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were Cain and Abel twins?

According come the passage eve concieved and bore Cain climate she again bore Abel. Genesis 4:1 - 4

ESV - 1 now Adam knew eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain, saying, "I have gained a male with the assist of the Lord. 2 and again, she boring his brother Abel. Currently Abel was a keeper of sheep, and also Cain a worker that the ground.

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David Robinson military 1SG, firefighter, consultant (CFPS) - retirement from all!

While bible does not especially state that the brothers Cain and also Abel to be twins, there is ample proof to attract that conclusion. The proof is discovered primarily in the wording of the message that documents their bear (Gen 4:1-2). The clean pattern that speech for recording such events in scripture is to state that the man "knew" (or had actually relations with) his wife and she bore a child or daughter. If there to be a succeeding child, the scripture climate tells us that the man knew his mam again and also she bore an additional child (see Gen 4:17, Gen 4:25, and others).In the record of the births that Cain and Abel this pattern is remarkable absent. After ~ referencing the marital relations in between Adam and also Eve in verse 1, the bear of Cain is recorded. However, over there is no mention of a future sex-related encounter result in an additional pregnancy. Uneven some have actually said, over there is no indication of a long pause or time period before the bear of Abel. Eve apparently had just enough time to make the observation that she had actually "gotten a male with the aid of the Lord" before Abel to be born.Some have actually mistakenly asserted that she named her first child Cain "before" Abel to be born indicating the Cain to be weaned prior to she boring Abel. The text neither claims that no one supports that theory by inference. In fact, the clean inference indigenous the message is that she boring Cain, climate bore Abel in essentially the exact same birthing occasion making the guys twins through definition.Others have mistakenly break up that even though the guys were born in the very same birthing event, Cain"s father was Satan (or the serpent indigenous the Garden) while Abel"s father was Adam. When I understand that that is theoretically feasible (though very rare) because that a woman to come to be pregnant v two embryos together a result of sex through two various men, over there is absolutely no scriptural factor to attract that conclusion in this case.To start with, Satan is a soul being through no an innovative power. "Rosemary"s Baby" notwithstanding, he has no physics body, nor can he end up being a man so the he could have sex with a woman. He can not impregnate anyone v his tricks and also illusions ("lying signs and wonders"). If the could, I"m sure there would certainly be billions of little “demonoids” running around down here with physics bodies. Although there space some around whom we may have our suspicions, Satan does no have children in the natural sense!When the new Testament writers describe Cain as evil or “of the angry one” (Heb 11:4, 1 man 3:12, Jude 11), they space referring to his spiritual condition as evidenced by his behavior, not to his physics lineage. Jesus often uses the exact same linguistic maker when referring to the Scribes, the Pharisees, Judas Iscariot, and also others saying they were of your father the devil, sons of Satan, boy of perdition, devils, etc. The Pharisees boasted in being “sons that Abraham,” which was, indeed, your physical lineage. Jesus adjusted the narrative by mentioning their spirituality affiliation. Your father to be Satan due to the fact that they adhered to him and also rejected Jesus.Likewise, Cain’s physical father to be Adam, but his spiritual and metaphorical father was Satan due to the fact that he adhered to the methods of Satan and also rejected the means of God. Even though Cain was no a righteous man, he to be still the son of Adam and Eve and also (most most likely the twin) brothers of righteous Abel together the Bible clearly states. February 13 2015 • 2 responses • vote Up • share • Report

Ezekiel Kimosop

There is no clear biblical evidence to support the see that Cain and Abel may have been twins. Genesis 4:1-2 defines the birth of the two saying (KJV):"And Adam knew night his wife; and also she conceived, and also bare Cain, and also said, ns have acquired a guy from the LORD. 2 and also she again ceiling his brothers Abel. And Abel was a goalkeeper of sheep, yet Cain was a tiller of the ground. It shows up from Genesis 4:2a that Abel was born long after Cain, given the summary in the passage. The scriptures here says that she bare again. The Hebrew native "yalad" because that bear also means to conceive, carry forth, beget or travail." If the paper definition of "travail" is thought about then one may argue that she went into a second labor to give birth to Abel after ~ Cain come first.However provided the break noteworthy in 4:1 after ~ the begetting the Cain and where she offers a name to the Cain, it might be suitable to imply that she weaned him very first before she conceived again and bore Abel. The Young literal meaning Translation (YLT) claims in Genesis 4:2 "and she addeth come bear his brother, even Abel. And Abel is feeding a flock, and Cain hath to be servant the the ground."None that the translations conclusively says that the 2 were twins. In the situation of Esau and also Jacob the Bible clearly describes the they were twins even though Esau come first, through Jacob holding his hoe (Gen 25:26). October 22 2014 • 1 response • poll Up • re-superstructure • Report

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The native again taken ago to the Hebrew is continued eve continues in job so correctly they were twin.. That"s why they involved God in ~ the very same time through there offering.. However in mine opinion they had various fathers Christ tells united state in st john Chpt 44 vs 7 who is Cains father..Also God said the serpent i will put enmity between thy seed and also the mrs seed. October 23 2014 • 3 responses • vote Up • share • Report

Kenneth hell

The frequency of twin births is so small (currently around 3 every 100 births) the it is a spiritually significant event i beg your pardon the holy bible should have actually recorded if Cain and Abel were actually twins. Two sets of pair are recorded in Gen 25: 24 and Gen 38:27, indirectly sustaining the place that Abel and Cain were no twins, due to the fact that they space not mentioned as such. We have to say that absence of proof is not proof of absence. The absence of a second statement the Adam knew his mam doesn"t typical that he didn"t recognize her. For instance, Gen 29:31-35 records 4 successive conceptions the Leah, however only mentions when in verse 23 that he "went in unto her."The long-held classic view the Abel and Cain were not twins is many likely, in mine view. February 13 2015 • 0 responses • vote Up • re-publishing • Report

Steven Scott Grader because that the Ontario Jail set

The bible doesn"t say, so us don"t know. That is feasible for babies to be born, but not be twins. Over there are instances of superfetation, in i beg your pardon one baby is conceived, then the other. I recognize of other conditions where two babies are born, however they space not twins. Again, since the bible doesn"t say, we don"t know. October 28 2014 • 1 solution • poll Up • share • Report

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