Yellow-bellied sliders are a popular pet turtle that plenty of owners enjoy. Your high activity level and also unique habitat requirements make lock stand the end in pretty much any type of home.

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But the very same traits the make them unique additionally make lock a little trickier to care for than various other turtles. This way you require a solid understanding of the problems they need if you desire to own them!

This overview goes over everything you need to know about yellow-bellied slider care. You’ll find out their diet, tank setup, size, habitat, lifespan, and more helpful facts!

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Species Summary

The yellow-bellied slider (Trachemys scripta scripta) is a beautiful aquatic turtle the enjoys the thrill that both land and water!

This types is among the most popular pet tortoise around. Through their energetic lifestyle and also beautiful coloration, it’s not difficult to watch why.

Native come the southerly United States, this turtles are found in a wide variety of environments. They room habitat generalists and also will make use of any resources roughly their home. Most often, friend can discover them swimming through freshwater lakes, ponds, and rivers.

Thanks come their capacity to it is adapted to your surroundings, yellow-bellied sliders do really well in captivity. The is, however, as lengthy as you satisfy their simple needs!


The median yellow-bellied slider expectancy is in between 20 and also 30 years. However, it’s not uncommon to check out these creatures getting to the ripe old age of 40!

Of course, there’s no way to guarantee that your turtle will certainly live that long. But with good care, you must expect them to be about for at least a pair of decades (which is rather the lengthy term commitment).

Expert Tip: it’s worth mentioning that this turtles are very dependant on an optimal habitat to with their complete lifespan potential. Without a well-maintained environment and also a healthy and balanced diet, these turtles can acquire sick and also die far earlier than they should.

Appearance & Colors

The yellow-bellied slider is aptly named for the watch of that is plastron (that’s the bottom component of the shell. It’s bright yellow and usually attributes black spots.

On the peak of the shell, additionally known together the carapace, the tortoise is a bit an ext subdued. The covering is generally dark brown or black. However, vibrant yellow markings add some intuitive interest.


Fungal concerns can take host as well. Fungal spores can build on her turtle’s back, causing shell rot. This is a perhaps dangerous condition that will certainly soften the covering to the allude of damage. Luckily, it’s treatable v some antibacterial and antifungal water treatment.

Finally, there’s the opportunity of metabolic bone disease. This problem affects turtles that don’t have actually exposure come UV light. Their bodies space unable to metabolize calcium, which outcomes in some serious health and wellness problems.

Most reptiles have the right to be impacted by metabolic bone disease. However, it’s unique detrimental to turtles. It deserve to stunt the development of the shell, making it an ext brittle and also prone come damage.

Behavior & Temperament

Yellow-bellied sliders space easy-going turtles through a penchant for exploration. Unlike other land-dwelling turtles, this species is no afraid of relocating around!

This high level of activity is component of the reason for their popularity. You can look end at their tank and see activity at various times transparent the day.

These turtles will frequently swim roughly the environment. You can see them hiding out in the plants or playing. Once they obtain tired, they’ll retire to the floor area of the enclosure for part basking!

These reptiles space most energetic in the early on morning. However, they will move between the water and land to control their human body temperature transparent the day.

Handling Them

As you probably guessed, yellow-bellied sliders aren’t the most cuddly pet to have around. They perform not prefer being handled and will constantly prefer to be left alone in their habitat.

It is feasible to acquire your tortoise a bit an ext comfortable with the idea of being held. However, lock will never ever enjoy it.

Handling will nearly always cause them stress. If you manage them also much, they might feel the should bite.

In situations where dealing with is unavoidable, it’s best to keep it come a minimum. Whenever the is compelled (like when you’re cleaning the enclosure), instantly move them to a different container for this reason they don’t gain stressed.


Yellow-bellied slider care might it seems to be ~ a bit complicated at first, however it’s quite controlled once you acquire the cave of it.

Having a good understanding of what these turtles should survive will help you make smart care decisions throughout their lives. Every one of the best owners are exceptionally knowledgeable and are cursed to learning an ext each and also every day.

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We recognize these reptiles are a bit different than numerous of the others we’ve spanned on this site, therefore feel free to send over questions! We’re always eager to attach and help our readers.