Jack Timeline and summary

Jack is presented to us as “Merridew,” the tyrannical leader of the choir boys. Under his leadership, Simon faints in the warm sun.Once the guys decide that Ralph should be leader, Jack declares that he should be chief.When Ralph offers him manage over the choir-boys, Jack decides his group will act as the hunters.Ralph, Jack and Simon walk off to explore the island and try to discover if the is yes, really uninhabited.On their method back come the lagoon they discover a small pig tangled in the creepers. Jack raises his knife, however can’t quite carry himself to kill it. After ~ the pig escapes, that thinks, “Next time there will certainly be no mercy.” Ralph insists the they construct signal fire therefore that when a delivery comes the males on board will watch the smoke and know where to discover them.The boys rush to the optimal of the mountain, collecting dried firewood on the way, and also Jack snatches Piggy’s “specs” (his special glasses) to magnify the light and start a fire. Time has actually passed, and also we see Jack, his bare back a “mass the dark freckles and peeling sunburn.” that is naked other than for a pair of tattered shorts.Jack has come to be obsessed with killing a pig, and also he seems to be becoming much more like an pet himself, increasing his head and sniffing the air with flared nostrils. Catching sight the a pile of droppings, Jack find a pig but once again misses v his spear.Highly frustrated, Jack renders his means to where Ralph and Simon room trying to develop two shelters the end of palm trunks and also leaves.Ralph and Jack have an discussion over which is much more important – structure shelters, or detect meat. Ralph wants Jack to aid him and Simon build the shelters because they’re having actually a tough time doing the alone.Jack cannot give up the idea of the pig-hunt and suggests they repaint their faces and also sneak up on the animals while castle sleep in the hottest component of the day. Much more time has passed. The guys have developed a type of valuation in their resides that entails the littluns play together, some of the biguns (Jack and the choir boys) still searching pigs, and also the rather (Ralph and also Simon and Piggy) trying to develop shelters and also keep the signal fire going. Jack has determined that the reason he can’t death a pig is that they can see the coming, so he decides to paint his challenge with white clay, red clay, and a rod of charcoal. When he ultimately gets the right, Jack looks at himself in a huge shell of water (a coconut shell) and is astonished to view an “awesome stranger” looking back at him.The various other boys sirloin after Jack together he runs turn off to make another attempt to kill a pig.They room successful this time, and also the choir boys march together with Jack, delivering a dead pig top top a stake and chanting, “Kill the pig. Reduced her throat. Spill she blood.”The procession winds up the next of the mountain and Jack and the choir boys begin telling Ralph and also Piggy excitedly exactly how they regulated to death the pig.Jack and the choir boys deserve to tell something is wrong, but they don’t recognize what it is.Finally, Ralph speak them that they let the signal fire go out and also in the meantime, a ship has passed through without see them.Piggy is furious and also he and also Jack start shouting at every other, at critical coming to blows.Jack punches Piggy and his glasses fly off.At last, Jack apologizes come Ralph because that letting the fire go out.As they start the fire and roast the pig, some kind of tranquility is revived for the moment, however surely not for long.After Ralph talks to the guys at the assembly, Jack bring away the conch and starts talking about the beast the the littluns space afraid of.After much discussion, the meeting disintegrates and also Jack shouts the the just thing to perform is come hunt the beast down. Jack beginning off v a pack of boys  to search for the beast.After Sam and also Eric provide the news about the beast, Jack again states they need to hunt it down. Jack, Ralph, and also some of the biguns decide to go trying to find it. Castle head for the tail end of the island, where the rocks make a type of bridge – they’ve never ever explored that component before, and also they think the beast could be hiding there.When they acquire to the rocks, Ralph declares he will go in and look because that the beast due to the fact that he’s the chief. Courage aside, as soon as he gets halfway in the hears a sound and sees the Jack has adhered to him. Jack, acting choose a decent human for once, says, “couldn’t permit you execute it on your own.”Not surprisingly, there is no beast inside. Jack and Ralph have some fun exploring, climate decide they space going to need to climb come the height of