Baby garter snakes room tiny. Once they’re freshly born, they may be only 6 inches long, and no thicker than a pencil. They room notoriously fussy eaters, so getting them to eat food can be quite a difficulty for brand-new owners.

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Baby garter snakes deserve to be fed a differed diet of sliced earthworms, pinky parts, and also cut piece of fish. However, friend may need to wiggle the food in former of the snake’s sleep to encourage it come eat. Some juveniles are shy and also prefer to be left alone while castle consume their meal.

Feeding infant garter snakes can be challenging because castle too small at this phase for continuous snake foods. If this is the very first time she feeding your baby garters, the possibilities are they’ll be even fussier. Some juveniles may additionally have trouble recognizing what they’re being fed.

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1 exactly how to Feed baby Garter line
1.1 What execute Baby Garter snakes Eat in Captivity?
1.1.1 Fish
1.1.2 Worms
1.1.3 mice
2 What To do if a infant Garter line Won’t Eat
2.1 Defrost Food thoroughly
2.2 dimension the Food appropriately
2.3 constantly Feed Snakes individually
2.4 Mimic the motion of Live prey
2.5 Overnight Feeding
2.6 Temperature that The Tank
2.7 how Long can a baby Garter Snake go Without Eating?
2.7.1 Force-Feeding infant Garter snake

How to Feed infant Garter Snakes

Baby garters don’t have the very same meal size needs as adults. Part juveniles are particular about your food, and also how their enjoy the meal is presented.

Your garter might be disinterested in freshly-sliced worm just because it doesn’t move. Many animals avoid eating dead prey, i beg your pardon is in reality why garter snakes pat dead as soon as threatened. Part snakes favor fish end worms, or angry versa. Here are some typical problems and solutions:

Refuses cut-up fish and wormsFeed that live earthworms
Refuses cut up pinky miceRub fish juice over computer mouse pieces
Food fights Individual feeding
One snake eating the foodFeed snake separately
Lack that appetiteIncrease the temperature of the tank
Snake is shy around eatingLeave the meal overnight

What do Baby Garter line Eat in Captivity?

Baby garters deserve to be certain about what lock eat, particularly when you first bring them home. You may have to feed it little pieces of fish, earthworms, platies, and also feeder guppies.


Most garters will certainly eat any form of fish, however owners have to be cautious with fish because many contain high quantities of thiaminase. Thiaminase is one enzyme that breaks down vitamin B1 (thiamine).

Note: follow to the Journal of good Lakes Research, the usage of thiaminase can reason vitamin B1 deficiency, leading to illness and death. Examples include goldish, anchovy, chubby mackerel, and tuna.


Whole worms, such as bait-store nightcrawlers, room too big for infant garters, unless you reduced them up into smaller pieces.

Smaller worms, such together the persons in her garden, might be the best size and also many babies love them, particularly if they’re tho moving.


A diet of mice provides every one of the nutrition that a baby garter line needs. Shot feeding your baby garters very small pinky parts. Girlfriend may have to slowly change your snakes come a rodent-based diet by continuing to feed it fish and worms every now and also then.

If your baby garter snake has actually a choice for fish and refuses to eat pinky parts, you can lure it by scenting the pinky components with fish. Rub some fish juice or a item of fish versus the pinky after cut it up.

If a fish-scented computer mouse meal still doesn’t work, shot offering her snake a dish v pieces the fish and pinky mouse to spark that is appetite.

What To perform if a baby Garter line Won’t Eat

Just because you have actually the right species of food for a baby garter snake, this quiet doesn’t mean that it’ll eat that meal.

A big part the the difficulty is linked to the method that the food is ready or gift to her snake. The following can help:

Defrost Food Thoroughly

If you’re making use of frozen pinkies or fish, constantly thaw the food out before offering the to her snake.

You can do this by place the food item right into a cup of warmth (not hot) water. Leave it there until it’s soft and slightly warm.

Size the Food Appropriately

Regardless that the food, you must make sure it’s small enough for her baby garters come eat. It must not it is in much broader than the thickest component of the snake’s middle.

If the food is as well large, your snake won’t recognize it as prey. Child garter snakes i will not ~ be huge enough come eat entirety pinkie or large worms straight away. Chop up their food into smaller pieces.

Always feeding Snakes Separately

Even if your baby garter snakes are housed together, you will have to feed them individually to prevent accidental cannibalism and also fights. Some greedy snakes might take all the food, resulting in others come starve.

Individual feeding can be tricky if you have actually a big number of babies. However, you have the right to use deli-cup containers to do the feeding process easy. Insert one portion of food per cup and place the cups exterior the cage. Take it the snakes out of their home and place one in each container.

Individual feeding is much more time-consuming and also labor-intensive than simply dropping a dishful that food into a cage. However, feeding snakes separately is healthier, safer, and ensures that each line is fed.


Mimic the movement of Live Prey

Most captive snakes don’t mind being fed a diet of pre-killed prey. However, some garter snakes expect their food to move. Garter snakes space much much more visually oriented. This method that a garter snake the prefers live prey might not eat anything that doesn’t move.

If did you do it been supplying your snake cut up nightcrawlers or fish fillet, try feeding her juvenile garter snakes tiny earthworms from your yard. Make certain they’re alive and still wriggling.

You can tempt your snake to eat through wriggling that food through a pair of tongs. Proceed moving the food nearby to her snake’s mouth till it strikes and also grabs that meal. Snake owners call this an approach “tease-feeding.”

Tease-feeding works well with tiny mice however it deserve to be an worry if you’re making use of small, vulnerable pieces that fish. Cut up piece of pinky mice work much far better when you’re dealing with them v tongs, forceps, or tweezers.

Overnight Feeding

Some infant garter snakes may not eat whenyou’re around. Furthermore, some don’t need tease-feeding and also may also eatpieces of mice without needing to it is in coaxed. However, they like to eatovernight and privately.

You may come across a garter that poses many challenges. The snake may want its meal to move but will no eat as soon as you’re present. In together cases, girlfriend can’t use fish-scented pinkies or frozen-thawed fish.

Earthworms or live fish might be your only option. Oftentimes, snakes specifically on worm and live fish diets end up acquiring parasitic infections, which deserve to lead to an early death.

Temperature the The Tank

A snake’s metabolism changes based on the temperature that its life environment. If the snake’s tank is also cold, it can not digest the food, so the will likely avoid eat its meal.

If your snake’s residence is also cold, you need to optimize it based upon your varieties of snake. Garter snakes require a basking area it is 90-95 degrees. This deserve to be completed with a heat lamp or warm mat.

How Long have the right to a baby Garter Snake go Without Eating?

Snakes are durable when it comes to going there is no food. Follow to Zoology, line can change their metabolic rate once food is lacking, allowing some types to live as much as 2 year without any type of food.

However, the younger the snake, the much less time they deserve to go without eat food. Infant garter line will start to shed weight and also deteriorate in health after just two weeks, therefore you require to get your infant garter snakes come eat.

Force-Feeding baby Garter Snakes

Force-feeding should constantly be a last resort. If you have actually experience in force-feeding snakes, you may have the ability to get your baby garter line to eat by opening its mouth and placing the food inside.

For many beginner line owners, a typical problem with feeding snake is expecting it to eat once it doesn’t desire to. If a snake is brumating, is about to burned its skin, or is maintained in a cage whereby the temperature is too low, it might not have much attention in food.

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If her snake still refuses to eat, consult a vet for experienced advice. They will have the ability to show you exactly how to force-feed baby garter snakes, if thought about necessary. Usage this finish guide on how to raise infant garter snakes.