becoming a knight

Becoming a knight to be a long and challenging process and only the boy of noble could end up being Medieval Knights.

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Training to be a middle ages knight began at a an extremely early age roughly seven year of age boys would end up being a page.

A pageboy would begin to learn how to fight and ride a horse in a castle until they were about 14 year of age, then they would end up being Squires.

During the early years of coming to be a knight pages were provided a straightforward education and taught exactly how to take care of themselves in daily life act chores such as serving food at the table etc.

It wasn’t until they became Squires and were sent out to live v a Lord that training to end up being a knight began in earnest.

Becoming a items – Apprenticeship

A page would come to be a squire in ~ the period of fourteen; he would certainly then come to be an understudy to an established medieval knight.

This to be his apprenticeship the would eventually lead to him becoming a knight and he would certainly look after his mentor law a variety of job whilst observing and also learning brand-new skills native his master.

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Becoming a article – A Squire is knighted at a dubbing ceremony

Becoming a knight | The last Ceremony

After years of intensive training under the soup of an created knight that would lastly be time because that the middle ages squire to do the transition to ending up being a fully-fledged knight.

This would generally be around 21 year of age. In ready for the one-of-a-kind dubbing ceremony the adhering to day, squires would spend the night before the awareness in prayer asking for accuse in their new role together a knight.

Becoming a knight – The Dubbing awareness & Knighthood

The dubbing ceremony was a huge event often followed by feasting and also dancing, periodically tournaments take it afterwards.

A article or even a king could perform the dubbing ritual however often the squire’s proud father that would carry out this duty.

The squire dressed in a white robe would certainly kneel down and also have both his shoulders tapped v a sword, typically by his father as other nobles watched.

A squire was given a sword and spurs because that his achievement and brand-new found standing at coming to be a middle ages knight.

At the finish of the dubbing ceremony, a knight’s father would say the adhering to or comparable words:

“Go fair boy be she a valiant knight and also courageous in the confront of your enemy and also be true and also upright that God might love thee".

If a fight was about to commence the dubbing ceremony could be brought forward as a brand-new knight would be eager to prove his worth on the battlefield and becoming a knight would inspire them in battle.

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On rare occasions, a squire would come to be a items on the battlefield if they had lugged out an act reputed worthy of such accolade.

Becoming a Knight interesting Facts:

A page would become a squire and a squire would end up being a knightTraining to become a knight began at the early on age of about seven years oldSquires were frequently knighted and proclaimed knights at approximately 21 year of ageOnly noble guys from wealthy family members could end up being knightsSquires had to carry out the fitness and also strength practice to become a knightSquires would practice hitting rotating shield targets referred to as a Quintain to hone your skillsWooden batons were used to practice close combat sword fightsSquires practised acrobatics to enhance their strengthA Quintain was offered for maintain to use the lance and also horsemanshipA squire would end up being a knight in a dubbing ceremonySquires obtained a sword and also their spur on coming to be a knightThe dubbing awareness was followed by feasting and dancingSquires would wear white robes come dubbing ceremoniesA squire could end up being a items on the battlefield