LaMarcus Nurae Aldridge (born July 19, 1985) is an American experienced basketball player because that the mountain Antonio spur of the national Basketball combination (NBA). The power forward played college basketball for two periods at the university of Texas. Aldridge to be selected second overall in the 2006 NBA draft. After ~ spending nine seasons with the Portland follow Blazers, he signed with the spur in 2015. He has been selected to 4 All-NBA teams and also is a five-time NBA All-Star.

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High college career

Aldridge attended Seagoville High School, wherein he ended up being a second-team Parade All-American and Texas combination of Basketball Coaches (TABC) class 4A Player of the Year.

Considered a five-star recruit by, Aldridge was noted as the No. 4 center and the No. 16 player in the nation in 2004.


College career

Aldridge attended the university of Texas. He declared for the 2004 NBA draft but ultimately i was withdrawn his name. Follow to one report, Aldridge"s initial decision to to visit college quite than beginning the pro ranks straight from high institution was influenced by Shaquille O"Neal"s an individual advice the he need to go to college and then advice his NBA prospects. However, in April 2006, near the end of his second year in ~ UT, Aldridge announced that he would certainly leave university to go into the 2006 NBA draft.

College statistics

College awards and honors

NABC All-American third Team (2006) Big-12 defensive Player of the Year (2006) First-team All-Big 12 (2006) Big-12 All-Defensive Team (2006) Big-12 All-Tournament Team (2006)

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Professional career

Portland follow Blazers (2006-2015)

2006-07 season

Aldridge was drafted 2nd overall in the 2006 NBA breeze by the Chicago Bulls, only to have actually his legal rights traded to the Portland follow Blazers for their pick, Tyrus Thomas, and also Viktor Khryapa, quickly after. The Bulls got the choose from the new York Knicks in the 2005 Eddy Curry trade.

Aldridge missed the very first seven gamings of the 2006-07 NBA season due to off-season shoulder surgery, however returned ahead of schedule due in component to one injury to fellow rookie teammate Brandon Roy. Aldridge do an immediate influence on offense, averaging 8.4 point out on 54% shooting from the field through his very first 14 games. After ~ the ns of beginning center Joel Przybilla, in February 2007 come season-ending knee surgery, Aldridge to be awarded the starting center position and also improved his scoring to 14.7 points v 8.0 rebounds per video game in the month that March. This placed him 2nd in the voting for the west Conference Rookie that the Month to Roy. On in march 31, 2007, in the very first quarter against the Los Angeles Clippers, Aldridge was taken to Providence Hospital in Portland for shortness of breath and also irregular heartbeat. He to be diagnosed v Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome ~ above April 9 and missed the staying eight gamings of the 2006-07 season. Aldridge started 22 games his rookie season.

Aldridge was one of six players named to the 2007 NBA All-Rookie first team; that tied for fifth place through Toronto Raptors player Jorge Garbajosa.

2007-08 season

Aldridge elevated his beat in his sophomore year, v career highs in points, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals, and finished 3rd in voting for the NBA Most boosted Player Award. Throughout this season, Aldridge had actually injury troubles as result of plantar fasciitis, which resulted in him to miss gamings from December 11 to December 18, 2007. After the moment missed, Aldridge still had actually some trouble with the foot however was able come play effectively.

2008-09 season

Aldridge played inconsistently to begin the season, adjusting to much more defensive pressure. He referred to as the an initial 15 games "the worst funk" the his life but gradually improved as the season go on.

Aldridge developed his offensive game over the course of the season, quiet relying greatly on his midrange fade far shot. He finished the season averaging 18.1 points and also 7.5 rebounds. Aldridge scored over 20 clues in half of the critical 28 gamings of the season. For his very first time in the league Aldridge virtually played a complete season, lacking only one game.

2009-10 season

In late October, Aldridge signed a five-year, $65 million contract extension with Portland. Before committing to Aldridge, the trace Blazers finalized a five-year, $80 million address All-Star Brandon Roy.

Aldridge placed up comparable numbers come the vault season. Early on in December, Greg Oden suffered a season-ending injury. Aldridge received much more minutes and also offensive avenues as a result.

2010-11 season

Aldridge further emerged as both a player and a leader ~ Brandon Roy go out v knee problems in December 2010. Despite Portland"s "send LA come LA" routine - the NBA All-Star video game was in Los Angeles and also Aldridge"s nickname is "L-A" - Aldridge fail to get named to the west Conference squad. The was, however, vested the NBA Player that the Week for January 17-23 and February 7-13, and also scored a career-high 42 points against the Chicago Bulls top top February 7, 2011. On march 2, he joined Clyde Drexler (1991) and Kelvin Ransey (1981) as the only Blazers to ever before receive the NBA Player the the Month award. Aldridge was runner-up come Kevin Love because that the Most improved Player Award, and voted to the All-NBA third Team v 135 votes.

