If you’ve checked out some strange bugs on her crops, garden, or yard, and someone told friend they’re potato bugs, girlfriend probably have actually a couple of questions about them, together as, what go a potato an insect eat? What walk a potato bug look like?

You could even be asking, what is a potato bug?

The name potato bug is in reality a little misleading because the exact same name is used to two different bugs. They’re different in appearance, size, habitat, and also diet. This create a many confusion even among licensed pest control technicians.

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In this guide, you will certainly learn:

How to properly recognize potato bugs.Whether or not potato bugs room dangerous.What potato bugs eat.The most renowned methods for gaining rid that potato bugs.

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What"s In This Guide?
What room Potato Bugs?
Are Potato Bugs gift or Dangerous?
What carry out Potato Bugs Look favor & just how Do I identify Potato Bugs?
What are Potato Bugs frequently Mistaken For?
What execute Potato Bugs Eat?
How to manage Your Potato bug Problem?
How to eliminate Potato Bugs (Most Popular)
Best Spray to kill Potato Bugs
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What are Potato Bugs?

Because the generic surname ‘potato bug’ is offered to describe two different varieties of bugs, the very first thing we’ll carry out is use various names for them.

Jerusalem Cricket

The Stenopelmatus fuscus or Jerusalem cricket is one potato bug. Although Jerusalem crickets room in the order Orthoptera, they are not true crickets. They are in the household Stenopelmatidae and also don’t chirp favor a grasshopper.

Instead of chirping, they make a sort of hissing noise by their hind legs across their abdomen come warn turn off predators. Likewise like grasshoppers, they make a song throughout mating season by bumping their bodies on the ground, creating a drumming sound to entice a mate.

Like the black widow spider, the females often eat their mates after they have finished mating. Then they lay their eggs in shallow holes in the ground.

Despite the name, the Jerusalem cricket is not indigenous to Jerusalem. It is mainly uncovered throughout the southwestern united States as well as the west United states on the Pacific coastline from brothers Columbia to components of Mexico.

They room nocturnal insects who spend lot of your time underground. Their preference for dark areas leads to them burrowing into piles of mulch and other organic material.

Colorado Potato Beetle

The Leptinotarsa decemlineata, the Colorado potato pest or Colorado potato beetle, is the other. They are native to most of the unified States, consisting of Hawaii and also Alaska, but aren’t normally uncovered in California or Nevada. They also live in components of Europe and also Asia.

The Colorado potato beetle life bike is to invest the winter secret then arise to lay eggs on the underside of leaves once spring arrives. They’ll typically make their appearance roughly the exact same time potatoes begin to emerge from the ground and grow tubers, for this reason the “potato bug” name.

The female lays 20-30 shining orange, football-shaped eggs at a time, it is registered them to the underside that leaves through a yellow adhesive excretion. The eggs are much less than 2mm in length and also the female deserve to lay huge numbers of eggs, as much as 700-900 of lock in her brief lifespan.

Neither type is poisonous. However, the Jerusalem cricket can deliver a ache bite if girlfriend agitate them. They normally prefer to escape, but if backed right into a edge their huge powerful jaws can definitely bite hard.

Colorado potato beetles, by contrast, space virtually harmless to humans. The main problem with castle is the damage they deserve to do to her potato plants if sufficient numbers of them hatch at when to develop an infestation.

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Check out the video clip below to check out how to remove potato bugs with a house remedy.