Dubai is one of seven emirates that make up the joined Arab Emirates (UAE), i m sorry is a nation on the southeastern component of the Arabian Peninsula. Assigning Dubai come a continent is a tricky proposition. Most of culture cannot agree and relegate the emirate come the region that’s recognized as the center East. The Middle eastern sits in between the continent of Africa and also Asia. Geographers quiet debate around which continent the belongs. Today Dubai and also the country it is a component of, joined Arab Emirates, are considered to be part of the continent that Asia.

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Why Dubai Is Widely considered to be component of Asia

The Arabian Peninsula upon which Dubai is situated is separated native Africa by the Red Sea. If you look closely at a map that the region, you have the right to see that the boot-shaped Arabian Peninsula could’ve separated from the afri continent during a an effective seismic change or various other cataclysm hundreds of years ago. However, yes sir no solid proof of this theory.

Today, Dubai is carefully linked to its eastern neighbors, and they are all considered to be asian nations. If you combine Asia v the lush rice paddies of China or the steamy jungles the Cambodia, you’re no alone. However, did you do it overlooked Southwest Asia v its rough mountains, stunning coastlines, and also mesmerizing deserts. Countries such together Yemen, Iraq, Iran, and also Syria belong come this component of Asia. The southwest section of the oriental Continent is the area come which Dubai is most commonly assigned.

Dubai’s Size

The emirate of Dubai is a floor of good mystery. Even its geographic size is a small puzzling. Until recent years, number of villages and also cities that covered 1,500 square miles comprised the emirate the Dubai. Its federal government launched several land reclamation projects over the years, and also the emirate’s existing size is 1588 square mile according come sources. This renders Dubai larger than major cities such as Moscow, Istanbul, and London.

Dubai is the second-largest emirate in the UAE; just Abu Dhabi has an ext land 보다 Dubai. Dubai is likewise the many populous of the UAE’s Emirates and also has occupants in overabundance of 2.5 million together of 2016. Men consist of 75 percent that Dubai’s complete population, and also most occupants are expatriates and also not natives. The way of life and culture of this densely populated emirate is heavily influenced through its asian expatriates that stand for over 70 percent the its population. This transplants greatly come native India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Philippines.

History of Dubai

While the emirate that Dubai was just recently established in 1971, the area has a rich history that dates earlier thousands that years. Trade among neighbors in Afghanistan, India, and the Levant overcame Dubai’s at an early stage economy. Dubai’s early residents were known as the Magan people, who mined and also sold copper, bronze, and also natural stone for structure projects. Lock were expert shipbuilders and also seamen, and their descendants provided the emirate’s proximity come the Persian Gulf to start a pearl export industry that lasted well right into the 20th century. Today, the emirate prospers native its oil, retail, finance, and tourism industries.

Dubai’s Neighbors


Ksamahi , from Wikimedia Commons

UAE areas such as Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, and also Sharjah surround Dubai on practically all sides. Saudi Arabia, Oman, and also Iran are some surrounding countries. The emirate of Dubai and also its funding city, which bears the very same name, are recognized for extravagance and wealth. This emirate’s citizens travel broadly to regional hot point out in locations such together Egypt, India, and also Sri Lanka.

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Food and culture of Dubai

Dubai’s dining step is diverse and also luxe. It’s affected by numerous factors such together immigrants, religion, and old traditions. While create is plentiful in Dubai, numerous of the emirate’s signature entrees are made indigenous meat, fish, and also rice. Delectable key such together shawarma, ghuzi, and al machboos combine chicken or lamb through a heady variety of spices for an i can not forget dining experience. Dubai’s vegetarians aren’t without options; the region is recognized for the tabbouleh and also hummus. The rich emirate attracts hundreds of visitors each year, and it has its re-publishing of cosmopolitan restaurants come meet and exceed the expectations of the world jet set. You’ll uncover chic French bistros, Greek tavernas, and also decadent Lebanese eateries in Dubai.