What Are intensive Pronouns? (with Examples)

An extensive pronoun is supplied to refer earlier to a noun or pronoun in order come emphasize it. Right here is a list of the extensive pronouns:myselfyourselfherselfhimselfitselfourselvesyourselvesthemselvesThese words have the right to be either intensive pronouns or reflexive pronouns. This web page is around their use as extensive pronouns.

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(NB: intensive pronouns are also known together emphatic pronouns.)

Using extensive Pronouns

An extensive pronoun refers back to another noun (or pronoun) in the sentence in order come emphasize it. For example:The mayor
self presented the prize.(The market is the noun gift emphasized. That is referred to as the antecedent of the intensive pronoun. The antecedent the a pronoun is the point the pronoun ad to.)When offered for emphasis, words like "myself," "himself," etc. Are referred to as intensive pronouns.
Read an ext about antecedents.

Examples of intensive Pronouns

In these next examples, the extensive pronouns space shaded, and the civilization or things being emphasized (i.e., the antecedent) room in bold. She
will repaint the fence herself.(The extensive pronoun "herself" emphasizes the "she" will carry out it. A painter won"t repaint it. Her friend won"t repaint it. Her daughter won"t repaint it. SHE will paint it.)The guides small these cookies themselves.(The extensive pronoun "themselves" emphasizes that "the guides" small the cookies, i.e., not their mothers.)I heard his proposal myself.(The extensive pronoun "myself" emphasizes the "I" heard the proposal.)The antecedents of extensive pronouns space not always people. Look at this example:The mouse opened the packet itself.
You can test if it"s an extensive pronoun by removing it and seeing if you gain the same effect by emphasizing the thing you"re trying to emphasize through your voice (shown below in uppercase).SHE will repaint it.I heard the proposal.THE MOUSE opened up the packet.
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Real-Life instances of extensive Pronouns

The just thing we have to fear is fear itself, however raptors space pretty dang scary.Reject your sense of injury and also the injury chin disappears. (Roman philosopher Marcus Aurelius)Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn"t need to do it himself. ("Weiler"s Law" by American writer AH Weiler)A leader is best when people barely know he exists. When his job-related is done, his target fulfilled, they will say: "We did it ourselves." (Chinese theorist Lao Tzu)Whoever conquers a free town and does no demolish it commits a an excellent error and also may expect to be destroyed himself. (Italian thinker Niccolo Machiavelli)(The antecedent the an intensive pronoun (or any pronoun for that matter) can be a noun, a pronoun, or - as here - a noun phrase.)

Why need to I Care about Intensive Pronouns?

Here are two good reasons come care about intensive pronouns.

(Reason 1) Use extensive pronouns to emphasize points tidily.

Using an extensive pronoun is much slicker 보다 bolding a word, composing IT IN UPPERCASE LETTERS, or underlining it. (These room not great looks!)When speaking, you deserve to emphasize a word through your voice, for this reason there"s an different to using an intensive pronoun. Once writing, however, that deluxe doesn"t exist. As the choices (bolding, uppercasing, underlining) room usually inappropriate, it"s worth learning about intensive pronouns.Of note, an extensive pronoun can always be gotten rid of from a sentence without affecting the sentence"s meaning. An extensive pronoun just gives emphasis. But, that"s usually an essential job. It"s frequently the reason the sentence exists.Tony will note the files himself.

(Reason 2) stop mistakes with "myself."

the word "myself" is not a posh variation of "me."Please email myself or her manager v your availability.
(Remember the an intensive pronoun emphasizes a surrounding noun or pronoun, i.e., its antecedent. Over there isn"t one antecedent in this example.) Note: This suggest is regarded reflexive pronoun not extensive pronouns. That is included here for anyone that came in search of guidance on this suggest and finished up here.Read more about errors v me and also myself.

Key Points

Intensive pronouns emphasize. That
chin is a good reason come learn about them."Myself" is no a highbrow way of saying "me."
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