2011-12 season

Due to the lockout, the 2011-12 season did not start until Christmas work 2011. Blazer fans were optimistic that the three players advertised in your "Rise v Us" promotional campaign (Aldridge, Roy and Greg Oden) would ultimately have a opportunity to play together for a "full" season. Those plan evaporated when Roy, who experienced from chronic knee difficulties due to the absence of cartilage in them, retired and Oden, who had only play in 82 games in the previous 4 seasons, had actually yet an additional setback in his initiative to rehabilitate his knees. Aldridge was called a make reservation on the western Conference All-Star team in 2012.

2012-13 season

On November 12, 2012, Aldridge tape-recorded a job high eight assists in a 87-95 loss come the Atlanta Hawks. In 2013, Aldridge was called an All-Star for the 2nd time in his career. He averaged 21.1 points every game, a job high 9.1 rebounds per video game and additionally recorded a job high 2.6 assists per game in 37.7 minutes every game. The trace Blazers go 33-49 and also missed the playoffs because that the second straight year.

2013-14 season

Despite trade rumors during the 2013 offseason, Aldridge voiced his desire come stay put in Portland, while likewise asking for enhancements to the Blazers" roster. Aldridge started out his eighth NBA season strong, recording 5 straight double-doubles native November 9 come November 17. On November 23, 2013, in a game against the Warriors, Aldridge was connected in one altercation after Warriors center Andrew Bogut ended up being entangled through Joel Freeland. ~ above November 25, it was announced that he was fined $45,000 because that escalating the incident. The really same day, Aldridge was named Western Conference Player that the Week for the 4th time in his career. The award came in the midst of one 11-game success streak because that the Blazers, during which Aldridge average 21.1 points, 11.3 rebounds, 2.5 assists, and 2.5 blocks per game. Top top December 12, 2013, Aldridge scored 31 points and also grabbed a career-high 25 rebounds in a 111-104 win over the Houston Rockets, coming to be the an initial player in Portland trace Blazers franchise history with at least 30 points and also 25 rebounds in a game. On January 23, 2014, Aldridge recorded a career high 44 points together with 13 rebounds, 5 assists and also 2 blocks in a 110-105 victory over the Denver Nuggets.

The trail Blazers walk 31-10 over the very first half of the 2014 season, continuously staying near the peak of the western Conference with the first three months of the season, and making a press for a go back to the playoffs. Alongside teammate Damian Lillard, Aldridge to be voted in as a reserve because that the 2014 NBA All-Star Game, his 3rd straight appearance. He finished fifth in the frontcourt fan voting, garnering over 600,000 votes.

Aldridge suffered a lower back contusion throughout the third quarter of a game versus the spur on march 12, 2014. The missed the following seven games, however returned in time to aid the Blazers secure your 30th playoff berth and very first since 2011.

On April 20, 2014, Aldridge taped a new career high and franchise playoff high that 46 points together with 18 rebounds, 2 assists, and 2 block in video game 1 the the opening round the the playoffs versus the Houston Rockets which ended in a 122-120 overtime victory for the Portland follow Blazers. Top top April 23, 2014, in game 2 the the Blazers" collection against the Houston Rockets, Aldridge tallied 43 points and also 8 rebounds. He join Michael Jordan, Jerry West, Allen Iverson, and Tracy McGrady together the only players in NBA history to score 89 or more points in the very first two gamings of a playoff series. End the whole six-game collection with Houston, Aldridge average 29.8 points and over 2.5 blocks every game. In the next collection against the san Antonio Spurs, Aldridge struggled, shooting only 41.7 percent indigenous the field, together the Blazers were handily defeated in 5 games. Ultimately, Aldridge had a job season in 2014, winning three Western Conference Player the the main awards, and also recording career high in points per game, rebounds every game, free-throw percentage, defensive rebounds, and double-doubles.

