What do giraffes eat? Mainly foodstuffs that are pretty tall. These animals are browsers, which method they eat the leaves of bushes and, especially, trees.

To eat, a giraffe take away a branch in its mouth and also tears turn off the leaves by pulling that is head away. Favor a cow, giraffes lack upper former teeth and instead have actually a “dental pad,” a lump of hard tissue versus which the reduced incisors pinch their food together they eat (see a snapshot of a cow"s dental pad >>).

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In zoos, giraffes space fed mostly on herbivore pellets, which provide them with a well balanced diet. They are also given acacia branches together a more natural kind of food (What execute giraffes eat in the wild? See below >>).

How lot do giraffes eat?

Typically a giraffe will certainly eat around 30 kg (~66 lbs) of food a work (a big one may eat as much as 34 kg), however can endure on as little as 15 kg. Nowak (1999, vol. 2, p. 1086) states that in giraffes the “Shoulder elevation is 2,500-3,700 mm <8-12 ft> and also weight is 550-1,930 kg <1213-4255 lb>, the median adult sweet being 800 kg <1764 lbs> (Dagg 1971).” based on these figures, a giraffe eats around four percent of its body load daily.

Giraffes sleep much less than most mammals and spend nearly all of their time eat (16-20 hours a day). They room ruminants and are commonly chewing their cud whenever they are not eating.

How much do giraffes drink?

The water requirements of a giraffe, i m sorry are extremely sparing, are similar to those that a camel. They can go for weeks or even months without any kind of water at all. ~ above average, though, a giraffe drinks about 7.5 liters (~2 gallons) that water a week.

What perform giraffes eat in the wild?

A favourite giraffe food, Acacia nilotica. Keep in mind the large thorns. Image: J. M. Garg

Giraffe eating off the ground
The okapi: A zebra-giraffe hybrid?

In the wild, giraffes mainly eat the leaves and also twigs of acacia, mimosa, and wild apricot tree (also miscellaneous trees and shrubs in the genera Commiphora and also Terminalia). Still, your diet does expand well past the an ext commonly eaten plants simply mentioned. They even eat part fruit. And also they also show individual food preferences.

Mostly giraffes eat tree they can quickly reach. They do, however, eat some grass. Yet to eat brief grass close to the ground, these huge animals need to either bending at the knee or splay your front legs large apart and also to the front, together in the photo at right.

Because they are browsers, giraffes eat mainly leaves and buds of shrubs and small trees the are conveniently in reach, although they will likewise eat herbs and vines, and also fruits and also flowers. They commonly live ~ above the savanna, but eat very little grass, perhaps due to the fact that it doesn"t suit their taste, but much more likely since it"s difficult for them to eat anything that grows so low to the ground. Moreover, giraffes are especially vulnerable to lion predation when their heads room down if ground-feeding or drinking.

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Giraffe adaptations

The long, tough, prehensile tongue the a giraffe (Enlarge).
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A giraffe"s hard mouth and also its great height enable it to reach and also eat foods most other animals can"t. Giraffes have a long prehensile tongue, and also both the tongue and lips space virtually unaffected by thorny branches that most herbivores would not be able to utilize as food. They piece leaves from limbs, even an extremely prickly ones, favor those the the acacia (see picture above), by enclosing a part of the branch within the mouth and also pulling the head back. The impervious lips and tongue rip the pipeline away.

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