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The Super key is the most-watched occasion on TV in the joined States, with more than 100 million viewers tuning in annually. There"s no factor to mean the 2021 edition of the occasion to be any type of different, specifically with fan constraints in place because of COVID-19. So gain that tv tuned come the appropriate channel, sit back and gain the game.

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Three networks — CBS, Fox and also NBC — room in commitment with the NFL to revolve the broadcasts in between their networks in three-year sequences. Things have actually gone a little bit out of revolve for 2021 because of the Olympics, i beg your pardon we"ll acquire into an ext below, therefore it"ll it is in CBS showing the Super key this time around.

If you want one factor to get excited about that, it"s Tony Romo. Widely related to as the top shade commentator in the NFL, the previous Cowboys quarterback bring an enthusiasm to broadcasts that couple of others match while additionally providing a high level the expertise.

CBS will likewise surely plug its yearly rights to the NCAA Tournament, otherwise known as in march Madness, which should bring one of the most-known jingles in every one of sports out throughout the supervisor Bowl, too.

Below, we"ve got an ext of what you need to know about the 2021 Super key broadcast.

Who is broadcasting the Super key in 2021?

CBS will certainly broadcast the Super key on Feb. 7, 2021. That"s due to being one of three networks (Fox and NBC the others) that agreed come a deal with the NFL in 2006 to rotate the super Bowl between the 3 channels.

That 2006 transaction is collection to expire adhering to the 2022 supervisor Bowl, which renders this the last Super key broadcast top top CBS under the existing rights deal. Since CBS was previously associated in Super key broadcasts, this will be the 21st time the big game is displayed on CBS.

The 2021 Super bowl was initially lined up to be transfer on NBC, however they swapped places with CBS and will instead broadcast the Super bowl in 2022. That enables NBC to cross promote the at sight Bowl with its coverage that the 2022 Winter Olympics.

In Canada, the Super bowl is being broadcast on TSN and also CTV, and also is also obtainable to live stream on DAZN (which uses a 30-day totally free trial).

Below is the list of super Bowls that have actually been broadcasted (and will certainly be broadcasted) through the rotation collection by the present TV agreement.

Super BowlBroadcast networkNFL season
Super bowl 56NBC2021
Super key 55CBS2020
Super key 54 (49ers vs. Chiefs)Fox2019
Super bowl 53 (Rams vs. Patriots)CBS2018
Super key 52 (Eagles vs. Patriots)NBC2017
Super bowl 51 (Falcons vs. Patriots)Fox2016
Super bowl 50 (Panthers vs. Broncos)CBS2015
Super key 49 (Seahawks vs. Patriots)NBC2014
Super bowl 48 (Seahawks vs. Broncos)Fox2013
Super key 47 (49ers vs. Ravens)CBS2012
Super bowl 46 (Giants vs. Patriots)NBC2011
Super bowl 45 (Packers vs. Steelers)Fox2010
Super bowl 44 (Saints vs. Colts)CBS2009
Super key 43 (Cardinals vs. Steelers)NBC2008
Super key 42 (Giants vs. Patriots)Fox2007
Super bowl 41 (Bears vs. Colts)CBS2006

The next round that NFL negotiations v the transfer powers for the super Bowl might be the most financially rewarding ever. ABC/ESPN, own by Disney, could seek to get into the rotation with a vast bid. And also Amazon has been nudging its way into NFL broadcasting in recent years and could do a beat on some sort of digital Super bowl broadcast rights, too.

How lot does it expense to transfer the supervisor Bowl?

The Super bowl broadcast rights are packaged with various other broadcasts and also not sold individually, for this reason there"s not a straight answer to this question.

CBS apparently pays $1 billion because that its package of gamings that includes Sunday games throughout the constant season along with a place in the Super key broadcast rotation.

Fox apparently pays the most, v $1.1 billion acquiring it a package of Sunday games, a re-publishing of "Thursday Night Football" and a clues broadcasting the super Bowl. And also NBC apparently pays $950 million, which gets it "Sunday Night Football" and Super Bowl civil liberties in the rotation.

