Ever wondered what pinking shears are, exactly how pinking shears work and also why girlfriend should also have a pair of these serrated scissors in your straightforward sewing kit? Well, today I’m walking to define all you should know around these one-of-a-kind sewing scissors!

What room Pinking Shears?

Pinking shears space a type of scissor offered in sewing come trim seam allowance and also stop towel fraying.

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They come in various sizes yet the most usual size for cutting fabric are those through 8 customs / 20cm long blades. They space often dubbed ‘zig zag scissors’.

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How carry out Pinking Shears Work?

Because pinking shears are specialized scissors, they usage a pinking tongue to reduced a zigzag pattern in fabric.

The blades on these scissors space serrated through deep ‘V’ forms along both blades, and when the knives cross the woven fabric ends up v a zigzag pattern along the cloth edges.


If friend don’t have pinking shears, there room other ways of finishing seams including:

Why must You use Pinking Shears?


While they will never beat the straight edge completed with other towel cutting tools like consistent scissors or a standard rotating cutter when cutting out towel to make her own garments with, pinking shears really do have a location in any type of sewing toolkit.

Here are 4 things castle can assist you with:

Creating a simple and practiced seam complete when using open / level seams in her sewing projectsTidying up a life edge top top non-fray fabrics v a decorate edge ~ above hems and facingsReduce fabric fraying on perfect woven fabricsGrading the fabric edge top top woven cloth with pinked seams come trim down any type of bulk

How perform You Cut cloth With Pinking Shears?


To cut cloth with pinking shears, you’ll desire to usage a woven cloth with minimal / no stretch.

Place the cloth on a worktable, so that it lies flat.Lift the towel slightly v one hand, and move the shears so that the towel is between the blades.Cut the towel as you generally would with fabric scissors, keeping teh blades straight and also not on one angle for the finest results

6 best Pinking Shears Brands

You’re convinced that you need a pair, yet what space the ideal pinking shears for fabric?

You have the right to pick up pinking shears really easily in haberdashery shops and also online, however as I’ve had my fair share the struggled come cut towel though, I’ve noted some the what I think about to it is in the ideal pinking shears listed below that I have either owned or tried, which will take care of cutting cloth with no issues!

I have to say, mine favourite pair the pinking shears room these ones indigenous Kai. They’re no cheap – yet in my experience, cheaper ones tend to dull faster and damage my cloth too! – however they’re worth every penny.

My second choice for pickers space the Fiskars easy activity pinking shears. These are a little much more budget friendly than the Kai’s yet work really well too.

As well together pinking sewing scissors, girlfriend can likewise get a 45mm rotary cutter and also use a specially produced serrated circle blade for pinking! lots of civilization find this an easier way to reduced long lengths of towel with a pinked edge!

5 usual Questions about Pinking Shears


Okay, currently that you understand why girlfriend should have a pair and also how come cut cloth with these towel shears, let’s sheathe some usual questions!

My Pinking Shears Don’t reduced Near The blade Tip

If you’re only gaining a succinct zig zag complete at the handle finish of your shears, one of two people your cloth is also thick / not perfect or the blades are blunt.

Try to reduced through a diluent / an ext suitable fabric and if the same thing happens, it’s time come sharpen her pinkers or buy a brand-new pair!

Can I use Scalloped Or lightly Serrated Pinking Shears v Fabric?

It is possible to usage both varieties of shears – however both finished will certainly be less efficient at avoiding fabric fraying and are for much more decorative purposes instead.

How carry out I Sharpen Pinking Shears?

It is an extremely tricky to sharpen pinking shears since of the zigzag complete on the knives – most civilization will merely buy a new pair!

That said, friend can shot cutting through steel wool, tin silver paper / aluminum or a carefully grained sandpaper v your shears a couple of times to shot and sharpen them up a little.

I personally would only try any of the above if my shears were fully dulled and I had no means of getting them professionally sharpened!

My blades Are ‘Stiff’ – Help!

If the blades are ‘stiff’ when opening and also closing, then shot rubbing lightly follow me the knives (tricky i know) with a small sewing maker oil top top a cloth.

Just make sure to wipe far the overfill so that the oil doesn’t damage or ‘bleed’ into the main cloth from the seam allowance!

You have the right to also add a little drop of oil to the screw that the knives pivot from, i m sorry can aid loosen things up a small too!

Can ns Pink The Raw edges Of mine knit Fabrics?

As disputed in this guide to knitted towel types, knit structure are created differently come woven fabrics and so room not vulnerable to fraying. This way that friend won’t must pink the life edge that knitted fabrics.

In fact numerous knit fabrics deserve to be left through a life edge though it is great practice come serge or zigzag stitch lock to avoid them ravelling up!

Final think On Pinking Shears

While no everyone loves them, these form of dressmaking shears do have actually their ar in a sewing kit. Not only will they assist with minimising the lot of fabric fraying on life edges, yet if you don’t have a serger / overlocker, or uncover your sewing maker isn’t stitching a decent zigzag stitch, then having the choice to pink your fabric edges is a no-brainer.

While they’re not the an initial fabric cutting tool I pull out, they absolutely have a ar in mine sewing kit for every the reasons detailed above!

Will girlfriend be gaining yourself a pair the pinking shears? and if not, why not? let me know in the comments below!


Eve Tokens (aka The an imaginative Curator) is a fashion designer, an innovative pattern cutter and sewing sample designer.

Eve graduated v a 2:1 in Fashion architecture from the university of The an innovative Arts in the UK, has actually a BTEC diploma in an imaginative Pattern Cutting, a structure Degree in arts & architecture from Wimbledon university of Art and gained considerable experience in the fashion sector by interning and freelancing because that London based fashion brands – continuous Amies, Roland Mouret, Peter Pilotto and also others.

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As well as running she own little sustainable fashion brand, eve has an ext than 25 years experience sewing and making clothing for herself and family members.