As diamond industry gigantic De Beers" “slogan of the century” so aptly puts it, “diamonds space forever.” It’s much more than marketing genius; it’s a testimony to the an extremely formation the the stones themselves. Over the course of billions that years, carbon deep under the earth’s surface is exposed come 2200°F temperatures and also pressures of as much as 725,000 pounds every square inch. You can not hurry nature’s perfection.

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Or deserve to you?


The outcomes are stones that look and feel prefer diamonds. They space hard, colorless, and they deserve to be cut as a diamond is cut. A layman will certainly not have the ability to discern any type of difference through the nude eye. Even experienced geologists frequently have difficulty.

And yet, also If that looks prefer a duck and also quacks like a duck…it’s quiet a synthetic. It takes a trained eye to spot one. The greatest difference in between a mined and also a artificial diamond is the absence of inclusions. Mined diamonds always have inclusions, or tiny imperfections. This are regularly referred to as the diamonds’ “birthmarks.”

As with diamond simulants, over there is nothing not correct with fabricated diamonds, per se. However, once you work-related with a diamond providers or jeweler, you must know exactly what you room buying.

Synthetics execute not have the same value (either initial or enduring) together mined diamonds. Synthetics deserve to be beautiful, and they are chemically real. They’re simply not natural. When it concerns the pieces that issue - engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary gifts - organic diamonds provide the sentiment and also value friend want.

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