History for children >> ancient ChinaThe geography of ancient China shame the method the world and culture developed. The big land was isolated from much of the remainder of the human being by dry deserts come the north and west, the Pacific s to the east, and also impassable mountains to the south. This enabled the Chinese to construct independently from other civilization civilizations.

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Map showing the geography of China indigenous cia.gov(click map come see larger picture)
RiversPerhaps the 2 most crucial geographical features of ancient China were the two major rivers the flowed through main China: the Yellow river to the north and the Yangtze flow to the south. These major rivers were a great source of new water, food, productive soil, and also transportation. They likewise were the topics of Chinese poetry, art, literature, and folklore.Yellow RiverThe Yellow flow is often referred to as the "cradle that Chinese civilization". It was follow me the financial institutions of the Yellow river where the Chinese civilization first formed. The Yellow river is 3,395 miles lengthy making that the 6th longest flow in the world. That is also called the Huang the River.Early Chinese farmer built small villages along the Yellow River. The rich yellow colored floor was great for farming a grain referred to as millet. The farmers of this area additionally raised sheep and cattle.
Yangtze RiverThe Yangtze flow is southern of the Yellow River and also flows in the very same direction (west come east). It is 3,988 mile long and also is the 3rd longest flow in the world. Similar to the Yellow River, the Yangtze played vital role in the advance of the society and world of old China.Farmers that lived follow me the Yangtze flow took advantage of the heat climate and also rainy weather to thrive rice. Ultimately the land along the Yangtze became some that the most important and wealthy soil in every one of Ancient China.The Yangtze likewise served as a boundary in between northern and also southern China. The is very wide and complicated to cross. The famous fight of Red Cliffs took place along the river.MountainsTo the south and southeast the China room the Himalaya Mountains. These room the highest possible mountains in the world. They noted a practically impassable border for ancient China, keeping the area diverted from countless other civilizations. Castle were also important to Chinese religion and also were considered sacred.DesertsTo the north and also west of old China were 2 of the world"s largest deserts: the Gobi Desert and also the Taklamakan Desert. This deserts also provided borders that retained the Chinese isolated native the remainder of the world. The Mongols, however, lived in the Gobi Desert and also were continuous raiding cities of northern China. This is why the good Wall that China was developed to protect the Chinese native these northern invaders.
Interesting Facts about the geography of ancient ChinaToday the three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze river serves as the world"s biggest hydro-electric power source.The Yellow River likewise has the surname "China"s Sorrow" due to the fact that of the damaging floods that have emerged throughout history when its banks overflowed.The Taklamakan Desert has the nickname that the "Sea that Death" since of that is temperature extremes and also poisonous snakes.Much the the Silk road traveled follow me the deserts come the north and west of China.The faith of Buddhism is closely connected with the Himalaya Mountains.

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