As the NFL integrate quickly approaches, countless college players will be feather to impress NFL scouts to move up the breeze boards.

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One that those college football player looking to admire is Texas" wide receiver Jordan Shipley.

Shipley has begun to get countless comparisons to brand-new England Patriots" starter and also superstar slot receiver, Wes Welker.

Both are of similar size through Shipley at 6"0" 190-pounds and Welker in ~ 5"9" 185-pounds.

Besides the truth that Welker was undrafted and Shipley will most likely obtain drafted over there are more similarities in both of their college stats, with Shipley finishing his career v 248 receptions for 3,191 yards and also 33 touchdowns.

Welker finished his college career through 259 receptions because that 3,019 yards and also 21 touchdown.

Both have additionally scored touchdown returning kicks and also punts at the college level too.

A huge difference between the 2 is the Welker to be an undrafted complimentary agent and also Shipley is currently projected together a second or 3rd round choose pre-NFL Combine.


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Also, Welker"s 40-yard dash time has actually been clocked at around 4.65, but Shipley is a little quicker with a 40-yard dash time about 4.47.

Many teams would love to have a talent choose Welker on their team and even though Shipley might not be one of the premier receiver surname in the 2010 draft, look because that him to feasible move approximately a center or upper second round estimate post-NFL Combine.

Is Shipley the next Welker?

Only time will certainly tell, however if the lands ~ above the best team with the best quarterback, climate Shipley may certainly be a significant impact in ~ the NFL level v so plenty of teams needing a heavy slot receiver.

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