2014-15 season

On December 9, 2014, in a game versus the Detroit Pistons, Aldridge passed terrycloth Porter for 2nd on the franchise"s all-time scoring list v 11,333 job points. After top Portland end the very first half the the season with averages the 23.2 points and also 10.2 rebounds every game, Aldridge was ruled the end for six to eight mainly on January 23, 2015, after ~ tearing the radial collateral ligament in his left thumb. However, he missed just two games after deciding versus surgery and returned to the beginning lineup ~ above January 24 versus the Washington Wizards, scoring 26 points in a success that followed two losses v him sidelined. After gift selected together a frontcourt reserve to his fourth straight NBA All-Star game appearance on January 29, Aldridge was named as a starter ~ above February 14 by west Conference All-Star head coach Steve Kerr, instead of the injured Anthony Davis.

On march 20, 2015, Aldridge came to be the follow Blazers" all-time leader in rebounds by record 10 versus the Orlando Magic. Meanwhile, however, the Blazers were cooling off after a 30-11 record through the very first 41 games of the season as soon as shooting safety Wesley Matthews, that Aldridge dubbed "the heart and also soul" that the trail Blazers, tore his Achilles tendon on march 5 versus the Dallas Mavericks and missed the remainder of the season and also playoffs, The Blazers subsequently went 21-20 through their final 41 games. In the playoffs, the short-handed Blazers were outplayed and also outmatched by the Memphis Grizzlies in five games. Aldridge averaged a career-best 23.4 points per game, make a league-best 659 field goals, and also was voted top top the All-NBA 2nd Team.

San Antonio spur (2015-present)

2015-16 season

On July 9, 2015, Aldridge signed a four-year, $80 million contract v the mountain Antonio Spurs. ~ above being got by the Spurs, Aldridge was granted the number 12 jersey despite it having actually been retired for Bruce Bowen. Bowen gave Aldridge and also the spurs his blessing come unretire the number because that him. He made his debut because that the spur in the team"s season opener ~ above October 28 against the Oklahoma City Thunder. In just under 32 minute of action, he tape-recorded 11 points and 5 rebounds in a 112-106 loss. Top top November 11, he returned to Portland for the an initial time together a Spur, record 23 points and 6 rebounds in a 113-101 victory over his previous team. ~ above February 1, 2016, he scored a season-high 28 point out in a 107-92 success over the Orlando Magic, help the Spurs win its 35th right home video game (dating come March 2015), an excellent for the sixth-best streak in organization history. He topped his season-high mark two days later, scoring 36 points in a 110-97 win over the brand-new Orleans Pelicans. Through the win, the Spurs relocated to 27-0 at residence to start the season, snapping a tie with the 1977-78 Portland trace Blazers for the ideal home start among Western Conference teams. Top top February 8, that was named the western Conference Player that the main for gamings played Monday, February 1 v Sunday, February 7. He average 26.0 points, 7.3 rebounds and also 2.5 blocks while shooting .597 (37-62) native the field and .909 from the foul heat to help the spurs go 4-0 because that the week.

After dislocating his right pinkie finger top top April 7, the bothered him because that the rest of the continuous season and also into the playoffs. As the No. 2 seeds in the west Conference, the Spurs faced a depleted Memphis Grizzlies team in the very first round. In a video game 1 win, Aldridge scored 17 points. The spur went ~ above to move the Grizzlies in the an initial round to relocate on to the conference semi-finals, wherein they faced the Oklahoma City Thunder. In game 1 the the series against the Thunder, Aldridge score a game-high 38 clues on 18-of-23 shoot in a 124-92 win. In a game 2 loss, the bested that note by scoring 41 points.

2016-17 season

In the Spurs" season opener ~ above October 25, 2016, Aldridge recorded 26 points and 14 rebounds in a 129-100 win over the golden State Warriors. His next ideal performance come on December 25 against the Chicago Bulls. Aldridge had a season-high 33 points in a 119-110 success over the Bulls, marking his second-highest scoring calculation as a Spur. He made his an initial nine attempts while scoring 20 point out in the opened period, his many in any type of quarter with the Spurs. On march 11, 2017, he was ruled the end for an indefinite duration due to an incident of a minor love arrhythmia. He was medically cleared to return on in march 15. In his first game earlier that night, Aldridge had 19 points and also seven rebounds in a 110-106 loss to the Portland trail Blazers. As a result, Aldridge reached 1,000 points for a 10th directly season, involvement LeBron James and also Dwyane Wade as the only active players (at the time) through that streak.

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On might 11, 2017, the Spurs got rid of the Houston Rockets through a 114-75 success in video game 6 of your second-round playoff series behind a season-high 34 points indigenous Aldridge. Aldridge had actually failed to acquire out that the second round in his previous six postseason trips. He also became the first Spur to score 34 points with 12 rebounds in a playoff game because Tim Duncan versus the Phoenix Suns in 2008.