The objective of this overview is to highlight the difference in between footnotes and endnotes, and explain ideal practices on just how to usage both as soon as writing study papers.



Cite references or adding comments ~ above a specific component of the record or a sentence. They space usually inserted at the bottom the the page. Note are amazing comments and referring to other relevant and useful sources. They allude out where the product is comes from, and also where to look because that extra resources on the topic.

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An Endnoteis a reference,comment, or explanation usually located at the end of the article, research record and chapter.

Endnotes key purpose is to direct users to the original resource of a quotation, paraphrase, or summary. They administer extra information and also explanatory comments to the main text.

Users of scholastic and scholarly publications choose footnotes to endnotes

Where execute you include a footnote mark?

The most preferred and the most typical practice is to put the footnote in ~ the end of the sentence after ~ (any) dot mark.

To start typing a new sentence or paragraph skip 2 spaces.

If the sentence hasmore than one footnote, include the footnote in the center of the sentence ideal after the word you desire to clarify, however this practice is not recommended, the best practice is:

To be added at the end of the sentence or the end of the phrase.Should be included after a dot mark.If the footnote is not at the end of the sentence as soon as you start a brand-new paragraph or heat skip only one space.

Adding footnotes in indigenous 2013

Footnotes and endnotes often show up in the same discussion, and there is some confusion in between the two terms. Permit us resolve that confusion. Footnotes and also endnotes are offered in printed records to explain, comment on, or administer references fora text in a report. Many human being usefootnotesfor in-depth comments andendnotesfor citation of sources.

Footnotestypically appear at the finish of every page, whereasendnotesappear in ~ the finish of the document. Footnotes and endnotes consists two attached parts – the keep in mind reference mark and the equivalent note text.


Insert A Footnote Or an Endnote

The numbering of footnotes and endnotes is done instantly by Microsoft Word. You have the right to use a single numbering plan throughout a document, or you deserve to use different numbering schemes within each ar in a paper. Come insert a footnote or an endnote, ar the cursor whereby you want the marker, then walk to the recommendations tab and clickInsert EndnoteorInsert Footnote(in the footnotes group).


Word inserts the note reference note (usually a sequential number) and places the insertion allude in the text area the the new footnote or endnote. Friend can format the footnote text like any kind of other message (e.g. Make it bold, italic, adjust the font etc.).

Once you’ve finished keying the endnote or footnote you have the right to place the cursor ago in the main body the your file to carry on amending it. To return to the reference note in the paper, double-click the footnote or endnote reference mark. In fact, this works the other means around too: dual click ~ above the reference note in the paper to run to the footnote or endnote.


When you add, delete, or move notes that have been immediately numbered, indigenous renumbers the footnote and endnote recommendation marks.

When you hover over a reference note in her document, a tooltip will screen that includes the text in the equivalent footnote/endnote.


Word keeps a record of each footnote and endnote girlfriend create, and you can see them every by clicking referrals > Captions > Cross-reference, We have the right to use the list presented right here to reuse footnotes and also insert them elsewhere. However, cross-references have a limitation – if you include another footnote over the original one, the footnote number will certainly update yet the cross-reference number will certainly not. To do this, you have to update all areas in the document. There are various means to do this, but the easiest is to open up “Print Preview”. This will update all cross-references to the correct numbers.

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Note: If her footnotes to be incorrectlynumbered, your paper might save on computer tracked changes. Expropriate the tracked changes, and also then word will correctly number the footnotes and endnotes.