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Apalachee Indians

The Apalachee room a native American human being who historically resided in the Florida Panhandle. They spoke a Muscogean language referred to as Apalachee, i m sorry is now extinct.

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They populated the area in northwestern Florida in between the Aucilla and Apalachicola Rivers above Apalachee Bay. Early on, they started to practice agriculture which allowed them to thrive surplus crops, work out in larger groups, and also increase your trading opportunities. The tribe grew plenty of varieties the corn, pumpkins, and sunflowers. And additionally gathered wild strawberries, the roots and shoots that the greenbrier vine, lambsquarters, aquatic plants offered to do flour, hickory nuts, acorns, experienced palmetto berries, and persimmons. They caught fish and turtles in the lakes and also rivers, and oysters and fish top top the Gulf Coast, and hunted deer, black color bears, rabbits, and also ducks. The Apalachee made devices from stone, bone, and also shell. They do pottery, wove cloth, and also cured buckskin. They also dedicated in do artisan goods.

They were encountered by Spanish explorers Pánfilo de Narváez in 1528 and Hernando de Soto in 1539, i m sorry the Spanish colonists began to call the Apalachee Province. As soon as De Soto arrived, the tribe was living close to present-day Tallahassee, Florida in towns of various sizes, or on individual tiny farmsteads. Little settlements generally had a couple of homes surrounding by an earthwork mound. Bigger villages with 50-100 homes, referred to as chiefdoms, were arranged around huge earthwork mounds that were developed over decades for ceremonial, religious, and burial purposes. Their homes were spanned with palm leaves or the bark of cypress or poplar trees. Lock stored food in pits in the ground lined through matting and smoked or dried food on racks over fires. Once de Soto seized the Apalachee city of Anhaico in 1539, he found enough save on computer food to feed his 600 men and 220 horses for five months. The Apalachee were soon taken into consideration by Spanish explorers to have actually been the most advanced indigenous country in Florida.


Mission san Luis de Apalachee

Traditionally, the tribe was divided into clans the traced descent through the maternal line, with chieftainship and also offices held on hereditary lines. The Apalachee guys wore deerskin loincloths when the women wore a skirt made of Spanish moss or various other plant fibers. The men painted their bodies with red ochre and also placed feather in their hair as soon as they ready for battle. They also smoked tobacco in ceremonial rituals, consisting of ones because that healing. Apalachee warriors scalped opponents whom lock killed and exhibited them as indications of their warrior ability. They likewise wore headdresses made of bird beaks and animal fur. They were missionized by Spanish Franciscans by around 1600.

Having a big population, approximated to have actually been indigenous 6,000-8,000 world in the mid-1600s, lock had considerable trade network that reached as much north as the great Lakes and westward come Oklahoma.

The Apalachee gained copper artifacts, sheets the mica, greenstone, and also galena from distant locations. In trade, they detailed produce, shells, pearls, shark teeth, maintained fish and also sea turtle meat, salt, and other products.


Apalachee Home

They lived in eight villages until beforehand in the 18th century when Creek tribes to the north, incited by the British, started a series of raids on their settlements. These strikes culminated in 1703 when an army made increase of a couple of hundred Englishmen and also several thousands Creek warriors beat the combined Spanish and also Apalachee. The tribe was nearly destroyed, and 1,400 Apalachee were removed to Carolina where few of them an unified with the Creek. The remnants the the Florida people then search the protection of the French in Mississippi and also Louisiana.

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Today, most of the Apalachee live in Louisiana. Its defect office, situated in Libuse, Louisiana, serves around 300 members.