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About Northeastern new Jersey

With that is proximity to brand-new York City, the 201 area code offers huge city sights in a bite-sized manner. The 201 area password covers every one of northeastern new Jersey, meaning that if you in the area, you can start her visit in Jersey City. Take it in sweeping sights that Upper new York Bay through the Hudson flow at the forefront of a picturesque view. Spend the work touring Ellis Island before visiting the Liberty science Center. Then, discover the rest of the 201 area password all the method up and also down brand-new Jersey’s coastline. Hackensack is house to the brand-new Jersey navy Museum while you’ll uncover the well known Teardrop Memorial in Bayonne. Native the brand-new York Harbor flowing waters that the Hudson River, nearly everything in the 201 area password is picture-perfect.


Areas Served

In state of new Jersey area codes, the 201 area password is the smallest geographically. However, that serves few of the state’s most renowned counties and cities. Stretching from the Hudson river in the north down to Jersey City and also Bayonne in the south, the 201 area password serves Hoboken, Hackensack, and nearly most that both Hudson and also Bergen counties.


The background of 201

While the 201 area code originally served all of new Jersey when it to be created back in 1947, its geographical coverage has actually been progressively replaced by various other numbers end the years together the state’s population has grown. When they an initial split the 201 area password in 1951, the coverage was reduced to simply the northern component of brand-new Jersey, serving counties such together Hudon, Somerset, Sussex, Middlesex, and Bergen. Then, ~ rapid populace growth in the 1980s, the 201 area password was separation further and used together the go-to area password for northeastern new Jersey, covering many of Hudson County and also Bergen County, stretching to Hudson flow and new York City. In 2001, the 201 area code was overlaid v the 551 area code. Today, both area codes offer the same locations of northeastern new Jersey, although the 201 area code is nearing exhaustion much quicker than 551 numbers. The former is additionally much much more prominent in the larger cities of Jersey City, Bayonne, Paramus, and Kearney.


Other well-known Area Codes

Find other numbers in other well-known area codes, from the sunny beaches of Miami come the Gulf shores in Houston.

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Is her number compromised? perform you simply not require it any more? walk you move to a various area code or are you traveling to a new city? No problem. Burn the number and make a new one in your new local area code. No carriers, no contracts, no hassle.

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Name her lines based on what you use it for or the area code, include photos, and configure the setups such as transforming the ringer ~ above or off, or setup up an auto-reply text.

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