No, understand Shifu is not a chinchilla. I know for a fact that that is a red panda. They space a lot smaller sized then classic pandas choose Po. So master Shifu and also Po room acually connected if you think around it. Ns think that"s funny. However I to be 100% sure that he is red panda

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HA HA HA HA HA!!! i don't think so. And also whats v the sesamea street file pic? just how old r u? 4?


I additionally have had actually a tough time deciding between a red panda or a chinchilla however I have decided due to the fact that of the tail the is most most likely a red panda...just not the right shade as the is white v a tiny red and also red panda"s space opposit. Also, his ears room wrong for this reason while I believe he is a red panda that is not the exactly look for one. I likewise have to comment that... Red panda"s and panda"s room not every so saying the Po and also him are alike is not true in any type of way. :D hope this helps
Master Shifu is a red panda I understand this since I not only have the movie, however I additionally have the book and also it claims he is a red panda.
Master Shifu is for sure a Red Panda. If you hear to the commentary from the DVD, girlfriend hear the the actor who voices Shifu made the producers do Shifu a panda; and also a Red Panda to it is in accurate.
Red Panda... It"s true the looks similar to a Fennec Fox & some other pets too. But his white /red face, dark arms/hands, fluffy ringed tail, & proximity in habitat come the black/white Panda suggest a Red Panda. Also, here"s a quote from a Today present interview in between Matt Lauer & Dustin Hoffman, ‘He’s a red panda," Hoffman exclaimed. "I thought he was a raccoon!’
No one knows for sure not even the voice actor when they asked that what the animal was that didn"t even know he assumed it to be a raccoon however then someone stated red panda however he just said "red panda ?" so he wasn"t 100% sure however in mine opinion the looks method more choose a fennec fox
He is a red panda. This is usual knowledge. Books, the TV cartoon, commentaries, behind the scenes... Lock all acknowledge this.



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