A trapezoid , also called a trapezium in part countries, is a square with specifically one pair that parallel sides.


The parallel political parties are called the bases and also the non-parallel sides space the foot that the trapezoid.

one isosceles trapezoid is a trapezoid in i beg your pardon the 2 non-parallel sides space congruent .

The area A of a trapezoid is offered by

A = b 1 + b 2 2 h

wherein b 1 and b 2 room the lengths the the 2 parallel sides, and also h is the height, as shown in the number below.


The perimeter of a trapezoid is the sum of the lengths the its four sides. If one or more of the lengths is no known, you have the right to sometimes use the Pythagorean organize to discover it.


find the area and also perimeter of the trapezoid shown.


To find the area, apply the formula.

A = b 1 + b 2 2 h = 3 + 11 2 ( 7 ) = 7 ( 7 ) = 49     square     devices

To uncover the perimeter, add the lengths the all 4 sides.

ns = 3 + 10 + 11 + 8 = 32     devices

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