension than a 1-carat Opal. This is due to the fact that each gemstone has a different density. A smaller looking 1-carat stone may be able to pack an ext weight right into a smaller room than a visibly bigger 1 carat.

Even diamonds that have the same density and also carat weight can look different in size. There space diagrams that show a projected diameter of a diamond based on carat weight, however these aren’t constantly 100% accurate. Diamonds that the exact same carat weight deserve to look larger or smaller since of sport in shape and cut. The factors, prefer a shallow cut, do stones v the very same density, look different in size.

Smaller diamonds the weigh less than 1-carat are frequently expressed in terms of points instead of carats. There room 100 point out in a carat. Another method to look at it is to say the each suggest equals 0.01, or one-hundredth, the a carat.

Same way, the accessories or rings space sized follow to the size of the diamond and also the variety of diamonds in them.


Larger diamonds space rarer and in more demand than smaller sized diamonds that the very same quality. Once you acquisition a ring, a 1-carat diamond solitaire ring is always an ext expensive 보다 a diamond ring comprised of multiple smaller diamonds also though the carat load totals one carat or more.

Diamonds the weigh just under the next full carat are frequently less expensive 보다 diamonds passing the full-carat hurdle. Considering the price every carat is a good way to to compare the costs of comparable diamonds. Division the expense of each stone by its carat load to calculation its price per carat.


A diamond weight estimator, a sheet with cutouts for various diamond shapes and sizes, can assist give you a preview of exactly how a diamond’s dimension relates to its carat weight. Remember, this is only an estimate and also there will certainly be variation in between stones.

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Carat load is just one diamond characteristic that you should explore prior to you purchase a diamond. Take some time to understand much more diamond basics before you go shopping. Your diamonds room your many precious possession. Just keep in mind all the essential tips as soon as you go shopping for one!


HOW TO use CTTW to BUY diamonds?

Whenever you get a item of jewellery, ask because that the total carat weight and the carats. This will help you assess the full value the item is currently and also the value of individual piece on the jewellery.If you desire bigger and also flashier diamonds, you deserve to go because that a solitaire with neighboring stones that provide the illusion that a really large diamond. This will price you lesser 보다 a really big diamond that a comparable size.If you choose two pieces of jewellery and they space the same CTTW, walk for the one the high greater clarity and shine. It will be of remarkable quality.Also, as soon as you re buying enlarge diamonds, that is vital that you room caring for your metal in i m sorry the diamond will be placed. Gold and also platinum room the number 1 choices.


You didn’t think the buying diamonds would certainly need an additional crash food in jewellery. Sigh! the looks choose there’s more to diamonds 보다 meets the eye. Now that you understand your CW and CTTW apart, keep in mind that occasionally jewellers favor to play roughly with their abbreviations. If you see DTW or dtw, it means “diamond full weight”. That is the same as CTTW. TW (or “tw”), i m sorry is quick for “total weight.”

Also, the markings 2 CTW, 2 DTW, or 2 TW additionally have the exact same meaning. We suggest you visit a store and get come know in-depth information aboutcarat weights yourself before buying diamonds online. Space you prepared to go shopping?