Throughout his successful career in nation music,Tracy Byrdhas proven self to it is in a versatile singer. He have the right to keep it genuine ("The keeper of the Stars") just and he can gain silly ("Lifestyles that the not So Rich and Famous"). The latter was true on Byrd"s second hit, which got Americans to dance the "Watermelon Crawl."

The track was composed by girlfriend Brock and also Zack Turner. It"s the second single native Byrd"s sophomore albumNoOrdinary Man. It hit No. 4 in the unified States and also No. 8 in Canada. It also spawned a run remix the crossed end to pop radio, wherein it fight No. 81 top top the U.S.

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BillboardHot 100.

Both the song and also the music video, command by Michael Merriman, define the adventures that a guy who pulls off the roadway at a small town in Georgia as soon as he look at a homemade authorize for the Rhine CountyWatermelonFestival. The festival has actually all the things you"d expect: live music, particle spitting, an eating contest, a welcome decided from the mayor and also -- of course- red alcohol made native watermelons. The mayor urges everyone to monitor the law. Rather of drinking and driving, they have to stay a while and also do a line-dancing routine dubbed "The Watermelon Crawl."

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As it transforms out, there yes, really is a watermelon festival in Georgia: the yearly Watermelon job Festival in crisp County,Georgiawhich began in 1949. However, the video was shoot in McEwen, Tennessee, at the ireland Picnic Fairgrounds.

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This story an initial ran in 2018.

"Watermelon Crawl" Lyrics

I was drivin" through Georgia in late JulyOn a day hot sufficient to make the adversary sighI witnessed a homemade authorize written in redRhine county Watermelon Festival ahead

Well, i wasn"t in a rush so i slowed downTook a 2 lane road to a one horse townThere was a party goin" on when I gained thereI heard a welcome decided from a tiny town mayor

He claimed we obtained a hundreds gallons that sweet red wineMade from the biggest watermelons on the vineHelp yourself to some, yet obey the legislation if friend drinkDon"t drive do the watermelon crawl

When the band started playin the Watermelon QueenSaid allow me present you somethin" the you ain"t ever seenShe ordered me through the arm said come on lets goShe dipped down, be crazy around, and do-see-doed

She rocked earlier on her heels dropped down to her kneesShe crawled across the floor and also jumped earlier to her feetShe wiggled and she giggled and also be all you ever sawShe stated this is just how you execute the Watermelon Crawl

He claimed we acquired a hundreds gallons the sweet red wineMade from the best watermelons top top the vineHelp you yourself to some, but obey the law if you drinkDon"t drive carry out the Watermelon Crawl

If you"re ever down in Georgia around around JulyIf friend ain"t in a hurry climate you ought to stop byI can guarantee that you"re goin have a ballLearnin" just how to execute the Watermelon Crawl

He stated we gained a hundred gallons that sweet red wineMade native the greatest watermelons ~ above the vineHelp yourself to some, however obey the regulation if girlfriend drinkDon"t drive carry out the Watermelon Crawl