One the the most ikeolistravelservices.comnic and also favourite animals watched on a safari has to be the giraffe. With their lengthy legs and even much longer necks lock look like something out of the Jurassic Period. Back giraffes space herbivores and mostly feed top top vegetation such as leaves, grass, twigs, fruit and also roots; they likewise eat some crazy things! below are our perform of the top four crazy items the you may see giraffes eat while ~ above safari at keolistravelservices.keolistravelservices.comm.

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Top 4 Crazy points That Giraffe Eat

Acacia trees with large Thorns: Giraffes favour eat the leaves and also twigs of Acacia trees. This tree is equipped with big, white, sharp thorns to defend its juicy pipeline from attackers. Giraffe space not deterred by these thorns and they usage their long manoeuvrable tongues and tough lips come get roughly them. Chewing on Old Bones: Giraffe additionally chew ~ above old bones. This behaviour is dubbed osteophagy. Giraffes and also other antelopes chew bones as soon as they needs more phosphates and calcium in their diet, particularly if they space pregnant.Prickly Pears: This tree is complete of sharp spines of assorted sizes which provides it very complicated for most animals to eat it. Giraffes will feed on these plants throughout winter when they require some extra nutrients. The fruit of a prickly pear are eaten by monkeys, baboons, part antelope and even humans.Poisonous Euphorbia Trees: This plant has a poisonous milky latex that can result in death if ingested in large quantities. Giraffes feeding on this plant in tiny quantities throughout winter. The toxicity enters your blood system and also kills off any kind of internal and also external helminth the giraffes could have. Crazy however smart!

Did you check out giraffes eating any of these four crazy things on your safari in ~ keolistravelservices.keolistravelservices.comm video game Reserve? allow us understand in the keolistravelservices.commment section. You are likewise welkeolistravelservices.comme to article keolistravelservices.commments and also photos top top our society media channels including Facebook, Twitter and also Instagram.



I prefer it

posted by Anna Grace, 5 months ago


Can giraffes eat black color wattle leaves

post by Gino, over 2 years earlier


Hi Gino,

Thank you because that your amazing question. It would be unlikely the giraffe would eat black wattle for two main reasons:

1. Black color wattle does not occur naturally in south Africa therefore giraffes wouldn"t have actually black wattle as a herbal food source.2. Our ekeolistravelservices.comlogist claims that the tannin level in black color wattle leaves is really high and this makes it an unsuitable food for any kind of ruminant (those through a 4 chambered stomach including any kind of antelope and also giraffes). If the pet eats too lot tannin the pH in your stomach bekeolistravelservices.commes also acidic and also the microbes in your stomach will certainly die. These microbes are the organisms that rotate food into power in the stomach and without these little critters your stomach have the right to be full of food but they may starve come death due to the fact that no energy is gift created.

As a side keep in mind if you watch young ruminants and hind gut fermenters (zebras, rhinos and also elephants) eating their mother"s dung they room doing this to gain these microbes. They perform this when they start to eat vegetation and wean off milk.

The favourite food that a giraffes is the leaves from acacia tree species. These have the right to look very comparable to black color wattle but lack the big white thorns.

With type regards from the keolistravelservices.keolistravelservices.comm team.

post by keolistravelservices.keolistravelservices.comm game Reserve, over 2 years ago


Hi, I visited the zoo today and also fed a giraffe from a arbitrarily tree. The worker to be a little upset through me and also got mine name and also number in situation something occurred to it. Execute you understand if over there is any type of native trees in Michigan that can injury a giraffe? it seemed favor a normal tree but the staff claimed we have the right to only feed them the lettuce they to be selling. Have to I be worried?

post by Anthony Ruthruff, over 2 years back


Hi Anthony,I"m afraid that we can"t assist you whether indigenous trees in Michigan will harm a giraffe. We certainly hope not. Many thanks for visiting our blog.Kind regards from the keolistravelservices.keolistravelservices.comm team.

post by keolistravelservices.keolistravelservices.comm game Reserve, over 2 years back


This to be a picture on facebook ~“Stop wasting firefighters time come rescue cat out the trees! rental giraffes to carry out it unless giraffes would eat the cats. I didn’t perform the research.”

I understand it’s silly, however would a giraffe be afraid of a cat? perform giraffes have run-ins with any kind of wild animals in the trees they eat their vegetation from? Curious, it is all.

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post by Paul Gilreath, 11 months earlier


Hi Paul. Many thanks for your interest in keolistravelservices.keolistravelservices.comm game Reserve. The crucial predators that giraffes room lions, leopards, spotted hyenas, crokeolistravelservices.comdiles and African wild dogs. The most likely cat to find in a tree is a leopard which would certainly be an extremely surprising because that a browsing giraffe! take it care. Sort regards from the keolistravelservices.keolistravelservices.comm team.