When you looking to acquire a golf cart, among the very first things you desire to recognize are what is how wide is a golf cart.You additionally might it is in curious if girlfriend tow the anywhere, it helps to recognize the width so girlfriend can discover the best size trailer because that it.

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General Golf cart Dimensions

So how large is a golf cart?The traditional golf cart is around 4 feet broad by around 8 feet long and usually is around 6 feet high. This is normally for the two seater and also the backseat the folds over to enable for the golf clubs if you use it on a golf course. The average weight that a golf dare is in between 900-1,000 pounds.
If you looking to acquire a golf dare enclosure, then knowing your width and also length will aid as well.Now, you might be looking for the bigger, much more robust golf carts and also they will certainly likely huge a bit bitter. In fact, one of the longer golf carts is the Club automobile XRT 850 SE 6 Passenger Limo that is 144″ long or 12 feet long. It is 4 feet much longer than many standard carts.Since ours is a standard EZ-GO golf cart, i was able to gain a 5X10 energy trailer come tow her as soon as we walk to the Anastasia State Park and also want straightforward transportation from ours RV come the beach. We likewise use it to journey to the Amphitheater for their Saturday morning farmer’s industry or for any kind of concerts that they have.We usage our golf cart for community transportation and just getting roughly at music festivals or state parks and also our standard dimension is perfectly size for including 2 people on the back, stocking increase on our beach supplies, or just zooming down the road with some good music playing on ours portable radio.As you can see native the table below, there room a few variations in the sizes, but not by lot for the traditional golf carts. Learning the broad will assist you figure out how finest to trailer and also tow the golf cart.Golf CartLengthWidthHeightClub Car precedent Dimensions91″48″69″Club Car precedent with ago Seat104”48”69″Club Car criterion 6 Passenger Limo142″48″77″6 customs Lifted Precedent91″51″77″6 inch Lifted precedent with ago Seat108″51″77″Club auto XRT 850 SE 6 Passenger Limo144″51″77″Club vehicle XRT 950 4×4 or 4×2103″54″76″Yamaha drive Golf Car91″44″70″Yamaha drive Golf car with ago Seat108″44″70″6” Lifted Yamaha journey Golf Car91″51″76″6” Lifted Yamaha journey Golf auto with ago Seat108″51″76″EZ-GO TXT / RXV Golf Car93″51″67.5″EZ-GO TXT / RXV Golf auto with ago Seat108″51″67.5″6″ Lifted EZ-GO TXT / RXV Golf Car93″51″76″6″ Lifted EZ-GO TXT / RXV Golf vehicle with back Seat108″51″76″

How large Should your Trailer Be?

Since your standard golf dare is 4X8, you can get away through just having a 5X10 energy trailer come tow that with. Usually, these size trailers have actually a ramp like back that comes under so girlfriend can conveniently drive the golf dare up right into the trailer. Then you deserve to close the earlier and secure that in place.We usage this 5X10 once we need to haul our golf cart around. The back gate is turn off while us redeck it.
You’ll likewise want come strap under the tires so her golf cart doesn’t move approximately while you going down the road.

Will golf cart fit in van bed?

Yes, if you have actually a standard truck and a typical golf cart, climate it need to fit snuggly in the van bed. The only thing you’ll have to worry around is acquiring the golf cart right into the bed the the truck. Many dealerships will aid you load the golf cart in your truck, but you’ll also want to acquire ramps to acquire the golf cart out once you obtain home.

Standard Dimensions for Golf cart Garages

Many retirees that live in larger retirement neighborhoods want to understand the dimensions for your garage sizes. Back you can get away v a garage size of 7X15, numerous retirees wish they’d gone bigger for the garage since you always need an ext space for different reasons:To walk around the golf cartTo store other things in the garageExtra room come maneuverWorkshopIf you just looking for garage size you might want to take into consideration a 10X20 that would certainly be huge enough for 2 golf carts or one golf cart and an area to job-related on things. You can likewise consider adding a golf cart mat to save the garage floor clean.
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