History >> polite WarThe Siege of Vicksburg to be a major victory because that the Union throughout the civil War. The Union military surrounded the city the Vicksburg, Mississippi and eventually take it control.

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Battle of Vicksburg through Kurz and also Allison
When go it take it place?The siege take it much much longer than your typical battle. It started on may 18, 1863 and lasted end a month till July 4, 1863.Who to be the commanders?The commander because that the Union forces was general Ulysses S. Grant. Provide led the military of Tennessee and had over 35,000 males under his command. Other Union generals included William T. Sherman and also John McClernand.The leader of the Confederates was basic John Pemberton who commanded the South"s army of the Mississippi. He had only 18,000 soldiers under his command.Why to be Vicksburg important?The city the Vicksburg is situated on the Mississippi River. It was the last major port ~ above the river organized by the South. If the North can take Vicksburg, the Confederacy would be cut off from it is provided lines come the west. Also, rebel claims such together Texas, Louisiana, and also Arkansas would certainly be isolated indigenous the rest of the South.
Before the BattleThe Siege that Vicksburg was the finish of a long series of battles in the western theatre of the civil War dubbed the Vicksburg Campaign. The Union Army, led by basic Grant, had won a variety of battles versus the Confederates advertise them back towards Vicksburg. They also captured the city that Jackson, the capital of Mississippi.Grant approached the city slowly, forcing the Confederates to retreat before him. When approaching the city, he recorded the neighborhood railroad and also secured his very own supply lines while isolating the city the Vicksburg.The BattleOn might 18, 1863, Grant"s army approached Vicksburg. The Confederate army of general Pemberton were dug in. They were going come be almost impossible to loss while hiding behind the defenses that the city. Over the first couple of days, provide tried to break right into the city by overwhelming them with his superior numbers. That didn"t work. Numerous Union soldiers lost their lives and also the Confederates still held the city.
Battery that the Sherman Vicksburg by Unknown
Grant then chose to lay siege come the city. He would certainly bomb lock constantly and also wait until they ran out of food. He knew that ultimately they would need to surrender.The conditions in the city acquired worse and also worse end the next several weeks. The people in the city started to run out the food. They began to eat anything obtainable including the horses, dogs, and also cats. Near the end they were even eating rats and also tree bark. Since of malnutrition, plenty of of the soldiers came to be sick from diseases like scurvy, dysentery, and also malaria.In enhancement to not having food, the city to be constantly gift bombed. World couldn"t safely walk the roadways or live in their houses. They had to hide day and also night in your basements or dug the end caves in the hills.On July 4, 1863, the Confederates had actually had enough. General Pemberton surrendered to Grant.ResultsThe Siege the Vicksburg to be a good victory because that the Union. It gave control of the Mississippi river to the Union. Roughly the exact same time, the Confederate army under basic Robert E. Lee was defeated at the battle of Gettysburg. These two victories marked the significant turning suggest of the Civil war in favor of the Union.
Interesting Facts around the Siege of VicksburgGrant at an initial demanded unconditional surrender. He later on relented and the recorded prisoners were "paroled" rather of bring away prisoner. This supposed they promised no to struggle again (although plenty of of castle did).Confederate basic Pemberton later resigned as a general, but continued come fight for the southern as a lieutenant colonel.Around 24,000 human being live in the city the Vicksburg today.Legend has it that the civilization of Vicksburg did no celebrate the fourth of July for the next 80 years together this to be the day they surrendered come Grant. Countless historians, however, to speak this is no the case.

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