Back come SportsBack to FootballBack come BiographiesAdrian Peterson is an NFL running ago for the Minnesota Vikings. He combines strength, speed, and also elusiveness to be among the finest running backs in the video game today.

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Where did Adrian Peterson grow up?Adrian was born in Palestine, Texas on in march 21, 1985. He grew up in Palestine and attended Palestine High college where he was an excellent athlete. Farming up near Dallas, Adrian was a substantial Cowboys fan and also his favorite player was Emmitt Smith.Adrian had a hard childhood. His parents divorced when he was young. Then his older brother was eliminated by a drunk driver when Adrian was 7. As soon as he to be 13 his father to be arrested and also sent to jail. Happily his mommy was strong and managed to provide him a great home.Adrian was a standout football player in ~ a young age. He also was a star top top his high school"s monitor team. Because he had actually moved, the couldn"t play football till his junior year, but he made up for lost time by rushing for more than 2,000 yards and also scoring 22 touchdowns. His senior year that was among the upstream backs in the country rushing because that 2,960 yards and 32 touchdowns.What university did Adrian Peterson attend?Adrian had actually his choice of colleges and selected Oklahoma. His student in the first year year was among the biggest freshman seasons ever before by a college football player. He rushed for 1,925 yards and finished 2nd in the Heisman voting. This to be the highest ever by a freshman. His following two year were somewhat disappointing through comparison as he wasn"t able come play every the games as result of injury. ~ his small year, Adrian determined to enter the NFL draft and go pro.
The Minnesota VikingsThe Vikings selected Peterson with the 7th as whole pick in the NFL draft. Castle were no disappointed. In his rookie season Adrian rushed because that 1,341 yards and 12 touchdowns and also was named the NFL attack Rookie the the Year. The also set the NFL record for most yards in a game, rushing because that 296 yards against the san Diego Chargers.Adrian has continued his good rushing performances ever before since and has to be consistently among the ideal players in the NFL. One difficulty he had early on in his career to be fumbling, however, in the 2010 season he only fumbled once. He has actually been selected to the NFL pro Bowl annually he"s played a complete year in the league.In 2012, Adrian returned from a devastating injury to rush for 2,097 yard. The missed break the all time document by simply nine yards. That was named the 2012 NFL MVP.

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Fun Facts around Adrian PetersonAdrian has the nicknames A.D. For "all day" and also Purple Jesus.One time in high institution Peterson ran for 350 yards and also 6 TDs. Every in one half!In addition to football and track, he additionally starred top top his high school basketball team.Adrian"s dad was a star basketball player because that Idaho State. He to be hoping to play in the NBA till he acquired injured in an accident and also couldn"t play any type of longer.His mom was a track and field star at the university of Houston.Adrian put on the number 28. He wanted the 29 in high school since it was Eric Dickerson"s number. The didn"t acquire it therefore he take it 28 and it"s to be his number ever before since.Other sporting activities Legend"s Biographies:
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