the mountain and also look for the beast there, also though castle pretty sure they won’t uncover anything. The guys are beginning up the hill again when the bushes crash ahead of them and also a huge boar (a masculine pig through tusks) comes rushing out.Jack takes turn off unsuccessfully ~ the boar.The boys play a video game in which they pretend Robert is the pig. After ~ they’re excellent “hunting” him, they start up the hill again.Ralph, Jack and Roger go the last street by themselves. Jack goes first and sees the “beast” (the parachute man) bowing and also lifting in the wind, but can’t yes, really tell what it is. Horribly frightened, the rushes back to obtain Ralph and also Roger. They trio goes hand in hand to take a look.They lastly get a look at what castle think is a huge ape sit there, asleep, v his head between his knees. At the sight of it, they leap earlier down the hillside.The next morning, Jack tries come take control of the situation. The calls an assembly by punch the conch.He speak the group around the beast and also then, wanting come maintain control of the others, asks who thinks Ralph do not do it be cook anymore.When no one is ready to agree v this idea, Jack is humiliated and declares that he is walk to walk off by himself. He states Ralph can capture his very own pigs from currently on.Jack invites whoever wants to join him and runs off into the forest.Jack and his group of hunters comment on how they will certainly kill a pig and have a feast. They decision they will certainly leave component of the pig for the beast, in really hopes that the biology won’t stroked nerves them.The boys uncover a team of pigs sleeping together and collection their sights top top the biggest, fattest one – a mother, parenting a row of piglets. They take aim together and kill her. The boys realize that to chef the pig, they are going to need fire, and also without Piggy’s glasses, they have no method to begin one. For this reason Jack claims that they will certainly steal some fire native Ralph’s team later on.Jack bends over the pig through his knife and cuts off she head. The rams a pointed stick right into the crack of a rock and also jams the pig’s severed head ~ above the various other end.Later the night, Jack, Maurice, and Robert run approximately the fire and also grab some of the burning sticks.After grabbing the sticks, castle announce the they are having a pig roast and that anyone have the right to come eat with them who desires to.Then they operation off again.Jack place on a great feast for all the boys. While they eat, Jack sits on a good log, “painted and also garlanded,” favor an idol. Jack graciously uses Piggy and Ralph part food, which castle take.After everyone eats, Jack demands to understand who is walking to join his tribe.Lightning flashes and also Jack jumps up and also begins come dance. The other boys join him and also act the end the pig hunting again. As they run wildly, miscellaneous crawls towards them native the forest and stumbles right into the circle. The Simon.Jack, along with all the other boys, spears Simon come death.Jack sits naked from the waist up, his face painted in white and red as Wilfred, “newly beaten,” cries.Jack announces the they will hunt again tomorrow.They talk about that castle will need to steal fire indigenous the others again, in order come roast the meat.During the night, Jack and also his hunters attack Ralph and also Piggy and also steal Piggy’s glasses. Now they have power to do fire all on your own.Jack comes out of the woodland the following day and also finds Piggy and Ralph saying with his hunters around Piggy’s glasses.Ralph and Jack room fiercely angry at every other and begin come fight, swinging at each other with your spears.During a stop in the fighting, Jack speak the savages to grab Sam and also Eric, i beg your pardon they do after part mild hesitation.Jack charges at Ralph again, yet stops as soon as Piggy holds increase the conch and yells at them come let him speak.After Piggy drops to his death, Jack rushes forward, screaming the he really is chef now since the conch is gone.Jack hurls his spear right into Ralph’s ribs.After Ralph runs away, Jack and the rather go ago to your fort. Jack speak Sam and Eric that they need to join his tribe. Jack pokes Sam with his spear till both the twins give in.Jack makes a setup to hunt because that Ralph the following day with the will to kill him. Jack pressures the twins to tell him where Ralph is hiding.He lights the thicket top top fire come smoke Ralph out. Jack and also his savages follow Ralph through the forest, yet his setup is thwarted once rescuers from the Navy show up.

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We discover that, ironically, that is the fire from Jack’s acting that has actually led them to the island.