The transformer is an electrical device that enables to boost or to decrease the voltage in an alternating current electric circuit, maintaining the power. The strength that start the equipment, in the situation of perfect transformer, is same to that derived at the output. Actual machines have actually a tiny percentage of losses. The is a an equipment that converts the alternative electrical power of a details voltage level into alternating energy of another voltage level, based on the phenomenon that electromagnetic induction. The is made up of two coils of conductive material, wound ~ above a closed nucleus the ferromagnetic material, yet electrically diverted from every other. The only connection in between the coils is the typical magnetic flux established in the core. The coils are dubbed primary and secondary according to the entry or calculation of the system in question, respectively.

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The worth of the power for an electric circuit is the value of the voltage through the value of the current intensity. As in the situation of a transformer, the worth of the strength in the main is the very same value because that the power in the second we have:

input voltage on the main coil * input existing on the main coil = output voltage on the second coil * output existing on the secondary coil.

The equation is written


We can likewise work the end the transformer output voltage if we understand the entry voltage and the variety of turns (coils) top top the major and an additional coils, utilizing the equation below;

input voltage on the major coil / output voltage ~ above the secondary coil = variety of turns of wire on the major coil / number of turns of cable on the an additional coil

The equation is written


we have:

Vp = intake voltage on the primary coil.

Vs = entry voltage on the second coil.

Ip = input present on the major coil.

Is = input present on the second coil.

np = variety of turns of cable on the main coil.

ns = number of turns of wire on the secondaryad coil.

Trasnformer Questions:

1)We have actually a transformer with a present in the main coil the 10 A and input voltage in the major coil of 120 V, if the voltage in the output of the second coil is 50 V, calculate the existing in the output of the second coil.

Answer: together we desire to determine the output present in the secondary coil, we use the very first equation

, →


= 2.4 * 10 A = 24 A.

Is = 24 A.

2) We have a transformer with an output present on the second coil the 30 A and an input present on the main coil the 2000 turns of 6 A, recognize the variety of turns on the second coil.

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Answer: us will usage the 2 equations, the first equation to determine the output voltage top top the second coil and the second equation to identify the number of turns top top the second coil.