Are friend curious about what color is opposing of green? Stick around as we will share the answer…

When us were young, one of the very first things we learned is that colors are regarded one another. Whether it is because of similarities or differences, hues deserve to be associated in one way or another. One far-ranging color relation is dissimilarity.

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Take green for example. The is related to, say, teal since they share similarities; it can also be associated to another hue due to the fact that they room contrasts. So what shade is the contrary of green?

If you room wondering what hue is considered the reverse of another, the is crucial to have a tiny refresher top top the color wheel. So, stop dive right in…

The shade Wheel

Look back on the faster lessons you had around colors. Together a kid, you may remember that your teacher presented you come a vibrant circle dubbed the shade wheel.

This is just one of the most fundamental things any kid in an art course should learn. This wheel will certainly play an important role in finding the end the the opposite of green.


Just remember that you have the right to only use these 2 pigments side-by-side and also not by mixing them together. In fact, blending any type of two complementaries will result in a muddy color. So, uneven you desire to reproduce a variation of brown, make sure to just use red and also green alongside every other.

Green and also Red in Psychology

When girlfriend hear of red and green together, the first thing the will come to mind is Christmas. Today, Christmas has end up being a season that joy and also celebration, which makes these two hues perfect for the advent.

In art and also design, this duo renders sense in terms of highlighting any kind of one the the two. When it pertains to fashion, the mix has involved be connected with luxury brands such as Gucci and also its line of products that use green and red together the brand’s trademark.

Individually, the 2 hues have actually different however related meanings. Red is known as a physics hue. That is usually connected with passion, strength, warmth, and energy. It is also related to the excitement. When taken in a an adverse light, red deserve to be viewed as an aggressive and stressful shade.

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Meanwhile, green is viewed as a balancing hue. This method that it is closely connected with concepts of harmony, rejuvenation, equilibrium, and also peace. However, the can additionally have negative connotations, which are boredom, blandness, and also stagnation.

The Bottom Line

Color relations can be observed even when the hues are considered opposites. Once taken together, complementaries definitely work well v each other. So, don’t be fear to experiment with opposites! i hope you appreciated our explanation of what shade is opposing of green on the color wheel?