task seekers aiming in ~ a six-figure paycheck should have a laser focus, unsurprisingly, on carriers in tech and financial services.

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This list gives a snapshot of suppliers that have actually the most six-figure-salaried positions open across the country, as figured out by task search and also salary comparison site Indeed.com. The companies detailed here had the site"s greatest number of postings for work in the U.S. The pay $100,000 every year or much more as the April 25, 2016.

The providers on this perform are mostly in the an innovation and financial solutions industries, and thus the obtainable jobs require an abilities associated through those spheres.

At the peak of the list is Amazon net Services, which right now has almost 1,200 functions paying $100,000 per year or an ext posted come Indeed, including web services engineer and solutions architect.

"Seeing tech companies such as Amazon and also Google do up half of the height ten not just reiterates the solid job need by the U.S."s tech giants, however the truth that this companies often offer reasonably strong compensation," said Tara Sinclair, Indeed"s chef economist.

J.P. Morgan chase , Price Waterhouse Coopers, Microsoft , and also Raytheon round out the top 5 in a list packed solidly v tech and finance companies.

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"While this list deserve to be inspiring for project seekers, it"s necessary that they also keep in mind the we room in a chop labor sector in numerous industries appropriate now," claimed Sinclair. "Job hunters need to keep an eye out for avenues not simply at the big name companies, however other labor who may be willing to pay because that the best talent."

And despite Sinclair warns that a huge name agency might no be the only ar to lock in a six-figure salary, a large city will carry out the best shot. New York and also San Francisco currently have the many job offerings over $100,000, (5,563 and 2,725, respectively), and also Seattle, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Boston, and Atlanta each have 1,000 or more such duties available.

"The optimal cities sell a many opportunity with the most jobs on sell for $100,000 or more," stated Sinclair, "but it"s necessary to keep in mind the many also rank among having the highest expense of living in the country, so your dollar may not go as far."

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