Maryland’s Office that the Chief medical Examiner tells Lauren passed away of a heroin overdose and also fentanyl intoxication.

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Lauren, that was the daughter the Toni’s younger brother Michael Conrad Braxton Jr., died on April 29 in Maryland. She to be 24.

TMZ additionally reported that legislation enforcement responded to a 911 call approximately noon on the Monday and found Lauren unresponsive as soon as they arrived. Follow to the outlet, Lauren to be pronounced dead by paramedics.

Following Lauren’s death, a rep for the Braxton family members told Entertainment Tonight, “We ask the you please respect the Braxton family’s privacy in this time that sadness and also loss.”

Toni, 51, damaged her silence on Lauren’s fatality a few days later, share a red carpet photograph of the 2 on Instagram.

“R.I.P to my exceptional niece Lauren ‘Lo Lo’ Braxton…I’m tho in disbelief and also so very heartbroken 😥💔 Love you…always auntie ‘Te Te,’” Toni wrote in the caption.

Michael, 50, a Maryland based singer-songwriter, is the just son amongst the Braxton siblings and has showed up on illustration of your show, Braxton family Values. He and also Toni room the elder brother to sister Traci, 48, Towanda, 45, Trina, 44, and Tamar, 42.

Trina also paid she respects to she Lauren v an Instagram photograph she posted on Tuesday. Her subtitle read, “God sent out me another angel! remainder in heaven Lauren ‘LoLo’ Braxton.”

Tamar likewise opened up about Lauren’s death, explaining in one Instagram Live video that the death was the an initial time she had lost a family member and also came amid a liven time for her, together she tours v Kandi Burruss and also continues filming Braxton family Values.

Due to her busy schedule and how hard she was taking the news, the star announced she would not be attending Lauren’s funeral due to the fact that she was feeling also “drained” to be at the services.


Traci Braxton, Towanda Braxton, Evelyn Braxton, Toni Braxton, Michael Braxton Sr., Michael Braxton Jr, and also Trina Braxton
“I’ve to be M.I.A. Due to the fact that I just cannot lug myself to post around my niece. Like, I simply can’t carry out it,” she called her followers in the four-minute clip, which was recorded the blog YBF Chic. “But what ns did want to to speak is I want to give thanks to everyone for sending out their condolences.”

“I don’t desire my sister or my family to acquire upset through me, yet the things that’s to be going on — this is the first time the anybody in my family members has passed,” she continued. “Nobody tell you about going come the damn funeral. Ns don’t have actually time going come the funeral.”

“I’m tho drained indigenous that… It’s a lot,” Tamar added, noting that, “Everything wake up in God’s magnificent order and also you’ve gained to respect it and praise the anyway.”

Her comments didn’t sit well with some fans, that criticized the singer for not attending the services for she niece.

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“You wrong because that not supporting your brother! placed the shoes on the other foot. So self-centered,” wrote one fan, while another follower added, “and yet ur the just one the didn’t create a tribute to her niece… smh it doesn’t look at good”

Another user firmly wrote, “Get..your a— up and also go to the funeral for 2 hours then get earlier in your bed. I’m no hearing this excuse.”



In solution to the backlash, Tamar spoke the end on Instagram again — this time in a article on Friday, v a reshared photo that read “PSA: Don’t tell world how to cure from miscellaneous you’ve never been through.”

The fact star captioned the photo, which spoke to enabling others to grieve in different ways, “…. And also now you recognize the rest of the story ✨.”

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