To calculation the weight of a stole plate, you have to answer a few questions. First, what kind of steel space you working with? among the crucial variables in any type of calculation the the weight of a steel plate is density. When calculating the weight of a stole plate, friend can typically group stole plates into three category in terms of their densities: carbon stole plate and also stainless steel, 300 series and 400 series.

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The thickness of different types of stole plate depends mainly on its chemistry composition, which different by small enough percentages in between grades that it won’t influence the all at once density. Because that example, if you’re working v carbon steel, you deserve to safely assume a density of 490 pounds/cubic feet (imperial) or 7.85 tons/cubic meters (metric) whether you’re working through A36 or A588.

Second, you’ll need to recognize the size of the plate, consisting of the length (L), broad (W), and also thickness (T). If you main point the length, width, and also thickness of the plate, you will arrive at the volume. Law an royal calculation, this would be cubic feet; with a metric calculation, it’d be cubic meters.

That’s it! To calculation the weight of a stole plate, all you need are 4 pieces the information:


It’s important to note that any kind of calculations that you arrive at using conventional steel metal calculators online, or act the calculations yourselves v these numbers, should be considered estimations. They room calculated through nominal dimensions and also standardized densities. In practice, the actual metal weight might vary significantly from the approximated weight since of sport of tolerance and also composition observed in manufacturing.


Calculating the weight of Carbon stole Plate

To calculate the load of carbon stole plate, you’ll require to understand the thickness, width, length, and quantity. The common density because that carbon steel plate is 0.284 pounds per cubic inch (490 pounds/cubic feet) (imperial) or 7.85 tons/cubic meters (metric).

Depending top top the grade, Kloeckner Metals typically supplies steel plate in widths of 48″, 60″, 72″, 84″, 96″ and lengths of 240″ to 480″ if mill rolling (any length can be provided when the plate is reduced to length, coil, or hot rolled). Thickness is also highly variable relying on the class but, for example, Kloeckner uses A36 in thicknesses beginning at 3/16″ all the way up come 12″!

So, to calculate the weight of one A36 discrete, mill rolled plate the is 48″ wide, 96″ long, 3/8″ or .1875″ thick, you’d calculate:

Width * length * Thickness * density = Weight48″ * 96″ * .1875″ * 0.284 lb/in3 = 245 lb.

Note the is always an excellent practice come standardize units in any type of calculation. Kloeckner Metal additionally provides an easy carbon steel plate calculator to do the calculation instant.

Calculating the load of Stainless steel Plate (300 Series)

To calculate the load of 300 collection stainless steel plate, you’ll also need to know the width, length, thickness, and quantity. The density of stainless steel 300 collection is 0.289 pounds every cubic inch (501 pounds/cubic inch) (imperial) or 7.85 grams per centimeter cubed (metric).

Kloeckner steels supplies stainless stole in grades 304 and also 304L in the hot-rolled, annealed, and also pickled finish. 304 and 304 room the most generally specified stainless steels in the production industry. They’re versatile, general-purpose stainless steels since of their good corrosion resistance and formability.

Typical thicknesses that stainless stole 304 and 304L space 3/16″, usual widths 48″ and 60″, and typical lengths 96″ and 120″. So, to calculation the weight of a piece mill stainless steel plate 304L that is 48″ wide, 96″ long, and 3/16″ or 0.1875″ thick, you’d calculate:

Width * length * Thickness * density = Weight48″ * 96″ * .1875″ * 0.289 lb/in3 = 250 lb.

Kloeckner Metal likewise provides straightforward stainless stole plate (300 series) calculator to make the calculate instant.

Calculating the load of Stainless stole Plate (400 Series)

The calculation because that stainless steel plate in the 400 series is the same as the rest, simply with a thickness of 0.28 pounds every cubic customs (484 pounds/cubic feet) (imperial) or 7.8 grams every centimeter cubed (metric).

Kloeckner steels supplies stainless steel 400 series in the 409 great in the hot rolled, annealed, & pickled finish. Compared to carbon steel, stainless steel 409 boasts good oxidation and corrosion resistance. You’ll often uncover it in automotive exhaust equipment but, because of its an excellent weldability, formability, and corrosion resistance, it’s used in a variety of applications.

Kloeckner Metal likewise provides basic stainless steel plate (400 series) calculator to make the calculation instant.

The impact of density on the load of a steel Plate

As you have the right to see, all else gift equal, the density is the mystery ingredient that determines the weight of a steel plate. Luckily, densities are consistent enough that you deserve to use a solitary number because that entire types of steel plates. This straightforward calculation of size * broad * thickness * thickness is all you require for accurate, back-of-the-napkin type calculations because that your following project.

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