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To discover a job at Red Lobster, visit one of their restaurants come fill out an applications or go to your careers website. A complete listing that opportunities and also applications is available at your website’s career section.Red Lobster avenues include a wide range of positions, together as:Server Assistant/BusserServer Assistant/Bussers help the restaurant run smoothly by resetting tables, clearing dishes, offering refills and stocking company stations. You’ll help with guest requests and also deliver food in a fashionable manner.Red Lobster is a frequent destination for celebrations, so her attitude and energy require to assist support this memorable occasions for our guests.You’ll have to be friendly and organized, and also have good multi-tasking and also communication skills. You’ll likewise need to be physically able to execute the project requirements.ServerServers space responsible for taking orders, delivery food and drinks, clearing tables and also managing transactions. But an ext than that, Servers offer personalized service and also make suggestions and pairings to boost the guest experience, and support memorable celebrations because that our guests.To be a Server in ~ Red Lobster, you must be of legal period to offer alcohol in her state. Uncover out your state’s minimum age to serve alcohol.

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You likewise need an excellent multi-tasking and also communication skills, and also be physically may be to do the job requirements.Line CookLine Cooks create the delicious meals that have made Red Lobster famous. Line chef is a great position if you love to cook and also want to occupational in a fast-paced restaurant kitchen.You’ll should be ready to cross-train, as Red Lobster provides the ONE Kitchen principle so the every kitchen employee is an expert in all roles. You should be great at multi-tasking and of course, cooking!You must be 18 year old and also it helps to have actually some cooking training. You need to be physically maybe to execute the job including standing for lengthy times and also lifting approximately 45 pounds.Dishwasher/UtilityDishwasher/Utility is a crucial job in the kitchen, taking care of the cleanliness of dishware, workstations and also restrooms, and taking the end the trash and maintaining the grounds. This support function ensures that restaurant’s illustration meets company standards and that all supplies are easily accessible for the team.You should be 18 years old and also willing to cross-train, as Red Lobster supplies the ONE Kitchen principle so that every kitchen employee is an skilled in every roles. You should be physically may be to carry out the job consisting of lifting as much as 50 pounds and using simple power tools.Host/HostessThe Host/Hostess provides the all-important an initial impression to every guest that walks right into a Red Lobster. You’ll have to greet every guest with friendly conversation, have the ability to discuss featured food selection items and events, and manage the seating chart and also waiting list.You should be energetic, organized and responsible, and also have a friendly, engaging manner. You’ll need to be ready to step in and help out the team when needed
Red Lobster Manager JobsRed Lobster Restaurant supervisors are responsible because that leading restaurant operations at their location, through a emphasis on beverage and also hospitality, business or culinary. Restaurant managers hire, train and also lead staff to carry out excellent service and increase sales. You’ll require at least a high institution diploma (college level preferred) and also have at the very least one year of management experience (with 2+ year restaurant administration preferred).Certified Restaurant Supervisors support the management team through ensuring that the restaurant operation smoothly and also guests room satisfied while filling vital team member roles during your shift. You’ll receive formal maintain to help you it is in a success. You should be at the very least 21 and also have a high school diploma (college level preferred).Restaurant managers who accomplish three or an ext years the success might move on to become General Managers, that have also greater obligation for work excellence and also restaurant performance. Five or much more years of monitoring experience are required and also a bachelor’s degree is preferred.

How much Does Red Lobster pay (Hourly & Salary)?

Red Lobster salary starts at approximately $5/hour (plus tips) because that Servers and benefits because that part-time employees include employee discounts. Benefits for full time management employees considerable training, bonuses, medical/dental/vision coverage, 401k, paid vacation and also more.Pay because that Servers is on par with other casual dining restaurants choose Applebee’s and Olive Garden. Red Lobster pay arrays include:Server: $5/hour to add tipsServer Assistant/Busser: $4 -10/hour, $6.46 mean plus tipsDishwasher: $8 – 12/hour, $9.82 averageLine Cook: $9 – 16/hour, $11.21 averageHost/Hostess: $8 – 12/hour, $9.15 averageRestaurant Manager: $40,000 – 60,000/year, $48,451 averageGeneral Manager: $54,000 – 87,000/year, $69,439 averageSalary information deserve to be uncovered on

How Old perform You have to Be to work at Red Lobster?

The minimum age to job-related at Red Lobster is 16 years old. Entry-level location include:Server Assistant/BusserHost/Hostess

Does Red Lobster medicine Test?

According come our research, Red Lobster does no drug test for employment. However, employee who space suspected of being intoxicated if at work may confront drug experimentation or various other disciplinary procedures. Use of alcohol and also drugs if at work or arriving for occupational under the influence of drugs or alcohol room not permitted.Additional screening and/or elevator checks may be compelled for higher-level monitoring jobs.

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Possible Red Lobster Interview concerns & Tips

Here room some typical interview concerns that have been report by Red Lobster project candidates.Why perform you want to work-related for Red Lobster?Red Lobster values teamwork and loyalty, therefore talk about how those attributes are vital to you, particularly if you looking to thrive your career eventually. Providing friendly, responsive customer service is essential in the restaurant industry. Red Lobster trust in supporting their employees and providing cross training, so girlfriend may point out that you desire to learn around many different facets of the business.What go hospitality median to you?Delivering wonderful customer service is important in any kind of job, and also Red Lobster’s guests suppose to feel welcome and also well attended, particularly if they’re having actually a date of birth or various other celebration dinner. Paying fist to guests’ wishes, anticipating your needs and also being responsive are vital skills.What provides you a an excellent candidate because that this position?Do you have prior suffer or training that is applicable? If not, talk about your willingness come learn and any personal qualities (communication, multi-tasking, energy, enjoyment of help others) the would add to her success.Other tips because that a successful interviewBe experienced in her manner and dress neatly. Be on time for your interview. Lug a copy of your resume or be all set to create down your employment history.Make sure you market a phone number where the hiring manager can conveniently reach you if they have an ext questions or want to do you one offer. Great luck!


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