To save your pets chameleon healthy and happy, it need to be fed an healthy diet of suitable chameleon food. A veiled chameleon greatly eats every kinds of insects. The will additionally eat fruits and vegetables. Because the food we offer them in bondage generally does no have sufficient calcium and also vitamin D we deserve to supplement the food with extra vitamins and also calcium. Top top this page you deserve to read all around healthy food for chameleons.

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Chameleon food: Live insects

Many varieties of live insects are fantastic food because that chameleons. Especially:

CricketsGrasshoppersCaterpillarsMoths and butterfliesMeal wormsMorio wormsKatydids and mantisesStick insectsCockroachesPink baby mice

Not every these kinds of insects room harmless, friend can find poisonous caterpillars, butterflies or various other insects in nature. Pet shop feeder insects are normally safe, they could be noble or have parasites but this is rare.

A chameleon ready to eat a cricket

Taking care of the live feeder insects

You do must take treatment of the live insects you feeding to your chameleon. If you execute not feeding them properly, they will certainly not save on computer as lot nutrients for her chameleon. Castle will likewise not last as long, make it costly for you come feed your chameleon.

What you feed her feeder insects will straight go right into your chameleon. The food that is in the gut that the feeder insects will be eaten by your chameleon. A feeder insect that has not consumed in a while will not contain as lot nutrient as a healthy and balanced one the has consumed healthy food. This is dubbed gut loading, you have the right to read an ext about that here. Crickets and also cockroaches deserve to be fed through fruits, eco-friendly vegetables, oatmeal, cricket food, life potato or distinct food pellets. Carry out them with a source of water that will not let them drown, like a sponge on a bowl or a item juicy fruit. Grasshoppers can be fed with grass or environment-friendly reeds, they require a dry setting with new greens for their moisture.

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If friend buy feeder insects in ~ a pets shop you can better not keep them in the container the you obtained them in. Move them come a enlarge enclosure, choose a plastic box or fauna box, and administer them with some egg cartons to hide under, and some food and moisture. Come read much more about that, check out the page Keeping feeder insects alive and healthy.

A an excellent feeder insect for chameleons: young locust / grasshopper

The ideal size that feeder insects for your chameleon

A infant veiled chameleon can not eat what an adult veiled chameleon eats. It’s lot too big! A baby veiled chameleon will begin its live eating little crickets and Drosophila hydei fruit flies. An adult chameleon will eat large Egyptian grasshoppers and adult cockroaches. Therefore you need to choose the appropriate size that feeder insect because that your size chameleon. The general preeminence is that a chameleon will certainly eat anything that is 1 to 1,5 time the size of its mouth, or smaller.

Fruits and vegetables for chameleons

Chameleons gain eating fruits and vegetables, but this is no their clip food. Insects are their most essential food item. Fruits and vegetables to carry out some extra nutrients, vitamins and also moisture that will certainly be healthy for her veiled chameleon. When you feed her chameleon countless insects, and many various kinds, that is frequently not an extremely inclined come eat vegetables and fruits. The is additionally a personality thing: some chameleons choose it, rather refuse to eat it. My veiled chameleon loves broccoli however does no accept numerous other fruits or vegetables.

Try to feed your chameleon fruits and vegetables indigenous a young age. Offer it once a week, also when it does not eat it. It deserve to suddenly decide to start eating it. Cut the items in little pieces to do it less complicated to eat. Thoroughly wash them come remove any type of pesticides and also peel the fruits with a difficult skin. Perform not add any salt or various other additives except reptile vitamin powder or calcium powder.

The adhering to fruits and vegetables are an excellent for veiled chameleons:

TomatoCooked broccoliRaw broccoliAppleBananaStrawberryMangoOrange (peeled and also in parts)TangerineKiwiMelonCabbage (not too much)LettuceCooked peasFresh spinach leavesCooked carrot

How often should i feed my chameleon?

When her chameleon is not yet adult, you have the right to feed the as lot crickets, grasshoppers, cockroaches, caterpillars, fruits and vegetables together it will certainly eat. Border the amount of waxworms, mealworms and morio worms you feed to it as those are an extremely fatty. A chameleon that is still farming will eat a lot, often much more than you would expect. Make sure you have enough food for it. A veiled chameleon the is between 3 and also 8 months old will certainly eat a entirety box that crickets in around 5 days. As soon as the chameleon stops cultivation it will eat lot less. It will certainly eat possibly 3 to 5 crickets a day, or 2 grasshoppers. When creating eggs the food intake will go increase again.An adult chameleon go not need to eat every day. You can skip a day. I am a proponent that feeding your chameleon at the very least a small bit every day. Sometimes it will refuse every food for a job or two, this is normal and also you should not worry about it.

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Adding calcium and vitamins to chameleon food

You need to supplement this food with extra calcium and vitamins. Exactly how to include this come the food and how lot you should provide is all described here.