Unlike the 3 networks" deals with the NFL, ESPN"s current contract expires after 2021 and not ~ 2022. That method it can be complex for Disney come negotiate for Super Bowl rights as part of its next package, back that can accelerate the all at once negotiation for anyone who wants a piece of the Super bowl pie, which will surely be as expensive as ever.

Super key announcers: Jim Nantz and also Tony Romo

Nantz and Romo are CBS" height NFL broadcast team and will speak to Super key 55 from Raymond James stadion in Tampa, Florida.

This will be the 6th Super Bowl with Nantz ~ above play-by-play duties. He an initial called the big game in 2007, and also the first four that his job were referred to as with Phil Simms as his shade commentator. Nantz called his first Super Bowl through Romo in 2019, once the Patriots beat the Rams.

Romo is the highest-paid shade commentator in sports, through him apparently making $17 million every season. According to Spotrac, Romo only made more than the in four of his NFL periods as a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

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The "Romo Game" each week during the regular season is looked forward to by numerous football fans, that appreciate Romo"s mix of enthusiasm and also humor paired through an ability to describe the game for the audience. He"s also known for reading the field and also calling plays prior to they happen.

Super key sideline reporters: Tracy Wolfson, Evan Washburn and also Jay Feely

Wolfson is the normal sideline reporter for the Nantz and Romo crew. This will certainly be the 4th Super key she"s on the sideline for. Wolfson join Nantz"s crew because that NFL gamings in 2014.

This will be the third Super key broadcast for Washburn. He joined CBS in 2014 and also was a part of the speak to for at sight Bowls in 2016 and also 2019.

Feely is a former NFL kicker who provides both kicking insights and other commentary during games for CBS. He, favor Washburn, aided on the speak to for the gamings in 2016 and also 2019. Feely make 332 field goals in one NFL career covering from 2001 to 2014, which ranking him 25th all-time in the category.

(Getty Images) https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/2/c9/jayfeelygetty1203ftr_12fqmwllmq81h1e9zk8nws1aj7.jpg?t=308527506&w=500&quality=80

What channel is the Super bowl on?

Super key 55 will be transfer nationally top top CBS.

MORE: Live present Super bowl 55 ~ above fuboTV (7-day totally free trial)

Below are the optimal 40 TV sectors in the unites States and also the neighborhood CBS affiliate because that each.

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MarketFox affiliate (digital/virtual channel)
New YorkWCBS (2)
Los AngelesKCBS (2)
ChicagoWBBM (2)
PhiladelphiaKYW-TV (3)
Dallas-Ft. WorthKTVT (11)
San Francisco/Bay areaKPIX (5)
Washington D.C.WUSA (9)
HoustonKHOU (11)
BostonWBZ-TV (4)
AtlantaWGCL-TV (46)
PhoenixKPHO-TV (5)
Tampa/St. PetersburgTWSP (10)
SeattleKIRO-TV (7)
DetroitWWJ-TV (62)
Minneapolis-St. PaulWCCO-TV (4)
MiamiWFOR-TV (4)
DenverKCNC-TV (4)
OrlandoWKMG-TV (6)
ClevelandWOIO (19)
SacramentoKOVR (13)
CharlotteWBTV (3)
PortlandKOIN (6)
St. LouisKMOV (4)
PittsburghKDKA-TV (2)
BaltimoreWJZ-TV (13)
Raleigh-DurhamWNCN (17)
NashvilleWTVF (5)
San DiegoKMFB (8)
Salt Lake CityKUTV (2)
San AntonioKENS (5)
Kansas CityKCTV
ColumbusWBNS-TV (10)
MilwaukeeWDJT-TV (58)
CincinnatiWKRC-TV (12)
Las VegasKLAS-TV (8)
JacksonvilleWJAX-TV (47)
Oklahoma CityKWTV-DT (9)
New OrleansWWL-TV (4)
MemphisWREG (3)
BuffaloWIVB-TV (4)