This Minecraft tutorial describes how to feed a llama v screenshots and also step-by-step instructions.

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In Minecraft, you deserve to restore a llama"s health by feeding it and you can also speed up how quick a baby llama grows by feeding the food. Let"s explore how to feed a llama.

TIP: A llama will only eat food if its health and wellness bar is under or if that is a baby llama (foal) that is growing. If you shot to feed a llama otherwise, it will certainly not eat the food.

Foods to feeding a Llama

In Minecraft, these are the foods that you have the right to feed a llama:

Item surname Health revitalized Speeds expansion By
Wheat 2 health and wellness points ( x 1) 20 seconds
Hay Bale 10 health and wellness points ( x 5) 3 minutes

Note: The chart above shows the amount of health restored for each form of food consumed by a llama. It also displays the lot of time that it accelerates growth if you feed the food come a infant llama.

Steps to feed a Llama

1. Discover a Llama

Once you have one of this foods, you will need to discover a llama to feed.


Llamas are usually uncovered in the Mountains, Wooded Mountains and Savanna biomes.


Wooded Mountains


If friend are having trouble recognize a llama, you deserve to summon a llama using a cheat or you deserve to use a generate egg.

2. Usage the Food

Next, v the food selected in your warm bar, you will have to feed it to the llama. In this example, we room going to feeding the llama wheat.

TIP #1: To feed a llama, girlfriend must have actually the food item selected in your hot bar and the llama should "be hungry". Otherwise, the llama will certainly not eat.

Tip #2: If you space not hold a food item and you monitor the indict below, you may end up mounting the llama instead. So be sure to organize the food an initial before trying the instructions.

The game regulate to use/feed the wheat come the llama depends on the variation of Minecraft:

For Java version (PC/Mac), right click on the llama.For bag Edition (PE), you relocate your reminder over the llama and press the feed button.For Xbox 360 and also Xbox One, press the LT button on the Xbox controller.For PS3 and PS4, press the L2 switch on the PS controller.For Wii U, push the ZL button on the gamepad.For Nintendo Switch, press the ZL switch on the controller.For windows 10 Edition, right click the llama.For education Edition, right click on the llama.


Once you have actually fed the llama, one of the wheat will certainly disappear from your warm bar.


The llama"s health will it is in increased and if the llama to be a baby, that will prosper into an adult in less time than normal.

Congratulations, you simply learned how to feeding a llama in Minecraft!


Watch this video as we display you just how to tame and also decorate a llama in Minecraft.

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Things to execute with Llamas

Here space some activities that you have the right to do v llamas in Minecraft:

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