The closestly airport to Gatlinburg, TN, is McGhee Tyson, located 12 miles southern of Knoxville, simply over a 40-mile drive from Gatlinburg, v a few different means to acquire there, depending on if you desire to struggle Pigeon build first, and any scenic options you may chose to take on the means in. McGhee Tyson is a friendly little airport, and usually a nice advent to the friendly world of Tennessee and also the Appalachian warm and culture of the Smoky Mountains.

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If you’re paris in, typically you’ll want to rental a auto to drive, which you can quickly arrange native the airport. You can obtain taxi service (and Uber/Lyft) also, if friend won’t require a auto when you obtain here – perhaps joining up v others, for example. In general the sights and natural attractions the the Smoky hills are so plentiful that a automobile is the best means to enjoy your full share the them during your visit.

The fastest drive from the airport top a small north very first on Hwy 129, which have the right to be greatly trafficked in ~ times, then jogs eastern on Hwy 168 to intersect v 441, which climate arcs down southern towards the mountains, and also eventually plunges you right into Pigeon Forge, and on come Gatlinburg.

Scenic Routes

For an alternate route, you can likewise go southern from the airport to Maryville, and also strike out to the eastern on Hwy 321, providing you the an option to proceed east on various roads to intersect v 441, or to take it a much more scenic drive by staying on 321 come Townsend. By Townsend, you’re in a different human being already, and also the fun begins.

This course along Hwy 321 provides you options to rotate south into the park. And if the northern end of every the action, around Pigeon Forge, is her goal, you have the right to take 321 every the way across, passing v Wears Valley, and also amid some gorgeous mountain views.

Another choice is Foothills Parkway, a hugely scenic drive that came into existence v the completion of the missing part in 2018. Friend can access this roadway indigenous Walland before you gain to Townsend, and also take it every the method to put on Valley, getting earlier on Hwy 321 there. Although you miss out on the straight connectivity come the national park along this route, you have the right to cut ago to the park native Wears Valley, and the scan grandeur that the Foothills Parkway view is worth seeing at least once in your visit.


View native Foothills Parkway

If you’re aiming for Gatlinburg area, or if you want to plunge directly into an excellent Smoky hill National Park, climate from Townsend you have the right to leave Hwy 321 and head south towards the Townsend Wye.

From the Wye, you have the right to make your means into Cades Cove, or head eastwards along the gorgeously scenic little River alleyways Road. You’ll pass through many natural attractions, including Metcalf Bottoms and also a possibility to head approximately Wears valley if girlfriend want, or friend can proceed ambling east through the park to Sugarlands visitant Center, right next door to Gatlinburg. Welcome home!

From the North

You might select other local airports in the area and also rent a car from there also, if you have actually a certain itinerary in mind. If it’s approximated that about fifty percent the country’s populace is within a day’s drive of the Smokies, friend may choose to fly to a close allude and acquire a vehicle to check out some that the organic beauty of eastern Tennessee and other sights.

Any time you’re coming under from the north, once you obtain to Sevierville, it’s worth knowing about Veterans Boulevard, i beg your pardon runs southern parallel come Parkway, and avoids a many traffic. It’s an excellent to understand this if your cabin is top top the east side the Pigeon Forge, or you’re heading to Gatlinburg. Here are the direction to ours Cabins that the Smoky hills office, by the way.

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Teaster roadway in Pigeon forge is one more useful next road simply a block end from Parkway. Similarly, to protect against the Parkway in Gatlinburg, look for the Gatlinburg Bypass, which go what it says, and lands you southern of town on Hwy 441, all set to hit Sugarlands in the park, or turn into Gatlinburg itself. By the way, don’t to trust your general practitioners in the mountains, it might lead friend astray – be sure to refer to a map while you’re gaining oriented.

Before girlfriend come, be certain to publication ahead for among our Gatlinburg cabins, Pigeon build cabins or our Wears sink cabins. Every cabin comes v a deal that nobody else can complement – a complimentary book of Pigeon create coupons and also Gatlinburg coupons for totally free tickets to countless of the area’s finest attractions, worth over $700!