By Carly Boers, penny Pollack, Jeff Ruby, Carrie Schedler, and Nicole SchnitzlerPhotography through Jason Little

Key Lime Pie

Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits

Sweet-tart an essential lime custard nestled in a late of made-from-scratch graham crackers: If over there was ever before a pie worth wait in heat for, this is it. $5. 2051 N. California Ave. And also 4947 N. Damen Ave.

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Chocolate Cream Pie


The filling’s choose the many intense chocolate pudding imaginable, the crumbly late is a coco cookie’s role model, and the orb that whipped cream put the entirety thing end the top. What better way to lid a steak dinner? $12. 218 W. Kinzie St.


Chocolate Profiteroles


It’s a brilliant balancing act: soft pâte à choux v slightly smoky butterscotch sauce, velvety ice cream, many of unctuous chocolate sauce, and crunchy roasted almond slices. $8. 840 N. Wabash Ave.



Casa Yari

There’s a rotating actors of flan flavors—all of them excellent—at this mom-and-pop storefront specializing in Latin American cuisine. Make a beeline because that the mango con chile if it’s ~ above the menu—the barely thrilling custard lets both the sweetness and the pepper warmth pop. $4.75. 3268 W. Fullerton Ave.


Coconut Rocher

De Quay

“Rocher” is a an elaborate Dutch word because that a macaroon, and this is one jazzed-up macaroon. Bursting v fresh fruit—inside and also out—this chewy coconut bomb comes v a mound that Belgian cacao mousse and also sits on a slick the stunning curried banana crème anglaise. $8. 2470 N. Lincoln Ave.



Dos urban Cantina

Jennifer Jones Enyart’s cloud the meringue—soft and also gooey inside and also crunchy outside—defies gravity. Raspberry mousse and also lightly macerated raspberries are piped in through a feet in the bottom, and also delicate bits that Mexican chocolate peek v the top. $7. 2829 W. Armitage Ave.


Chocolate Beignet

The Duck Inn

As if fried chocolate dough to fill with chocolate ganache weren’t decadent enough, Kevin Hickey’s masterpiece rests between a bed that banana crème anglaise and a scoop that salted peanut butter gelato. The beignet is warm and the gelato is cold, so gain right to it. $9. 2701 S. Eleanor St.


New wave Soufflé


Topped v apple coulis and accompanied through crème anglaise and also caramel-maple ice cream, this four-star homage to a caramel apologize is a rich but ethereal pastry magic trick. Available as component of a tasting menu. 440 S. LaSalle St.


Passion Fruit Tart


Passion fruit shouts at the optimal of its lung in the creamy custard, which rests in a crumbly sablé base and gets dressed with a meringue squiggle and often a cascade the nasturtium leaves and also flower petals. $5.75. 1220 W. Webster Ave.


Chocolate Cake


When this Italian point out in the West Loop recently revamped the menu, the crew make one promise: The cake, studded v crunchy nibs of hazelnut praline, wouldn’t be going anywhere. Few desserts have the right to pack for this reason much coco flavor right into a solitary bite. $10. 925 W. Randolph St.


Chocolate Pecan Pie

Frontera Grill

This pie needs a full match of silverware to properly manage the flaky crust, the jiggly filling of dark chocolate and toasted pecans, and the Kahlúa whipped cream on top. $8.50. 445 N. Clark St.


Sweet Potato Cheesecake

Jimmy Jamm Sweet Potato Pies

Like pumpkin pie, yet creamier and mellower. And additionally better. $30. 1844 W. 95th St.


Choco Taco Sundae

Little Goat Diner

Match tangy cake cream gelato through shards the chocolate-dipped tortilla chips, goat’s milk caramel, and candied pepitas and also you’ve obtained a creation far more compelling than the ice-cream-truck staple it was named for. $8. 820 W. Randolph St.


Lemongrass Sundae

The Loyalist

Herbal, aromatic lemongrass ice cream meets inky, salty licorice sauce. There’s no reason this pairing need to work. Except it really, yes, really does. $10. 177 N. Ada St.


Caramel Corn

Lula Cafe

Kettle corn is merely the finishing touch ~ above this flaxen mound that brown sugar ice cream cream, crushed cookies, and—in a nod come eternal summer—sweet corn custard. $10. 2537 N. Kedzie Blvd.


Basque Cake


As MFK’s only dessert, this cake needs to be good. And is it ever. Native its buttery sablé base to that is rum-spiked pastry cream filling to that crackly almond-flavored crust, it stands alone. $9. 432 W. Diversey Pkwy.


Baked Plums


There’s nothing favor a dunk in a boozy bath of Cabernet Sauvignon and also Johnnie walker to meld the sweetness of plums and also caramelized sugar. Vanilla ice cream here, new whipped cream there, and also the situation for simplicity is closed. $8. 1730 W. Golf Rd., Mount possibility


Coffee Custard

RPM Steak

In Hsing Chen’s hands, Kilgus Farmstead cream, Madagascar vanilla beans, and also La Colombe coffee type a most perfect union: a dreamy pudding studded through salted caramel pearls. May it never perish from the earth. $10. 66 W. Kinzie St.


Thai Tea Milk Shake

Spinning J

Though it might sound sophisticated, vanilla ice cream cream, simple syrup, entirety milk, and black tea (plus a little bit of orange food coloring) obtain whirred together to produce this whimsical superthick frozen law topped v a pillow the vanilla whipped cream. $6. 1000 N. California Ave.

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Green Tea ice cream Cream

Yoshi’s Café

In this classic dessert—on the menu due to the fact that Yoshi’s opened in 1982— the earthy odor of matcha comes with boldly and also smoothly, punctuated by the snap, crackle, and pop that candied ginger. $6. 3257 N. Halsted St.

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