A sociologist is that human who researches sociology and also is mainly specialized to studying the life of humans within the groups in which castle develop.

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One of the main things that sociologist perform is to investigate the processes carried out within society, such together it´s structure, problems, behaviors among others.

Another is to build theories follow to the research lugged out, ~ making a strict diagnosis that the situations studied, as well as an review and development of measuring instruments. It´s important to mention that the results of these investigations will constantly be communicated.

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So, the answer to this question is that all the sociologist do in their research studies investigation and develop theories acoording that investigations.

D) command research and construct theories based on research

Explanation: construct theories based upon their study is something the they constantly do in your work.

Sociology is all around researching and also studying person behaviour, consisting of mental and also physical. So all sociologists would have to diagnose a patience in your career. Hopefully this helped. Discovered on google. -j :)

The price is B. Conduct research and construct theories based upon the researchI hope this helps ♡ make certain to like


You are a member the the jury because that a killing case. The prosecution has actually presented dna evidence linking the defendant to the crime scene. The defense insurance claims that dna evidence using str evaluation with 13 mite is not sufficient to reliably distinguish in between people. What do you think? a. The defense is right. Str evaluation with 13 markers provides a 1 in 1 million possibility of two world having the same pattern, leave a reasonable doubt. B. Str evaluation is not sufficient. The defendant"s whole genome have to be sequenced. The prosecution will need to consult a genomic library come make certain their dna evidence is valid. C. The start is right. Str evaluation with 13 markers offers a 1 in 10 billion or higher chance the two human being will have actually the exact same pattern. This human was in ~ the crime scene. D. Dna evidence is not generally welcomed by legal experts.
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Like numerous cities in the south, atlanta to be poorly ready to satisfy the emergency that the good depression. I beg your pardon statement bestdescribes exactly how atlanta to be poorly prepared?
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Imagine a kid who repeatedly gets mediocre grades and also is often picked last for a team when games are play at recess. However, he likes to make silly jokes and also play pranks, and also he notices that human being laugh as soon as he go those things. The son starts to think that others space laughing through him, not at him. This is component of the procedure that charles cooley