Detecting semen can be done a few ways. Virtual kits use a liquid to reveal semen as a various color. Although these kits are accurate, they can be expensive, especially if you are experimentation multiple articles of clothing. Each kit yields results for five to 10 articles of clothing. A less-expensive but still accurate an approach of detecting sperm is a black color light. A black light uses ultraviolet rays come detect fluorescent materials, consisting of sperm.

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Buy a black color light. You can find fairly cheap black lights at most department or house supply stores. Girlfriend should have the ability to find a black color light because that $5 to $10.

Gather the apparel that you will be investigating. Look because that stains on them that you have the right to see v your nude eye first to identify which point out you need to take a closer look at at.

Scan carefully the clothing you have gathered. Host the light around six inches native the clothing and move the slowly throughout the piece entirely, focusing specifically on the spots that appeared to be present prior to to her naked eye.

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Observe the clothing. Semen will show up as a light yellow shade when scanned with a black light. This should offer you an answer as to whether semen is on garments or not.

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This must only it is in tried on clothing that have been washed, as semen will stay on products that have actually been washed. Building material that room oil-based can show up under a black light as the exact same pale-yellow color, for this reason make sure the apparel have been washed at least once if you want to be sure.

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