When you begin riding you will come throughout a variety of footwear, yet it drops into two main categories.

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I personally choose paddock boots as spend a lot of time in them, comfort, cost, and also durability are my best priorities.

Here i will give you every the details about this type of riding boots, making use of my life time of experience, therefore let’s obtain started.


Tall boots are long riding footwear the equestrian wear, mostly when competing. These black boots are one piece and also cover the calf come just listed below the knee.

The important covers the same part of the foot and also leg that a paddock boot, half chap combo does.

Tall boots are more expensive 보다 paddock boots, and also some human being find them less comfortable. However, they have the right to provide much more leg support than paddock boots with fifty percent chaps.

Most are black animal leather boots, yet you can find some that incorporating colors.

English riding Boots

Tall talk boots are supplied in English equestrian disciplines. They must fit well and good ones room made v leather.

I recommend preventing rubber ones, as this synthetic material go not provide the very same comfort, grip, or flexibility.

History of tall Riding Boots

Tall talk boots as we recognize them very first emerged throughout the 17th century. They an initial appeared together a component of army uniforms and offered cavalry riders part extra foot protection and a smart appearance.

Over time the style of the boots was sleek to fit many snuggly, and give the rider more freedom that movement and also grip.

Paddock Boots Vs tall Boots

Paddock boots for equine riding perform not price as much as high boots which makes them a an ext practical an option for daily riding. The is much easier to justify providing your paddocks a battering than your tall boots, which can cost several hundred dollars.

Tall boots provide much more protection for her leg, and some people find them an ext supportive. Paddock boots are simpler to take it on and also off, even with the popular of including zippers to high boots.

Also, it can be unpleasant to break tall boots in. Girlfriend usually need to buy them with slightly an ext height than your leg measurement. This way sore legs, especially in the area simply behind the knee.

When tall boots rest in they will drop, this is why you require the extra height.

Types of tall Riding Boots

There room two main varieties of horseback riding high boots. Field boots, which are my preference, and also dress boots. Thankfully, most of this boots now come v a discrete zipper that runs up the ago of the calf.

I psychic the days when this wasn’t the case, and taking this boots off was a nightmare.

Field Boots

Field boots are the kind of high boot that you will view in a jumping discipline. These boots have actually laces approximately the fishing eye area that you deserve to loosen to help you get them on and also off.

This kind of boot is made with finer leather, commonly high quality. The luxury brands provide a practice boot service and also offer alternatives with soft leather that does not call for a the majority of breaking in.

Field boots must fit snuggly approximately the calf and also not site much more than 1 or 2 inches listed below the knee.

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Dress Boots

Dress boots are pretty much the very same as field boots but they carry out not have actually laces. This type of stylish boot is most frequently seen top top dressage riders. Sometimes, the smooth leather used in this layout of tall boots is firmer than ar boots.